Taurus Compatibility

Taurus Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Finding true love normally depends on the person that you fall in love with. At first, it might seem like a tough thing to do but if both of you are compromising, chances are that you could make your love work. As for Taurus, this is a loving partner in the zodiac chart. Let us see what Taurus compatibility has in store for the 12 zodiac signs.

There are those zodiac partners that would be compatible with them, whereas some might be incompatible. A closer look into each Sun sign reveals their zodiac compatibility prediction. Pay close attention.

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Taurus Aries Compatibility

The ruling signs for both planets would have a positive effect on the Taurus compatibility with Aries. Taurus is ruled by the planet of love while Aries is ruled by the planet of passion. This implies that this love affair stands a good chance of flourishing. The best part is that bull finds the ram as completely fulfilling.

At the same time, Aries will find Taurus as the lover they have always been searching for throughout their lives. The attitude that the Taurus Aries in love bring into this affair has a good effect with regards to trust issues. Honesty is what both of them uphold for a successful love match. Thus, there is a small chance that this couple will fight over trust issues.

On the other hand, the Taurus Aries relationship could find a problem getting off from the friends zone. Taurus is a lover that would want to take things slow. In line with this, Aries could be impatient to wait for this to happen. Their stubborn natures could also have a negative effect on the decision making process. The impulsive way of making decisions by the Arian lover is considered as poor in the eyes of the Taurus. For this couple to succeed, meeting in the middle is imperative.

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Taurus Taurus Compatibility

What could certainly go wrong in a union that involves two loving signs? The Taurus Taurus couple will find that the other lover is their one and only true love. One of the aspects that they would admire in each other is the fact that they are down to earth. Taurus man and woman would do their best to make their partnership work. This works in business partnership, Taurus Taurus friendship as well as when in a loving relationship.

The loyalty that you bring in this match is impressive. Both of you understand that being dishonest will only ruin things for both of you. Hence, you are careful to cross each other’s boundaries. The other advantage that both of you enjoy is that you like to engage in similar activities.

Taurus man or woman would not get angry when you decide to stay at home as they head out to visit a family friend. As introverts, staying at home is better than going out. Mutual understanding and respect is the main driving factor in this Taurus Taurus love compatibility.

The only obstacle that might come in the way of the Taurus Taurus compatibility is the indecisive natures that both of you portray. It could be challenging to come to a clear decision within the required time.

Taurus Gemini Compatibility

For the Taurus compatibility with Gemini to work, it would fully depend on the love that this couple has for each other. This is simply because this match could be a tricky one keeping in mind that it is a union of an earth and an air sign. Their union could basically cause sand storms that might be too heavy for both of them to bear.

The one thing that could make the Taurus Gemini marriage work is the notion that Gemini is an excellent communicator. This implies that with the right form of communication, the best could happen here. Hopefully, Taurus and Gemini soul mates could talk over issues that face them on a regular basis.

Taurus Compatibility

On the contrary, nothing would be easy for this couple. Both of you have got varying interests. This is where problems and conflicts could crop up. For instance, Taurus would opt to stay at home over going out. Gemini would find this as boring. They prefer going out and socializing with friends.

Taurus lover is not a social being. Therefore, this couple will also fight over the type of friends that Gemini has. Additionally, when Gemini has a strong valuation for knowledge, Taurus will value material possessions more. Ultimately, there is a lot of work that needs to be done for this match to work. Compromise is key to ensuring that this love lasts for a long time or there is definitely going to be a Taurus breakup with the Gemini.

Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus compatibility with Cancer will have a similar way of looking into their love affair. Without a shred of doubt, both lovers will look into longevity. This is one thing that they would want to achieve once they settle down together. With this kind of mentality, the Taurus and Cancer couple would be determined to fight through their problems together.

The good news is that the Taurus and Cancer couple are quite compatible lovers. Their mutual desire for a stable and secure relationship is what makes their love so strong. Emotionally, they would seek to find a stable ground where they can stand on. This implies that both lovers would be providing each other with the much needed shoulder to lean on. Their antisocial natures will mean that they would have a lot of time to cuddle and make love.

