Your Boss Has a Crush on You – Signs to Watch Out For!

How to Know Your Boss Has a Crush on You?

Having a crush on someone is something we have all experienced before. There are times you have a deep affection for somebody, but saying it becomes a big problem. So you may resort to some verbal and nonverbal ways to send that signal. This can also happen in the environment. Your boss may have a crush on you and would express it in diverse ways. Has he/she been sending you complimentary messages recently? Is he/she nicer to you than before? So there is a possibility of him/her having a crush on you. I use the word “possibility” because you have to tread cautiously.

There are times people’s intentions may be misinterpreted. It is possible that your boss is just nice to you and genuinely complimenting you. So decoding such gestures wrongly can cause a whole lot of complications. But, there is also a high tendency that your boss has a crush on you. So look out for the following signs to conclude that your boss has a crush on you.

Your Boss Has a Crush on You – Is it TRUE?

1.  Your Boss Acting More Casual With You than Before?

Your boss may tend to cut all forms of formalities with and start to act casually towards you. Also, your once strict and no-nonsense boss may begin to relate to you as if you have been friends from Adam.

He or she may begin to cut all forms of protocols for you to feel comfortable when around them. Your boss may start to have conversations, which are not related to work with you.

2. Look for the Flirts

If your boss starts to flirt with you, it is a sign of him/her having a crush on you. But before you reach such a conclusion, you need to observe how your boss relates to your other colleagues.

Some people are flirty, and your boss may be one. So you need to know whether he/she acts the same way with other workers or they are just reciprocating your flirting gestures towards them. If the answer is none of the above, then he/she may have some feelings towards you.

3. Boss Spends More Time With You

If your boss truly has a crush on you, they will find diverse ways to keep you around them. They may assign you to projects in which you would directly report to them or work together with you.

There are times that your boss may genuinely assign you a project or work with you on specific projects. But when this happens more frequently than usual, then he/she may have other intentions. Another method your boss can use it always engaging you in a long hour “unnecessary” meetings. The strange thing is that the meeting would mostly be between the two of you.

4. They Start Calling/Texting You

If your boss starts to call/text you on trivial things, then he/she may be cooking up something. In a normal sense, managers have hectic schedules and find little time to make unprofitable calls. So if your boss finds enough time to call you without a particular reason, then open your eyes widely. He/she may be having you in mind.

5. Study Body Language

Actions speak louder than words so your boss’s body language may be speaking to you directly and indirectly. If you notice him/her making long glances at you at you being near or afar, it is a sign that they have an interest in you.

6. Start Giving You Special Favours

This can be a two-way thing. Your boss may give you preferential treatment because of your hard work and commitment. But when you start receiving unmerited favors and treatments from your boss, then know that he/she is up to something. Remember that there is no free lunch anywhere.

7. Make Advances Towards You

Aside from the obvious eye contacts, your boss may start to make physical advances towards you. They may start touching you, and that can be very uncomfortable especially when he/she touches a sensitive place. You can express your displeasure when you feel uncomfortable about such touches. But know that when such things happen, it may be their way of expressing their feelings towards you.

8. Begin to Attach Interest

When you love someone, you begin to love everything thing about the person. So your boss will start taking a special interest in whatever you say even if it is silly.

He or she would laugh to you unfunny jokes and will begin to support your motion during an office debate. Whenever you give your opinion on a subject matter, they value it more than any other views.

9. Become A Confidant

Many people prefer to keep their issue as such without inviting any third party into it. So if your boss begins to tell you his/her issues to seek your advice and empathy, then he/she sees you more than just a subordinate. The fact that they can confide in you means there is an established trust and want to build a personal relationship with you.

10. Begin to Compliment You on Little Things

Recognizing the effort of workers and complimenting them accordingly is a great way to get the best out of them. It becomes a motivational tool for them to work more. But what happens if your boss always gives you overblown compliments. It would look strange right! But your boss can’t help it when he/she is in love. They will try to look nicer to you by complimenting your less effort.

Even after a general compliment to all workers for successful teamwork or project, they would want to single you out to give you special compliments. They may also start to compliment your attributes like fashion sense, being trendy, your looks, and many others. If your boss starts to go on such tangents, then he/she is in love.

11. They Start to Give You Gifts

Giving out gifts, especially on special occasions like Christmas, is something almost every company does. So it may be a normal practice for your boss to give you and other workers gifts. But when he/she begins to single you out for special gifts out the workplace, then they are not rewarding your hard work. They have other intentions.

