Rabbit Dragon Compatibility

Rabbit Dragon Compatibility

Rabbit and the Dragon could find true love in each other. Rabbit Dragon relationship stands in the most natural manner since lovers fit into each other’s worlds. In addition to this, there is a time that they enjoy laughter together whereas there are instances where they would have to join hands in fighting their troubles. This is a two sided relationship and therefore, if both partners understand that this is a normal thing, they would indeed make Rabbit Dragon compatibility thrive.

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Taking the rabbit’s perspective in Rabbit Dragon friendship, there is an aspect that they carry which impresses the dragon lover. This is their humility. They are always jovial. In fact, the dragon lover will wonder if the rabbit lover ever gets angry. Well, they do, but in rare occasions. The humility that boils in the rabbit lover is an aspect that makes them admirable even in the eyes of other Chinese zodiac signs. It is for this reason that they would opt for peace over conflicts in any relationships that they enter into.

From the dragon’s perspective, it is easy to deduce that this partner is one of the most loving signs despite their self-centred nature. They have a friendly way of approaching others. Perhaps this is one aspect that the rabbit admires in them. The best thing about the dragon is that they truly believe that they are the best charmers throughout the Chinese zodiac compatibility chart. Thus, they are sure of themselves that any person can fall in love easily with them. The rabbit would not be left out of this list.

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Rabbit Dragon Compatibility: Positive Traits

Judging from the respective sides of the Chinese zodiac animal signs, one could claim that Rabbit Dragon soulmates could find love in each other. Undeniably, Rabbit Dragon in love would simply have to polish a few things here and there and they would be good to go. One of the most interesting fact about this Rabbit Dragon love compatibility is that their relationship is complementary. There is something good that each lover brings to the table.

Therefore, the love affair is about giving and taking. The meek nature of the rabbit would look up to the dragon for protection. Rabbit dating Dragon would also be happy that they would be associated with the success that the dragon lover would bring to their lives. On the contrary, the respect that the dragon would be getting from the rabbit would be enough to prove to them that this partner is truly dedicated in making things work. Try this marriage compatibility test.

Rabbit Dragon couple would also be one that would be surrounded by many friends. The advantage that this couple has is that both of them are comfortable with the company that they would be getting from their friends. Hence, the dragon lover would not get irritated when the rabbit hosts a party at their home.

In fact, they might end up supporting the rabbit financially just to ensure that they throw a big party worth remembering. This aspect of this relationship crowns it as a wonderful love affair where friends will feel at home when hosted by this couple. Moreover, in this Rabbit Dragon marriage, the couple could find their social abilities as a way of entertaining themselves.

The dragon is an extrovert whereas the rabbit is an introvert. Perhaps you might have thought that this could cause problems for Rabbit Dragon sexuality. Quite the opposite, if lovers are understanding enough, they would be finding this to have a balancing effect on their relationship.

The good thing about the dragon is that they would not mind when the rabbit opts to stay at home and take care of the beautiful home they might have created together. On the other hand, the rabbit would take this as a chance to spend some time alone in. Therefore, the possibilities of conflicts arising as a result of the difference in their outgoing natures are close to nil.

rabbit dragon Compatibility

Rabbit Dragon Compatibility: Negative Traits

As earlier mentioned, Rabbit Dragon love compatibility is the most naturally existing form of any relationship. They have a good side to be happy about and a bad side to balance their love affair. When things are not great for the rabbit and the dragon, they need to look at each other and find a way of solving their personal issues.

Rabbit Dragon compatibility could suffer from the outgoing nature of the dragon. Indeed, they are more outgoing as compared to the rabbit. This infers that they might contest each other when the dragon has a series of night outs without considering that they have a family to take care of. In addition to this, the outgoing nature could pave way for infidelity issues. The dragon might be tempted by other romantic Chinese signs and this is where Rabbit Dragon love compatibility could get bumpy.

In order to ensure that the Rabbit Dragon in love find peace, they ought to understand each other. The dragon should understand why staying at home is important to the family. Equally, the rabbit needs to comprehend clearly why going out is relieving for a hardworking lover such as the dragon. Both of them should bear in mind that going to the extremes with regards to their innate personalities will only ruin their love affair. Thus, meeting in the middle is the most recommended direction that Rabbit and Dragon compatibility should consider.

The dragon lover breeds and lives in conflict. This is an aspect that is part of their life. They would not feel complete without conflict being present in their relationship. As a matter of fact, they might go to the extent of stirring up issues just to feel the anger boil in them. Sadly, this is an aspect that the rabbit lover cannot live with. They are humble and weak and conflicts is what they try to avoid at all cost.

For a peaceful Rabbit Dragon sexuality, the dragon should understand this aspect of their lovers. Truly, it would be unfair if they pushed the meek rabbit beyond their limits. The rabbit wants the best for Rabbit Dragon compatibility and therefore, the last thing they need is to deal with is conflicts.

Another major issue that could affect Rabbit and Dragon compatibility more so in the long run is the aspect of commitment. Both partners have got varying perspectives to how commitment should be achieved. The dragon lover opts for loyalty while the rabbit lover would not even think about committing with Rabbit Dragon in bed. Their lack of commitment might give the dragon the impression that they want to experiment with other people. This could lead to a Rabbit Dragon break up as the lovers will fight each other on a regular basis.

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Rabbit Dragon Compatibility: Conclusion

Rabbit Dragon marriage compatibility is not a bad match after all. They share similarities and differences that balance their love affair in an amazing manner. When both lovers appreciate the need for compromise, they should find it easy to meet in the middle and make this love affair thrive. Without a shred of doubt, they would have to overcome their challenges for love to flourish between them.

The good news to both of them is that, each lover has something special that the other lacks. This could keep them concentrated on each other for a long time. Ultimately, they would notice that love is all about understanding and compromising with each other in this Rabbit Dragon compatibility.

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