Breaking Up Without Making A Mess

Breaking Up Without Making A Mess

Ending a relationship is never an easy task. You have spent a certain amount of time with someone, and although things seem terrible right now, you once had a good time. Some relationships end badly and leave scars on both partners. If you have had that experience, you will certainly want to avoid having it again. Before you or your partner do something to hurt each other, see these tips on how to break up without making a mess. End your relationship with clean consciousness and who knows; you might end up being friends.

Don’t avoid the inevitable

You already feel in your heart that this relationship simply isn’t working. Perhaps the person you are seeing is not like you imagined. Or maybe you have grown tired of each other and don’t have the feelings anymore. It is easy to get used to comfort that relationship can give you.

It is nice to come home to someone, and perhaps share some expenses. If you start to feel like your partner is simply a friend and don’t have any romantic feelings for them, it might be time to end the relationship. Your partner probably feels the same way. Start the conversation before one of you does something that could hurt the other.

Be private

If you want to break up with your partner, choose a private location. If this break up is coming unexpectedly for them, you don’t know how they are going to react. Your partner might feel hurt and emotionally overreact. They deserve the chance to react as they wish, so better choose a location that gives them privacy. The situation will be a lot worse if they will feel embarrassed for crying, shouting or other emotions they have.

Respect your partner

If you want to break up with someone, be respectful. The decision to break up with someone is never easy. To actually do it in person can be even harder. Modern age with all its possibilities doesn’t mean you should skip on decency.

Give your partner the respect they deserve and have the talk with them in person. That way, you might be able to talk things through and move forward with your lives. Of course, if you feel threatened by your partner in any way, it is acceptable not to do it in person; have someone with you.

Note what you are going to say

Writing down your feelings and what you are going to say is a good exercise before having the actual talk. Think about what you are going to say and give your partner reasons for this breakup. This exercise will help you to gather your strength and emotions.

Don’t suggest staying friends if you don’t mean it

Staying friends with your ex is not an easy task; especially you are the one who ended things. If you see that your partner is hurt and offended by the breakup, don’t suggest staying friends. It will not make their feelings less hurt. If you don’t want this person to be out of your life, you might rethink the breakup. But if you both decide on ending the relationship together, staying friends might even be possible.

Embrace your feelings

If you are the one who broke up with someone, it doesn’t mean that you have to move on straight away. It is ok for you also to feel sad, lonely and broken. Accept these feelings, because something in your life has ended. Be alone for a while and don’t date until you are absolutely ready.

Don’t get caught up in emotions

You never know how your partner is going to react when you break up with them. They might have seen it coming and agree with the decision. Or perhaps they will be completely shocked and show all of their emotion. Try not to get too carried away with their emotions.

Getting into a fight with them will not make things easier. Try to keep your cool and accept that your partner might say some things because they are hurt and want you to feel the same way. Explain that it is also not an easy decision for you and try to say goodbye to each other in good terms.

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