12. Boss May Ask You for a Date

If your boss begins to ask you out for special dates outside working hours, it could be a red flag that he/she has an interest in you. They use such periods to spend more time with you to get to know you more outside the work environment.

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7 Reasons You Should Not Be Dating an Actor or Actress

Not Dating An Actor or Actress – Good or Bad Idea?

All actors have become screen gods and goddesses whom we fantasy about in our various homes — talk of the Hollywood stars like Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Angelina Jolie and the several others. Least I forget the Hindi movie stars like Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar or Amitabh Bachchan who takes our breath off with their stunning acting skills. So, let’s see the reasons behind why you should not be dating an actor or actress.

Hence, some actors have become idols, and their fans virtually worship them because they are popular and influential in different ways. But do actors practice what they preach? Only in movies, they play romantic scenes perfectly well that, so we all some things idealize such a relationship. But is that what happens in their real life? The answer is a big NO.

Some relationship of actors is one of the scandalous you can ever imagine. They fall in an out of love like changing “underwear.” If you are currently thinking of dating an actor, here are some reasons to abandon that decision.

Why You Should Not Be Dating An Actor

1. Unstable Relationship

I am not sure if it is a curse or what! It is an undeniable fact that most actors do not have stable relationships. Mention five actors with stable relationships, but  I will mention 20 whose relationships have become a subject in the media.

They jump from one relationship to the other like a bee in search of nectar. What they portray in the movies is different from what happens in their real life.

That is the reality of life! Mostly, they get swallowed by their fame, making them delusional. Some actors are also adventurous when it comes to a relationship so they would want to explore more. While they are with you, they are eyeing their next target.

2. Bad at Managing Finances

They are paid huge sums per movie, so they live like kings and queens. To impress their fans and live up to their status, actors spend a lot on buying cars and mansions.

They visit the luxurious hotels and restaurants in town and throw money as if it was worthless. When their fame begins to decline, and producers/directors start to reject them, they begin to struggle. It affects their finances, and they start selling all the big things they acquired during their peak time.

Thus, there are dozens of actors out there who are struggling. If you are to date them, their fall is also your fall. This can affect the relationship, especially if you went in for fame and money.

3. Some become Drug Addicts

It is very difficult to handle fame, and the least mistake can turn you into a monster. Some actors begin to take solace in drugs and alcohol after their glamorous career because they begin to feel empty.

Great actors like Jeremy London, David Hasselhoff, TilaTequila and Drew Barrymore among others were all great actors who became addicts. So he/she is likely to fall for drugs and who wants to date an addict.

4. Their Career Can End Abruptly

Famous today; a nobody tomorrow that is the life of an actor. They enjoy the glory, money, and fame while they are on top of their game. But when a new star is discovered, or age starts to catch up, they fall like a mighty tree uprooted by a hurricane. It is a reality because whatever goes up must come down.

When this happens without enough preparation, they are found wanting. I don’t think you want to date someone whose career is short term.

5. They Can Be Unfaithful

Some actors or actresses take the passion from the screens/shoot to reality. When on set, especially for romantic movies some of the actors end up themselves in real life. They are unable to forgo the passion they fell for each other in that fictional world and continue it in the real world. Cheating on you is inevitable.

6. Would Spend Less Time with You

All actors are very busy people. From going out for an audition, which may yield no results to productions meetings and finally the shoot. They never want to miss any of such opportunities, mostly for auditions.

Who knows if it is his/her breakthrough moment? So don’t expect him/her to turn up for all planned dates or spend most of her time with you. If you think this is not a problem, start dating one.

7. Rejection Becomes Part of Them

Actors face rejections many times in their lives until they finally have a breakthrough. Imagine about 200 people being auditioned for a single role? So, the probability of him/her getting a role is 10% mostly. Some can grow a thick skin for such shocks while others are unable. Are you asking what this has to do with dating them? Continues rejections can cause psychological trauma if the person is not strong enough. This in a way can affect his/her relationship with others and can create an inferiority complex.

Conclusion: Why you should not be Dating an Actor or Actress

When you are dating such a person, he/she would never believe your love is real, because they have been rejected several times. All the above is not a general thing, as there are many romantic, faithful, and caring actors out there. Having a successful relationship depends on many factors including their individuality.

Spying on Your Wife? When Is It Okay?

Spying on your Wife – Should You?

Are you scared of losing contact or will you do anything to save the relationship? Reality is that there’s more to what meets the naked eye. Love isn’t secretive nor is it jealous. You’d rather be territorial with the aim of protecting what’s yours forever. But is it a good idea spying on your wife?

