Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Cancer is a water sign and they are ruled by the Moon. The mere fact that they are ruled by the planetary sign implies that they would be full of emotions. This is one negative aspect that other zodiac signs might see in this zodiac sign. One of their strengths that keeps other Cancer compatibility happy with their love is the fact that they are loyal beings.

Considering their personal attributes, there is a likelihood that some star signs might consider themselves as compatible and others incompatible. So, who is compatible when they fall in love with Cancer? Who is not? Pay close attention as Cancer’s compatibility is taken a closer look into.

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Cancer Aries Compatibility

Cancer compatibility with Aries could be love at fight sight for both lovers. Perhaps the differences that they find in each other initially pulls them closer together. Truly, opposites attract. Sooner or later, the both come to the realization that their differences are basically intolerable.

From this point, it would be rather difficult for Cancer Aries relationship to work. Water and fire cannot mix. In fact, water puts out fire. This is the same case with Cancer and Aries love triangle. When things are not on a smooth run, it is highly likely that Cancer will put out the Aries’ raging fire of passion.

When love is what they see in each other, this zodiac match stands a chance of succeeding. Cancer could easily point out the insecurity that is burning deep within Aries. Equally, Aries could find a reason to tolerate Cancer’s mood swings from time to time.

For this to happen, compromise is what is required from both the Cancer and Aries in love. One question that observers will have in their minds is whether Aries would be able to keep up with the emotional Cancer long enough to make their love work. Undeniably, chances for this to happen are close to nil.

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Cancer Taurus Compatibility

Cancer compatibility with Taurus could form the excellent recipe for a relationship that could last the test of time. They find themselves totally compatible considering the fact that they have an eye for long term love affair. Cancer is the lover of the zodiac circle. What they need is an individual that would see them for what they are.

The good thing about the Taurus sun sign is that they would provide them with more than this. They would help them achieve the one dream that they have been mulling over; having a lovely family. The determined nature of Cancer is what Taurus admires most. If Cancer is the man in this relationship, they would have no problem providing for the family.

Stability is what Cancer and Taurus soul mates uphold over anything else. Undeniably, this is what makes their love stronger each day. Additionally, both lovers would be glad that they can live the quiet lives that they yearn for. This is because Cancer and Taurus couple are not social individuals. Keeping their lives private is what they would be doing most of the time.

The only problem for this Cancer Taurus friendship is their possessive natures. They would have to overcome this if at all they want to last forever. Mutual understanding is recommended for both lovers for this to happen.

Cancer Gemini Compatibility

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths in this love affair is the stability that Cancer would be providing for the love match. Equally, there is something that Gemini would bring to the table. For the Gemini partner, their gentle way of showing affection to Cancer is what could make their bond stronger. Additionally, Cancer compatibility with Gemini is the best in communication. This implies that they might have the right words to make Cancer smile frequently.

When raging storms hit this love affair, their weak love could be tested whether it is strong enough. Cancer and Gemini are water and air signs respectively. This implies that their love could grow emotionally weak with time. This would happen due to the subtle differences that they see in each other.

Gemini exists mostly in their minds. In fact, at some point Cancer might end up concluding that they are emotionally unavailable. At the same time, Gemini will find Cancer as too emotional. This partner might not be able to stand the mood swings from this lover. So, for this love match to work, compromise from both lovers is demanded. Meeting in the middle ought to be the next thing that both of them strive for.

Cancer Cancer Compatibility

Finally, Cancer gets to fall in love with another individual that has the same outlook towards life. Cancer Cancer soul mates are very similar and are one and the same thing. This means that this couple will find each other as lovers to last forever. Nothing could come in the way of their love.

Positivity is what both of them bring into this Cancer Cancer compatibility. Funny enough, Cancer man will sense that the Cancer woman will be the best individual to provide them with emotional security that they seek for. The intuitive nature of the woman would also garner the feeling that Cancer man would be the shoulder to lean on in times of need or despair. Consequently, meeting halfway is very easy for both of them.

Despite the good side of this love affair, Cancer man and woman should be cautious enough to part with their passive aggression. Considering that both of you are emotional signs, one could easily end up hurting the other. The give and take aspect of this match might turn to be one sided if at all one of you has had children from their previous affairs.

