Virgo Woman Gemini Man Compatibility

Virgo Woman Gemini Man Compatibility – Overview

The Virgo woman Gemini man compatibility match is not the most well-suited match. Additionally, they have the potential to make one another miserable. Most of the time this relationship does not work, as they are unable to trust one another, or have a close emotional bond.

The Virgo woman has a very notable feature, which can rarely be found in other zodiac signs. This is her ability to analyze everything in her life in incredible detail. She tends to be an introvert, as this allows her to think and reason internally about everything that happens. Nothing goes without being dissected, and everything she comes into contact with will be neglected this deep thought. Everything is given in-depth dissection, and she will analyze anything. She can quickly tire herself without even moving, because of her constant thought.

An extension of this is her desire for perfection. Her constant thought allows her to develop an idealistic view of the world. Hence, she likes to make things as perfect as possible. She has a talent for picking out flaws and will do her best to fix them once noticed. This also extends to people, and she may constantly try to point out ways in which a person could be better. However, this is not meant in a harmful or nasty way. She only means to improve people and offer them advice.

The Virgo woman has a cool exterior while maintaining her frantic interior. She is passionate and driven to her life, and sets herself goals that mean something to her. A Virgo woman is also very kind, caring and stable, meaning that she will rarely make reckless decisions or plans.

Everything in her life must be meticulously planned out, to keep the correct balance of perfection. When entering into a relationship, the Virgo woman may not be the most emotional of the signs. She tends to hold herself back, and would much rather analyze her emotions than feeling them. A partner must learn that she cannot be forced to share her feelings. Moreover, she must be able to go at her own pace. She is also not a sexual person and needs a lot of reassurance and gentleness to feel comfortable enough to have sex.

When with her partner, she will be incredibly caring, kind and intimate. She adores her partner with all of her heart, and fully intends to marry anybody she dates. Because she does not just date anybody. The person that she is in a relationship with may find their life slowly becoming more orderly. This is because she quietly has a way of tidying up loose ends and random little things that other people may not notice. She doesn’t fix her partner’s life intrusively, but she has an eye for details and can improve things for him significantly with just a few small actions.

The Gemini man is the free spirit of the zodiac signs, and he will rarely stay in one place for longer than a fleeting moment. He adores traveling and hates being stuck anywhere. Fleeing from place to place gives him true happiness, and nothing compares to the feeling of being free. For the Gemini man, the worst things in the world would be feeling trapped, and feeling bored.

He is an incredibly fun person, and nothing will ever be boring with him. Every day is an adventure and presents new opportunities. This is amazing and is rarely repli9cated by any other zodiac sign. He is incredibly positive and optimistic and likes to see life as an adventure.

The Gemini man seeks enlightenment and may ask a lot of questions to understand his surrounds. Knowledge is important to him, so he must find out as much information as possible. Sometimes he may come across as nosy, but he is just harmlessly trying to broaden his horizons.

When it comes to Virgo woman Gemini man relationship, this is not the Gemini man’s strong point. With his constant need to feel free, he may become highly agitated and feel trapped when he is in a relationship. He is not the type of man to rely on for a long-term relationship. It is very likely that he will take off as quickly as he came into his partner’s life. If he feels trapped, he may resort to cheating, as a weak attempt to regain his precious freedom.

In the Virgo woman Gemini man marriage, lovers will face a lot of challenges, and may not make it through them all. In most ways, they are not compatible and have a high chance of making each other’s lives a misery.

Virgo Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

One pro when it comes to the Virgo woman Gemini man zodiac match is their ability to communicate with each other. They can recognize one another’s love for intellect and understanding. It can provide them both with a good foundation for talking. This couple can talk for hours, mostly due to the Gemini man’s chatty nature. He will make her feel at ease. As a result, the Virgo woman Gemini man partners will have a lot more fun when there is nothing serious worth talking about. They can offer each other a lot of information. Thus, Virgo woman Gemini man lovebirds can learn something new from each other every day.

The Virgo woman Gemini man couple also share values in the sense that they both care about intelligence. So this is something they will be able to find in one another.

Virgo Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

As one can imagine, this Virgo woman Gemini man relationship may not be very successful. With the Virgo woman’s steadfast nature and the Gemini man’s flighty one, this was not a match made in heaven. This pair has a lot of differences and differing opinions on life.

When it comes to their Virgo woman Gemini man sex life, this is usually a disaster. The Virgo woman needs to feel safe, comfortable and stable with her partner before she will even consider sleeping with them. Then, she needs simple, tender sex to enjoy herself. The Gemini man tends to sleep with whoever he wants, whenever he wants, wherever he wants. He doesn’t care where he would run through the streets naked if given the opportunity. This creates an incredible tension between the pair, as they obviously are not sexually compatible. Virgo woman Gemini man lovers cannot offer each other what they need for pure sexual satisfaction and any sexual encounters they do have will be unfulfilling and awkward.

The Virgo woman’s tendency to mistrust people. Also, the Gemini man’s bad habit of fleeing relationships creates a horrible outcome when it comes to trust. Virgo woman Gemini man dating will go crazy with arguing about trust. Because the Gemini man feels incredibly trapped and isolated, at the same time as his Virgo woman feels betrayed and alone. This couple is notorious for their distinct lack of mutual trust. Virgo woman Gemini man in love is a complete disaster when it comes to the basic act of trust. Ultimately, it could ruin their entire relationship.

Another issue that arises in the Virgo woman Gemini man love match is their ability to make an emotional bond. Granted, this is mostly due to the Gemini man’s tendency to flee the relationship in the early stages, which does not allow the couple to create a strong emotional connection. This cannot be helped, as it is just a part of the Gemini man’s nature, but is it a shame.

Virgo Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Overall, the Virgo woman Gemini man compatibility match is not destined for greatness. The Virgo woman and Gemini man have too many differences to work well as a couple, and there are too many opportunities to fail. They do not tend to bring out the best in each other. The Virgo woman will drag the Gemini man down, and make him feel trapped and uncomfortable. On the other hand, the Virgo woman will be left feeling unloved and disappointed. Consequently, this will not end well for the Virgo woman Gemini man soulmates.

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