Your beautiful wife would once come to experience second glances from afar. So, there’s no doubt that you will do anything to stand in the gap. Whether it’s spying or snooping, it isn’t the right path to claim your loyalty from your spouse. It is not healthy to act as an agent and a lover at the same time. But however, it’s tolerable to spy when you scroll further and find out when it’s okay.

*Suspicion chips in a relationship when both partners are in their comfort zones. But the urge of fancying and craving for each other was long gone.*

Spying on your Wife – OK or not OK?

There will be always two sides to every story. If you have complete doubt, then you can hire a PI, use a GPS or snooping on your spouse’s devices. Here are the top reasons why you are forever in doubt:

1. Insecurity

As soon as you are not comfortable, you will be forced to spy on her. Insecurity crops up when you don’t give your relationship some space to breathe. All you do is to gaze at her phone and notifications. So your body reaction will change abruptly.

2. Jealousy

At times jealousy is healthy, but too much of it is extra poisonous. Getting to the extreme just because she has more male friends, won’t solve the issue. So women despise possessive men.

3. Second-Guessing

She might be as innocent as a lamb, but you just want to spy to find more about her. Being all over her social media accounts is your motive. It is only here where “Who’s that?” or “Why does he like your posts?” questions start to reprise. Your plan here is that she should always notify you when calling the opposite sex. Above all means, this isn’t justifiable. When she is not free to do what she pleases, grief will be the order of her day.

4. When It’s OK to Spy

At some point, spying is tolerable because it has been used by different partners. If it is only okay to spy on her if you want to rebuild trust all over again. But probably both of you cheated. The only way to bring back the bond is to share your social media passwords. That’s the ideal way to let go of the guilt. Doubts and blames will decrease when you are open to one another.

Consequences of Spying on your Wife

1. You violate Your Spouse’s Rights

Everybody has a right to privacy and legitimacy. When you snoop on her devices, it’s crystal clear that you are violating her rights. The relationship is bound to fall apart sooner or later. The moment you get caught, its either you lie or come out clean. To avoid all these, don’t spy on your partner.

2. Guilt

Thank the stars that you have now spied on your wife without her consent. Now, what next? What will you do if you found out she is cheating? What if she’s innocent? You’ve got yourself to blame. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, so they say. Sad to say, the damage is already done. If you don’t have a clue where to start, you have already betrayed your wife.

3. It’s Addictive

Spying causes a person to be certain of her partner’s acts. You don’t want to know if she’s clean “just because” you are certain she isn’t faithful. The process will continue and end up in divorce or squabbles. But it will consume your life like no one’s business. If you are ready for it, prepare to spend half of your time focusing on her activities. Little did you know that the energy that you have is meant to bring back the spark.

4. Anger and Losing Control

Trust me when I say that you will turn into a freaking being. You want to read daily notifications and calls. Then you will turn into a stranger without knowing at all. So daunting is that it will reach a point where making a scene won’t be a big deal.

Steps to Follow Instead of Spying on your Wife

1. Communication

Have a deep conversation and don’t follow where the wind directs you. Follow your heart and learn to trust your partner. Be true to yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Activate each other souls with positive vibes and not regrets. Focus on what works best for both of you and work on it excessively. If its communication, so is it.

2. Love Yourself

Try to be gentle with yourself and love YOU to the core. It is a process, but its destination is worth a try. It becomes a little bit easier when you have a conversation with your partner. For better, for worse, she’s still your best friend.

3. Forgive and Forget

For a successful marriage, prepare to forgive your spouse. Extend gratitude as a way of appreciation and love. In one way or the other, you’ll hurt each other. To be on the safe side, focus on what’s right and leave what’s not equitable. Be genuine to each other and reconcile as often as possible. That’s the only way to overcome doubts.

Spying on your Wife: Conclusion

Spying on your wife isn’t helping your relationship. You believe in reassurance. Struggling with trust issues doesn’t mean that when you spy on her, you’ll be loyal. But don’t try to spy unless your spouse has permitted you to do. So know yourself first, and everything else will fall back into place.

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Is Your Spouse Going Through A Midlife Crisis

Ways To Respond to your Spouse’s Midlife Crisis

The monotony of routine marriage life is the biggest stumbling block in ensuring a smooth and trouble-free relationship between the partners. In today’s busy world, a considerable number of married people are working couples. They have their own life outside the realm of their conjugal life and spend long hours attending to the need of their respective professions. Let us read more about what to do when your spouse is going through a midlife crisis.