Communication is also at its best in this Taurus Gemini love compatibility. They would find no need to talk much since both of them are introverts. Nonetheless, the mutual understanding that they have for each other would ensure that no wrangles are raised when one lover goes mute.

Surprisingly, what brings this couple together could also drift them apart. In this case, Cancer could spend a lot of time with their families and forget about the family they have with Taurus. This could be an issue to fight over in this pairing. The sad part of this match is also the sheer fact that it would not be exciting. Despite this, if love is what binds you together, stick to it.

Taurus Leo Compatibility

The Taurus love compatibility with Leo is simply promising. Right from the beginning of courtship, Taurus falls in love with the generosity that would come from the royal of the zodiac chart. So far so good for this couple as this Taurus and Leo friendship will have a shared similarity in their love for comfort.

Leo would not get angry when Taurus is out spending money on lavish clothes. On the other hand, Taurus would feel happy that Leo spoils them with an exciting way of life.

When things are going haywire for Taurus Leo match, expect them to fuss and fight over the constant need for change. Both lovers will simply reject change from occurring in their lives. This is simply because they are fixed signs.

With time, there is also a likelihood that Leo will find Taurus as boring. This is an introvert lover and would not want to go out with Leo to have fun. Their reserved nature is what could ruin things for both of them. In relation to the Taurus Leo sexual aspect, work needs to be done.

Leo would want to experiment on certain things in bed. Taurus would prefer the same routine of doing things. Therefore, all in all, compromise is what would make both lovers to meet in the middle.

Taurus Virgo Compatibility

The Taurus compatibility with Virgo is the union of two earth signs. One is fixed and the other is mutable. Judging from the Sun signs, there is a great chance of success in this relationship. Stability is what both lovers envy in a love affair. The good news is that both of them would be offering this security in their love match.

Moreover, their mutual understanding would make things flow smoothly in their relationship. At the beginning, the Taurus Virgo friendship will kick off very well. This is an added advantage to both lovers as the love between them will grow into the soil to form stable roots. Thus, this match would stand the test of time. Bearing in mind that they are earth signs, this couple will stand by each other in times of trouble.

As a result, it could be argued that they both find strength in each other whenever they stand together. To top this, Taurus dating Virgo are ambitious individuals. This means that nothing would stand in their way of success. Living a comfortable life is something that would be in their reach.

The only lover that could cause havoc is Taurus with their explosive temper. If they learn how to keep this away from Virgo, then they are basically destined to last forever.

Taurus Libra Compatibility

The first date between Libra and Taurus would be worth talking about over and over again. This couple will find it difficult to keep their eyes off each other. They have mutual admiration for each other right from the beginning. As a matter of fact, observers could even notice that love is in the air for both lovers. Well, the question is; would this love in the air work for the Taurus and Libra relationship? Certainly not!

Lovers here are ruled by the same planet of love; Venus. This infers that it could have a major effect on the initial attraction that Taurus and Libra would have for each other. Their shared love for similar activities could make them appreciate the need to spend time with each other. For example, both of them have a thing for art, food and good music.

The airy nature of Libra could ruin the good side of this love match. This lover would always want people around them to fall in love with them. Thus, it could reach a point where they are undecided on whom to settle down with. This could come off as flirtatious in the eyes of Taurus.

Communication would also be another area where the Taurus compatibility with Libra is poor. In this case, Taurus would be stubborn and might end up resisting change. Libra will bore the Taurean lover with their indecisive natures. They are never clear with what they really want. This pairing will only work if lovers are tolerant enough to build understanding and trust between them.

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Taurus Scorpio Compatibility

Taurus and Scorpio will fit into each other as if they were destined to be together. Undeniably, this couple will impress the eyes of many considering the kind of love that they would have for each other. The sorcerer will poison Taurus will their charming natures. They would fall in love with them right away.

