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Signs Your First Love Still Pulls the Strings of Your Heart

Do You Still Miss Your First Love?

First loves hold a special place in everyone’s life, and it is indeed hard to get over the memories. It is natural that the one with whom you spent quite a lot of time and shared many memories will stay in a corner of your heart forever.

But there are times when your first love appears to be occupying more than just a corner of your heart. If the below-mentioned points hold for you, it is a clear indicator that your first love is still pulling the strings of your heart:

1. Think about them almost every day

Remembering your ex and the memories you shared with him/her once in a while is perfectly normal. But does your first love cross your mind almost every day? It starts from one thought and slowly engulfs you as you begin thinking about all the good times you shared with them. Unintentionally, it becomes a habit and your day is not complete until you reminisce about your good old days at least once.

2. Find them to be flawless

Mistakes are what make us human. But, in your eyes, your first love is perfect. In spite of breaking-up, you can find no flaws in him/her and think of them as the perfect one. Sometimes, you even cover up for their mistakes and make excuses to convince yourself and others that they weren’t at fault.

3. Go weak in the knees

Whenever you come across your first love, you start to tremble. The mere sight of them sends butterflies flying in your stomach and causes your heart to flutter. Despite putting in all efforts, you are unable to move your eyes off them.

4. Follow their activities on social media

With the evolution of technology, it has become extremely easier to keep track of what’s happening in the lives of your friends and family. Social networking profiles are the easiest way to get a sneak peek into the personal lives of a person.

In case of your first love’s, you start following all their activities on social media, digging through their list of friends and going through the comments left on their posts. Knowingly or unknowingly, you start stalking them. You may even resort to weird ways to stay in touch with them.

5. Keep comparing your present to your past

You have moved on and are in a happier phase of your life. You may be enjoying the best time of your life with your current partner. Everything seems to be perfect in your present relationship, but you still keep comparing your present partner with your first love.

Every time you experience a new thing with your present partner, you start imagining how the experience would have been with your first partner.

6. Feel an undying hope of reunion

You and your partner have moved on with your lives. Your first love may have found a new love and may even have got married. But your hopes of a reunion seem to be far from fading away.

You still wish to get him/her back and begin a new life together. You rely on miracles and still believe that you two are destined to be together. This is the most significant sign that you still are deeply in love with your first love.

7. Keep questioning mutual friends

It is common that most couples have a few mutual friends. When you meet such friends, especially those who were aware of your feelings and your relationship, you request them to divulge details about your ex. To satiate your hunger to know everything about your ex, you start hounding them with a barrage of questions.

8. Revisiting old places and seeing old things cause emotional pangs

Places, gifts, photographs, letters are all a part of your memories. Whenever we visit a particular place or see an old photograph, many memories come flooding back to us. But do these memories get you mentally disturbed? Do you feel a sharp stab of pain in your moments of nostalgia? If any piece of thing that brings back memories makes you uncomfortable, it is a sign that you still feel for your first partner.

9. Can’t tolerate them moving on

If you still feel the love for your first partner, the hardest thing will be to see them love someone else. You are still enamored by your first love if even the idea of them being with someone else sends shudders down your spine.

On the other hand, you may have happily moved on and begun a new chapter of your life. But you can’t accept the fact that your partner has moved on too. You still keep lighting the candle of hope that you two will be reunited one day or the other.

10. Remember every detail

Regardless of whether the memory is good or bad, you remember all about your first love. Even though years have passed away since the time you broke up, the memories are still as clear as water in your mind.


Does any of the points hold in your case? If it is so, it is a clear indication that you need to reanalyze your life, love, and relationships. Either you go back or move ahead. Remember that we can’t row a boat in two directions at the same time. Make a choice and stick to it.

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