In the case of these couples, where one partner has settled for a non-working status and took the role of a house maker, the situation is somewhat different. In both cases, at least one partner stays away from home for long hours. There is no fixed age for starting a marriage life. However, maximum cases of tying the nuptial knot usually occur between 20-30 years of age.

After the initial few years of intense romance and passionate lovemaking, couples all over the world often find it difficult to continue in the same fashion.

Monotony – A Reason for Midlife Crisis

The monotony and struggle of day-to-day life often take its toll, and one or the other partner may fall victim to it. The situation is often termed as ‘Midlife Crisis’. And, the period of age between 35-55 is the most vulnerable period for such a crisis.

There are certain signs and symptoms by which one can know that they or their partner is going through such a crisis. In this article, we will shed light on a few such signs and symptoms and the remedial measures by which midlife crisis can be averted:

Signs of Your Spouse and a Midlife Crisis

1. Unusual Dramatic changes

Couples spending long years together seem to understand the requirement of one another perfectly well. When your spouse wants something extraordinary outside the regular requirement of a person, he/she has to be carefully observed. An unusual change in the lifestyle of your spouse and dramatic change of habits and interests is a bright red flag for a midlife crisis.

A sudden inclination to become too adventurous also confirms the same result. You have to concede to your partner’s unusual demand initially and have to reconcile to the changes. A subtle counseling and deft dealing of the situation will turn the tide in your favor in due course of time.

2. Outpour Of Negative Emotions

When your spouse is undergoing a midlife crisis, he/she will most certainly suffer from a series of depressing, negative emotions.  This might include pessimistic attitude, loss of interest in usual, commonplace activities, unusual sadness, subdued attitude. Despondency, loss of appetite, fatigue, inability to make decisions, unusual sleep pattern etc too can occur.

A medical rather psychiatric consultation would perhaps be needed in such cases to ensure that your spouse gets back to a better frame of mind.

3. MR. Grumpy Loves Playing The Blame Game

An unusually aggressive behavior of your spouse where your spouse loves to hold you responsible for every wrong thing happening around both of you is one of the clear diagnostic tools for identifying midlife crisis. If you ponder over the circumstances carefully, you’ll see the changes in your relationship quite clearly.

Earlier it used to be quite different when you both shared the ups and downs of life spiritedly and countered them with joint efforts in a harmonious way. However, this sudden change in your partner from being Mr. Helpful to Mr. Grumpy indicates that you need to step in and help your partner get back to his/her jovial self.

4. Signs Of Excessive Obsession

Midlife Crisis is a psychological phenomenon. One of the symptoms of such a psychological disorder is an excessive obsession with certain things in life. The obsession may be of materialistic nature like hair or baby. It may also be of an intangible nature like hairstyle or about a choice between a bearded and clean-shaven look. What is worrying is the extreme nature of such obsessions.

5. Contradictory Behaviour

A person who is full of contradictory behavior towards his partner is sure to be suffering from some sort of midlife crisis. Confusion reigns supreme in such circumstances. Nobody knows what follows next.

There may be a bout of hateful repulsive attitude immediately after a soft romance. It is a deplorable and alarming situation and can only be taken care of with proper medical consultation.

6. A sense Of Emptiness

After spending long years with your partner, suddenly a feeling of emptiness may engulf you. You find yourself at crossroads of your life. The progress and achievement made so far in your conjugal life makes no meaning to you anymore. This is also a kind of midlife crisis.

A careful evaluation of the marriage life you have undergone so far with context to the present situation will be immensely helpful in diffusing the crisis.

Whatever may be the provocation and whatever may be the underlying cause, a midlife crisis can always be averted. But, there has to be careful observation, proper planning and counseling, and better judgment.

Turn the midlife crisis into an advantage and not into a disaster. Couples need to start seeing the crisis as a time for renewal of their mind, body, and souls. Then, they will surely be able to save their marriage from hitting the rocks due to this mid-life phenomenon.

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What Guys Hate About Dating a Feminist

Why Men are Frustrated about Dating Feminist

Feminism has come to stay, but that doesn’t mean everybody is in tune with their ideology. The fact is many guys want to have nothing to do with a feminist for different reasons. So, one of the reasons is justified while others are outrageous. So, here are some things guys hate about dating a feminist.

1. Their Ideology

With their beliefs, there is a preconceived notion that feminists hate men. They make men feel like the culprits to their predicaments and vulnerability.

Some radical feminists make feminism look like a war between men and women. This makes some men very uncomfortable dating a feminist. How can they date “a person who hates them?”