Taurus is the only lover in the zodiac chart that would find Scorpio’s jealous nature as flattering. Truly, this is one of the ways in which they gain an assurance that they are completely loved by Scorpio. This Taurus compatibility with Scorpio is purely based on give and take. Scorpio will teach Taurus on the ways of effectively negotiating with people. On the other hand, Taurus will teach Scorpio to love. Nothing could definitely go wrong for this match.

Scorpio is the sorcerer in the zodiac circle. This infers that they would want to keep their private life private. To the Taurus lover who prefers transparency above any other thing, this could raise trust issues in this match. The stubborn natures of both lovers could also pave way for heated arguments. Hence, it would be wise for both lovers if at all they circumvent arguments occasionally. Apart from this, everything seems good for the Taurus Scorpio zodiac match.

Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility

In as much as the truth might hurt for both of you, there is a minimal chance that Taurus compatibility with Sagittarius could work. Sagittarius would want to tour the world and could even turn down any loving charms that might come from Taurus lover. Therefore, there is some sense of disappointment that comes from both ends.

Taurus will always be disappointed with Sagittarius as they are never ready to settle down. Keep in mind that they are a sign of celibacy. Thus, sticking to one lover could be impossible for them. On the other hand, Sagittarius will feel as though their freedom is compromised once they decide to settle with the earth sign. If compromise is not a term that both lovers understand, there is a big chance that they are in for a big surprise.

The only thing that Taurus and Sagittarius will agree with is their shared need for honesty in their relationship. Sagittarius will tend to be blunt and straight to the point in the way they express their feelings. This could be taken as a way of expressing themselves openly.

Taurus Capricorn Compatibility

A union of two earth signs simply implies that this couple will be in for a serious relationship. Both of them have got similar expectations with regards to living a stable and secure life. This implies that the Taurus Capricorn soul mates could live to see their grandchildren.

Their conventional approach to relationships is what binds them together. They understand that love is patient and therefore they would want to take things slow before jumping to being intimate. This gives room for their love to gain strong roots capable of withstanding the test of time. The Taurus sexuality too will overwhelm the Capricorn in bed.

The success of the Taurus compatibility with Capricorn could be hindered by what makes them stronger. This is their share love to work. Their work related schedules could have an impact on their love affair. This couple could focus more on their work routines and forget to polish their love for each other.

Taurus Aquarius Compatibility

Taurus compatibility with Aquarius has got varying viewpoints with regards to life. Taurus is an earth sign, hence they would want to live in a real life. This is the practical life that Taurus will uphold over anything else. On the contrary, Aquarius is an air sign. They are normally considered as the visionary in the zodiac chart.

Thus, their life is simply based on what they imagine. They are not living the moment as Taurus might demand. This simply makes this couple as incompatible right from the word go. The only way that things would work for Taurus Aquarius match, is when love is what they see in each other.

Aquarius will feel as though their creativity is suffocated by the earth sign Taurus. This is a fixed sign and would therefore resist change. This would be a reason to get into conflict with each other. Similarly, Taurus will find that Aquarius is not the lover that appreciates stability in a relationship.

On the contrary, some little chaos would make life exciting. From this, it is evident that both of you are standing on different pages in your love story. Meeting halfway will demand that compromise, tolerance, trust and patience are adopted into this love match.

Taurus Pisces Compatibility

Taurus is the lover in the zodiac circle. What the lust for mostly is for love. They want to be loved in the same manner they love their counterparts. Fortunately, falling in love with Pisces could be the best decision they ever made. This is for the reasons that Pisces will show them love that only exits in dreamland.

They are the dreamers in the zodiac circle. They would fall in love with the way in which Taurus helps them to make their dreams come into reality. The best thing about the Taurus compatibility with Pisces is the fact that they find harmony in their love affair. This is due to their gentle natures.

Demands from the Pisces lover could be overwhelming for Taurus. Being a spiritual over, they are quite demanding when it comes down to sticking to certain boundaries. At some point Taurus might find this as excessive pressure on their shoulders. Fortunately, with the mutable nature that Pisces is proud of, there is a likelihood that they would adapt to the demands you have for them.

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