The worrying nature of Cancer sets in looming danger for this love match. When things are not going as expected, it is quite likely that Cancer man and woman would be stressed up to make their love a success. Apart from the minor issues that face them, this love match is basically fated to last.

Cancer Leo Compatibility

The Cancer compatibility with Leo would be somewhat like a fairy tale. It is a love story that involves the royal king falling in love with the home bird. Their match could be promising where both lovers have got mutual understanding to the differences that stand between them. Cancer will always praise Leo for the good deeds that they might be doing for their love affair. This includes their generosity and their warm-hearted natures.

There is also a good chance that Leo would bring out their passionate natures in this love affair. Surprisingly, this could work considering the fact that there are instances when fire could boil water. Thus, sexually the Cancer Leo match could get steamy in a positive way.

The benefit that Cancer and Leo enjoy is also based on the fact they fully complement each other. Cancer would provide full attention to the Leo while the lion would try their best to offer protection to the homemaker. Therefore, despite the union of water and a fire sign, this match is quite promising.

The moody nature of Cancer could come in the way of a successful Cancer Leo relationship. Leo would have to be compromising enough for them to be able to tolerate the emotional tides from Cancer. The home bird would opt to stay at home when Leo wants to go out and have fun.

This could raise issues as trust could be questionable in the eyes of Cancer partner. For this match to succeed, it is imperative that lovers focus on the strengths rather than the weaknesses that they see in each other.

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Cancer Virgo Compatibility

What makes Cancer the water sign and Virgo the earth sign so compatible? Well, the secret to a happily ever after relationship for these lovers is the similarity in expectations that they have for each other. Right from the courtship stage, Cancer dating Virgo notice in each other that they worry too much. Why should they worry? Read on to know more about this Cancer compatibility with Virgo

Basically, they are worried about getting hurt. This means that they seek for emotional stability over anything else in their love affair. This therefore gives them a good reason for them to meet in the middle. Cancer will dedicate their time to take care of the Virgo partner.

In the same manner, Virgo will try their best to provide a healing hand to Cancer whenever they are in pain. Common sense and hard work are also some of the attributes of this Cancer Virgo friendship. This gives this relationship a solid foundation where they can find their love as completely nurturing.

Virgo is a stable sign thanks to the planetary ruling that bounds them. This Earth sign might be too stable to bend down and listen to emotional downpour that Cancer might have. In their sex life, Virgo would have to try their best not to appear as though they are distant.

Cancer demands for love and providing them with this in bed could be a crucial thing. What Virgo should do to make their love affair a success is to reassure Cancer of their undying love. This way, Cancer will hold on to the earth sign for as long as they can.

Cancer Compatibility

Cancer Libra Compatibility

Cancer compatibility with Libra is the union of water and an air sign. This might come off as an incompatible match but this couple tends to find balance in each other. One of the main aspects that make this love affair admirable is their complementary natures. What the other partner seeks for, the other lover would be more than willing to provide it for them.

For example, Libra craves for comfort and other material things. These are some of the things that Cancer would do anything possible to provide for them. Cancer hankers for security in their love match whereas Libra lusts for harmony. Therefore, this match could be peaceful if lovers look past the differences that could drift them apart.

Financially, this couple will really struggle to make things work. This will occur mostly on the side of Libra. They are not good in spending money. What they know best is how to spend it to the last penny. This is something that would infuriate Cancer. This is on the grounds that they stability depends on money.

Hence, being wasteful slowly drives them past this goal. This match should work if Libra tries their best to be contented with the love that the crab offers. Otherwise be prepared for a Cancer Libra breakup.

Cancer Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio is one of the best matches for this Cancer compatibility. This is because they have several similarities that make them quite compatible with each other. For instance, both Cancer and Scorpio are emotional zodiac signs. The intuitive natures will make them understand when the other is emotionally in need of help. Perhaps they would also find their possessive natures as a good thing rather than a negative aspect.

For both lovers, this is the only way for them to find out whether they are deeply in love with each other. Moreover, in a Cancer Scorpio marriage, this couple will opt for a private life over heading out to have fun with friends. The mutual understanding that these lovers have is based on the grounds that they are both water signs. This could be a great foundation for a blissful love affair. With such a good foundation working for them, there is a highly likelihood that the Cancer Scorpio sex would be great in bed.