2. Dating Them Can be Very Intimidating

Dating a feminist can be very intimidating. She has a job that pays well, she can afford whatever she needs, she can do things on her own, and so what is left for the man to do? Pulling the chair or opening the gate during a date? No, she does that by herself too. This makes men feel virtually powerless and that is what they hate about dating a feminist.

3. Some Think Feminists are Sluts

They have been campaigning for sexual freedom for a very long time. Feminists believe sex should be consensual. While two adults meet and agree to have sex, they can just have it without strings attached. This makes some men think feminists are trying to be slutty.

4. Women Acting Like Men

With the spread of feminism, more women are acting like men now. They are asking for equal rights in all spheres of life. Now, women want to be in charge, empowered and even assume the role of men in the house. Some are even sharing bills or paying in totality. This is not bad though, but some men believe such acts weaken their power.

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Horoscope Match – Why It Is Very Important

Horoscope Matches – Why It Is Very Important

You may already know why a horoscope match is important. They are necessary for one’s love life as they help define future prospects. To get clear answers on some of the questions couples to ask themselves about love, people often look to relationship experts. However, horoscope matches could also predict the likelihood of your relationship flourishing.

Through astrological studies and the zodiac signs compatibility calculator, a horoscope match helps in analyzing the success or failure of a particular match. If you need answers, keep reading as we discuss other reasons why you should check out horoscope matches.

Horoscope Match Helps in Marriage Compatibility

Going into a relationship blindly is one thing you should never do. Before settling down, couples should take their time getting to know each other. Truly, this makes a lot of sense. Dating is the time to spend together finding common ground.

However, there are instances where one partner needs to understand whether or not they are compatible. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Consequently, before settling down, it is imperative to find out whether or not this person is right for you. The good news is you have horoscope matches capable of guiding you. The advantage here is that horoscope compatibility for marriage gives you hope for a better relationship.

Predicting Physical and Mental Compatibility

When finding the right partner to tie the knot with, we often strive for individuals who are compatible with us in every way. For example, a woman would seek to find a man she is physically attracted to. If there is no physical attraction in the relationship, this implies it may be problems intimately.

With the help of horoscope matches or a compatibility test, you can easily gauge the level of physical attraction your relationship holds. A high level of physical attraction definitely is a good sign. In addition to physical attraction, you should also consider the mental compatibility of the two individuals.

You want to settle down with someone capable of understanding the way you think. Accordingly, you should rely on birthday relationship compatibility and horoscope matches as they tell a lot about your mental compatibility with your partner.

Horoscope Match Predicts Financial Stability

You should take your time to understand the financial aspects of even the strongest zodiac matches before taking things to the next level. Your parents and friends want to know whether the person you are about to marry has a job or not. If not, are they considering being their own boss?

This is the question parents have in mind when dreaming of a sound future for their sons and daughters. Similarly, these questions might have also run through your mind. Well, it’s normal. With the aid of horoscope matches and Chinese zodiac compatibility tests, these are some of the questions that you would be getting answers to. As a result, you need not worry about whether the man or woman you will marry will work for a financially stable relationship.

Predicting Good Health for Your Children

Many women want to have children at one point in life. The happiness that comes with children is unrivaled to anything else. With such aspirations in mind, you might also want to consider what zodiac signs go well together and the compatibility aspects of your relationship. Horoscope matches also foretell the likelihood of getting healthy and bright children. Certainly, this is what you anticipate, right? Consequently, taking some time to go through horoscope matching might be one of the best decisions you made all year.


To sum it up, horoscope matching is here to stay. Lovers hope for a better future with their respective spouses. Additionally, sun signs compatibility also helps in pointing out the possibilities of issues arising in the relationship. Lovers can, therefore, work their way in ensuring that such issues do not impact their love affair in a negative way.

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Meeting Single Men – Dating Tips and Tricks

Meeting Single Men Who Want To Get Married

Fortunately, women have stopped believing their handsome man is not yet born but live in their city, some are as close as in the same building or complex. On the other hand, some single women feel that marriage shouldn’t be an option but required. (Wait.. what?) The major problem is that women have been looking for good single men in the wrong places and at the wrong time. Finding Mr. Right isn’t easy, but keep reading this article to find helpful tips for meeting single men who want to get married.

Don’t Settle for Less

You deserve more than just a man who insists on waiting for you till the right time comes. Marriage-minded men are more interested in spending the bad and good seasons with you. If he’s always unavailable to spend some time with you, let go of him.

Meet Them at the Right Place and Time

If you are a party lover, you’ll meet a guy who visits nightclubs and bars often. Is he interested in having a family someday? If this is what you’re looking for, you are in the wrong place. Why? Your relationship won’t last. Society believes that single marriage-minded men are found in gyms, church, work and so forth. So, visit respectable places.

Meeting Single Men… Mature Men

A single man who is ready for a committed relationship is independent, stable and more likely looking for a serious lady. Teenage like men can be fun and full of energy, but they aren’t yet ready for marriage. In addition to this, there are also those who were married but parted ways. Set your priorities right and always look before you leap.

Avoid Dire Daters

They are called the Casanovas or ladies man. They love to mingle with every girl in town. Most of them don’t recognize a true relationship. They prefer to keep their personal life top secret. Even when they marry a subtle woman, they’ll still want another woman to warm their bed. They aren’t afraid to have more than one partner. Avoid such single men like the plague.

Meeting Single Men on Dating Sites

Yes, I mean Christian dating sites and other voluntary associations. If he’s ready to help the community and play his part, he will take care of you. If need be, join your local community group where you’ll meet single men to marry. I don’t mean that all single men that you find here are ready to tie the knot yet, but at least they are single.

Is He a Kid Lover or Not?

Actions towards children coupled with this trait define a potential man. If he’s okay with your little niece staying with him or you for a week, you’ve hit the jackpot. If he loves to play and spend time with kids, that’s a sign that he may want his own someday. But if he’s rude and not patient with toddlers, probably, having a family with him shouldn’t be a top priority.

Meeting Single Men and His Groups of Friends

There will always be a limit. You have already spotted a good-looking man, and he seems to be the right fit for you. What to do? Keep dating him and ask all the right questions. Listen as he talks to what he’s saying to what he’s not saying. Ask if he’s a committed guy or not. Trust me; you’ll understand and identify his true colors.

Hang Out with Married Friends

Ask married friends if they have heard of a single and decent guy. The fact is that they are forever surrounded by single men and are more aware of those that are in search of a serious commitment. Keep your married friends intact and don’t miss their anniversary invitation, you never know.

How Is His Social Life Like?

If he is longing for a committed relationship, he won’t mind hanging out with multiple married friends. Another thing, he will talk about marriage more than how he is enjoying his single life. Partying till dawn means he isn’t yet ready for a wedding.

Meeting Single Men

Sending the wrong signal is one of the reasons why you can’t find a single guy. As a result, men think that you are just there for fun and not for a long-term relationship. To avoid this, set your priorities right and stick to each one of them. If you want him to take you seriously, then do so for yourself first. Don’t think of marrying someone for the sake of wearing a wedding ring. It is much more than what meets the eye. Get married because you are ready to commit yourself in regards to your values and goals in life.

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Being a Cynic – 6 Negative Effects

Why Is it Bad To Be a Cynic?

To all those who think nothing is possible and that people do things for their selfish interest, this piece is for you. Wait, even idealists can pick something from this. I see cynicism as a self-destructive tool hindering the progress of many people. Some people have lost their jobs, relationships, and dreams all because of cynicism. Here are some adverse effects of being a cynic.

1. Cynics are Mostly Unsuccessful People

There may be an exception in every scenario, but going by the numbers, cynics are mostly unsuccessful. When I talk of unsuccessful I mean in business, building a family, finances, and even happiness. They harbor doubts and mistrust, disbelieving anything they come across, and that is a hindrance to their success. They prefer to blame others for their failures and don’t like taking chances.

2. They are Distrustful and That Causes their Downfall

Cynics are very distrustful in almost all aspects of life. They don’t trust the system and even the people around them. They prefer to live in their small world, minding their own business. With this, they are unable to share plans with others if they have one. Yes, they think others will steal their plans when shared. With their distrust, they don’t receive help, ideas, and support from other people, and that causes their downfall.

3. Becoming Angry for no Apparent Reason

They are always angry about one thing or the other. When things do not go in their favor, they begin to come around. More often, they complain and rant about things they have no control over.

Talk of slash in salaries, and an increase in workload among several others. When such a situation arises, they get angry and undermine whatever they feel is not in their favor. To them, their current condition is a conspiracy against them. Seeing the positive side of such a situation and working towards it would rather help in their development.

4. Being a Cynic Hinders Progress

The last time I checked, none of the top CEOs, business executives, researchers, and entrepreneurs were cynics. No, a cynic cannot conceive the dream of becoming a great person. I don’t think Bill Gates is a cynic; neither was Steve Jobs. Cynics undermine their capabilities and believe nothing is possible. They want to be where they are. Not that they are not capable, but they are just cynical.