A stumbling block that Cancer would have to deal with is the independence that Scorpio might demand for occasionally. Cancer should understand this right from the beginning. This is because Scorpio simply needs some alone time to think over things. Mutual understanding will definitely be an important tool for this love match to work.

Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

What in the world would make the homemaker want to settle down with the adventurer of the zodiac? Truly, the Cancer compatibility with Sagittarius is a tricky match. Its success fully depends on whether the lovebirds are truly in love with each other. Irritating each other would be the order of the day.

Cancer would constantly get irritated not only with the Sagittarius’ adventurous nature but also with they way in which they are harsh with words. Sagittarius will always point out hard questions to Cancer. This could be tolerable in the short run but the chances of Cancer coping up with this in the long run are minimal.

From Sagittarius viewpoint, what they want more in life is to tour the Seven Wonders of the World. They would get into conflict with Cancer as they want a stable family with Sagittarius. The Cancer Scorpio marriage compatibility would be disappointing from both ends. This is because Sagittarius will basically find Cancer’s life as boring and Cancer will perceive Sagittarius way of life as unstable.

Cancer Capricorn Compatibility

The best could happen to the Cancer compatibility with Capricorn with regards to the fact that they have more similarities than differences that they find in each other. Sex would be worth craving for in this partnership. They are the best zodiac partners whether in business or in a love affair. The good thing about Capricorn is the fact that they are patient enough to allow the Cancer to adjust into this love match. Therefore, this could have a positive impact on how comfortable they would feel while having sex.

As for trust, Cancer and Capricorn will find that trust is important for their relationship to succeed. Capricorn being the wise individual here, they would get the trust requirement that Cancer would be demanding from them without having to be told on what they should do.

Balancing each other is what they would do best keeping in mind that there are minor differences they see in each other. In this case, Capricorn will bring some logic into the lives of Cancer. The water sign will teach Capricorn on the importance of feeling some remorse for people that they love.

The only hindrance that could affect this Cancer Capricorn friendship is the ever-ambitious nature of Capricorn. They are workaholics and this could blind them into seeing the love that Cancer offers to them. Equally, Cancer would have to learn to control their mood swings.

Cancer Aquarius Compatibility

Cancer compatibility with Aquarius could take a lot of time to work. Nonetheless, once things are on track, the lovers could be compromising enough to stand together. From the first date, this couple will notice that they are both caring individuals. Thus, their compassionate natures will bring them together to try out whether their love affair could work.

The romantic nature of Aquarius could make Cancer fall for them in the short run. They would always find a reason to wine and dine as they enjoy the success of their relationship from year one to year two. Beneath Aquarius’s romantic surface, Cancer would soon notice that they are not as loving as they initially thought. This is where things could go wrong for this couple.

Emotionally, Cancer and Aquarius star signs are not individuals that could meet halfway. The worst part is that Aquarius is basically not interested in showing their emotions to this introvert. In addition to this, Cancer would find it irritating that Aquarius resists change without any valid reasons. They are just fixed. For this couple to find joy in their love affair, compromise, mutual understanding and respect are some of the attributes that they ought to uphold.

Cancer Pisces Compatibility

Cancer compatibility with Pisces involves two water signs. This means that Cancer and Pisces in love could sail together to the end where the green light is. Their love match is basically promising right from the point when they find each other as worth settling down with. The emotional strength that they would find in each other is an aspect that makes their love grow stronger each day.

Moreover, this couple could be regarded as quite delicate. To these lovers, this is an added advantage to both of them. This is because they find a good reason to understand each other. None of them wants to hurt the other on grounds that they know how it feels to get hurt.

Therefore, this is a harmonious relationship that Cancer and Pisces would greatly enjoy. The romantic gestures that they would show each other would indeed make each lover to remain in the love affair for a long time.

The only problem that could haunt this love affair is the dreamy nature of Pisces. Cancer could find them as completely lost in their fantasy world. Consequently, it is imperative that Pisces bring back their minds into the loving relationship that they have with Cancer.

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