5. They Can’t Maintain a Healthy Relationship

With their negative way of thinking, they believe everyone is just like them. They think all men or women are crazy and cheat. They, therefore, go into any relationship with distrust, and that causes the failure of their relationship. With a little mistake from their partner, they blow it out of proportion and see it as a confirmation of their preconceived notions.

6. Always Complain about their Job

Cynics are more lackadaisical in their work. They don’t work wholeheartedly and always think their effort is making their boss richer. At a point, they would even want the company to fail. But, they forget that they will be jobless when that happens.

This normally happens when they have to overwork to meet a deadline. It is a fact that stress from work can cause “corporate cynicism” and we are all culprits at a point. But, cynics have made that a habit and that hampers their promotion at work.

It is obvious that nothing good comes out of being a cynic except, remaining in self-dilution. It causes more harm than good and cuts you off from reality. This is the last thing any serious person would want.

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How Online Infidelity Is Wrecking Relationships

Online Infidelity – Also Known As Internet Infidelity

Is online infidelity for real? You bet it is! What is cyber infidelity? With the emergence of social media and online dating sites, cheating over the internet is highly possible. People who have secret conversations late night are far more questionable than those who interact during the day. How common is online cheating? Relationship experts say internet infidelity is more common than we may think. Besides, once you exchange contact numbers or email addresses, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Studies show women are more affected by this kind of unfaithful behavior (online affairs) than men. It seems as though women are more concerned with the intention than the actual behavior.

*Internet infidelity is more visible since you can do it while cooking or when entertaining your kids. The sad thing is instead of meeting each other needs; we are busy scrolling the news feeds.*

Understanding Internet Infidelity

What is cyber cheating? Cybersex is no different from cheating in person, except it’s done online. It does, however, involve betraying one’s loyalty and trust. This deception can lead to extreme tension in relationships. Still, it could be a significant threat to couples and could lead to estrangement.

Cheating occurs in two ways – sexually and emotionally. Online infidelity involves having a romantic relationship with someone other than your partner. A 2007 study by Mileham reveals 83% of the participants rationalize sexting as harmless. They argue it’s not the same as physical contact in terms of cheating.

Nowadays, we have access to apps that hide messages and phone numbers. Because of this, men can chat with side chicks without their partner’s knowledge. Accessibility is one of the primary reasons internet cheating dominates cyberspace.

Although cheating begins with a friendly chat, it then progresses from exchanging numbers to maintaining regular online conversations. Flirting with another person other than your spouse is unacceptable.

Online Infidelity and Social Media

Oddly, we don’t talk anymore, we text. We rely on our wireless devices so much we lose our minds without them. They give us instant access to our friends as well as a means to meet new people.

Casual and open relationships are paving the way for people to engage in acts of infidelity. For this reason, many people blame social media for deteriorating marriages.

When the ‘Friendship Zone’ Crosses the Line

As soon as you say ‘Hello,’ you open the lines of communication. Although a simple greeting is not always an invitation to flirt, some people think so. They use this tiny gesture to start a conversation. However, no one in a serious relationship should have a hot and heavy discussion with anyone else.

There are temptations you need to avoid like the plague. To know whether you are cheating or just chatting, you can take an online infidelity test or consider the below points:

You Turn Into a Double-Dealer

What is marital infidelity? You could be guilty of marriage infidelity when:

  • You’re exchanging ways to contact each other
  • Chatting regularly
  • Sharing your deepest thoughts with the person, you met online
  • When you make excuses to contact your online friend
  • You are always happy to connect with your friend online

It becomes worse when you completely withdraw from your offline lover. That is to say; you would Skype with your online friend rather than talk to your spouse.

Wanting More Privacy than Usual

Since you’ve met this person, elusive activities pop up out of nowhere. You claim the person is your friend. Yet, you won’t introduce him/her to your significant other. On top of that, you are more protective of your electronic gadgets.

What else? You are changing passwords and patterns. Not to mention the hidden profiles and subscriptions to even more online dating sites.

Different from the truth, your online friend thinks you are single. Wouldn’t it be a surprise to find out you have a spouse? You tell lies, and more lies, but eventually, cheaters get caught. That’s how online dating wrecks relationships.

Online Infidelity Deters Your Sexuality from Your Spouse

Internet infidelity allows you to be someone else. Because of this, you can let loose the person hidden inside you.  You look forward to opening the flirtiest email, videos, and photos. Your only wish now is to be by his or her side.

You imagine having intimate moments with this person. My husband has an internet girlfriend, so I know how you feel. As a result, you feel nothing when your partner touches you. That is to say; you are more fascinated by watching paint dry.


If you can say ‘My boyfriend is chatting in online chatrooms more often now,’ keep your eyes open. Communicate how you feel. Trust me; there’s a thin line between internet infidelity and physical or emotional cheating. If you care about your relationship, let go of the cyber relationship and call it quits. Don’t swipe away your happy home.

In reality, when married individuals seek pleasure outside the home, they lack something in their lives. It’s difficult to say what happens if my husband commits adultery online or otherwise.  Together, we can find a solution, but cheating, including internet infidelity, is never the answer. It will not fix the problems at home, but only complicate matters.

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Married Woman and Flirting? What is Inappropriate?

Married Woman and Flirting? What is Inappropriate?

Flirting is enticing and entertaining, but it turns sour when you are a married woman and flirting. Why do married women flirt? You know there’s a reason for concern when your other half starts looking at you sideways. If you are a married woman and flirting, is it okay? I mean, I totally get it, we are all seeking amusement, but we don’t have to break commitments.

In general, both men and women flirt whether they are single or married. The question is are married couples significantly more disturbed by the situation than singles? Some would argue married couples have greater risks of it upsetting the marriage.

Do happily married women flirt? For some, it’s a real part of our everyday life. It becomes an issue when that handsome guy giving you goosebumps won’t let go of it. The feeling is heavenly, but your spouse won’t appreciate the thought of it, however, it all depends on your motive. As a wife flirting, you shouldn’t lust after anyone. Here are a few married woman flirting signs.

Married Woman and Flirting? Is it Okay?

Who is a flirt and what is flirting? A flirt is a person who participates in a provocative conversation, although it’s more so entertaining than purposeful. Flirting can be profoundly amusing to the opposite sex or same sex. With this in mind, what is inappropriate flirting when married? Some people flirt simply out of boredom.

Above all, flirting makes a married woman feel like she is still in the market and more beautiful than before. It causes her to feel alive, attractive and appreciated. The comment could be an unusual pickup line from one man, which triggers certain thoughts and for some women, those images will go haywire.

The Honeymoon Phase Comes and Goes

Sad to say this, but it’s the truth; the honeymoon phase will come to fade away. It’s not easy to turn on a marriage, but one which has been stagnant for a long time will put one partner in a vulnerable position. That’s why a married woman won’t deny that tiny gesture from another man.

At the same time, a wife will never forget how her husband used to tempt her with pleasure and passion. Even if she is not a flirting lady, she may turn into one just for attention. With that said, when a married woman flirts with an younger man or another married man, it could be because she’s missing it at home.

Why is a Married Woman in Love With You?

As soon as the wedding bells jitters wear off, old habits prevail and we start to take the relationship for granted. We get fixed into married life and we don’t put the other person first like we once did.

We must water our own lawns and use fertilizer when necessary. It’s hard work, but persistence pays off. Your marriage should be your priority. Although being married doesn’t blind us from noticing other people, a married woman should always stay true to her values and principles.

Flirt By Word and Not By Action

As a married woman flirting, you know men love for their women to seduce them. As you flirt with other men, consider your partner as your first and last. Don’t take it for granted when he comes home early to spend time with you.

Never mind if he is not into flirting. Maybe he doesn’t whisper in your ear anymore. It is not how much he flirts with you, but how he proves his love and devotion in other ways. He is caring and loving. Keep that in mind.

Take Care of the Wandering Eye

The beautiful ones are not yet born, so they said. Every once in a while, you’ll notice a man who looks like a god. Try to calm your nerves when you see this drop-dead gorgeous man. Of course, you’ll want to tell your girlfriends about him, but don’t go beyond talking. The best way to deal with the wandering eye is to remember to treat your husband as you want him to treat you.

Judge Your Partner’s Actions and Not Words

Some men don’t know how to flirt with a married woman or know that a married woman likes you. They go too far. It’s been my experience the wrong man will approach you at the right time. Normally, this is when your spouse isn’t around. But at the end of the day, all of his actions will speak louder than his words.

If your other half finds that a married woman and flirting disturbs him, check your behavior. Sure, you will not always do what’s right. To err is to be human, right? Of course, I’m right, but when your husband starts to feel like you don’t care at all, you should change the direction of his thinking and feeling.

So, is to OK to flirt if you are married? Don’t choose a stranger over him for something as trivial as flirting. You never know what tomorrow holds and karma… well, you know what they say about her and that’s all I have to say about this. Good luck!

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