Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Aquarius compatibility is different with the 12 zodiac signs. Take a look at each of these signs to know more.

Aquarius Aries Compatibility

A union of an air and a fire sign could indicate that this Aquarius compatibility with Aries could go both ways. Lovers could make each other happy or turn their love into the worst nightmare ever. Sexually, both partners have something that they would be bringing into the table.

On one end, Aquarius will bring their creativity and excitement. On the other end of the line, Aries fiery nature would help this love affair garner the warmth it needs for it to succeed. Trust is an important aspect for both them. Aquarius Aries in love have a mutual understanding with regards to trust issues. Undeniably, this is the only way that both of them would live an open love affair for both of them to enjoy.

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The communicative aspect of this love affair is the most exciting part of all. In fact, when Aquarius and Aries sit down to talk, other people would want to join their conversation. There is laughter, joy and constant giggles when these two lovers engage each other in intellectual conversations.

The windy nature of Aquarius could have an impact on their emotions. They might tend to be moody and this is an intolerable aspect in the eyes of the fire sign. This could cause problems for this relationship. Additionally, there are times when Aries lover could demand for attention from Aquarius. To the air sign, this is simply getting clingy. As a result, there is a likelihood that they might not be in good terms when this occurs.

Aquarius Taurus Compatibility

This can be a shaky Aquarius compatibility with the Taurus. When air meets the earth, there is a likelihood that this couple will create sand storms that neither of them is capable of coping with. On the bright side, Taurus is an earth sign, therefore there is a sense of stability that they would bring into this love affair.

Moreover, Aquarius will find that they live a comfortable life that Taurus provides for them. Maybe this comfort will convince them to stay in this relationship. Nonetheless, this is not sufficient to ensure that love grows in them.

When the road gets bumpy, the fixed nature of these two lovers will certainly have a negative impact on their love affair. None of them is willing to change for the better. Similarly, it is quite a daunting task to get along with the air sign. One minute they are working on a particular project and the next minute they are working on something else.

For the Taurean lover, it could reach a point where they find their counterparts as emotionally absent. Getting intimate is what they prefer but this is not what Aquarius wants. For this love match to work, compromise is what is needed.

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Aquarius Gemini Compatibility

Two air signs in a relationship like in this Aquarius compatibility with the Gemini will definitely understand each other to great wavelengths. The most interesting bit is that they are both intellectuals and they quickly notice this once they begin their conversation. The Aquarius Gemini relationship never gets boring as these lovers are full of ideas on what they should do next. They are progressive and therefore this could have a positive impact concerning the goals that they have set for themselves.

Aiming higher could be the prime goal of both lovers. As a result, there is a good chance that this love affair would be associated with success in all areas of this lives. Both of them have a craving for independence. This means that they understand each other’s demands and would want to set each other free in their love affair. Funny enough, this couple could find it interesting to live apart from each other as opposed to moving in together.

Engaging in the normal chores is what the Aquarius Aries soul mates would want to evade. This is a negative aspect that both of them portray. In addition to this, it does not make any sense when both of you want to escape from commitment. If you are in love with each other, it should be easy for you to settle down together.

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius Cancer Compatibility

This is a somewhat tricky match keeping in mind that it is a union of an air and water sign. In real life, water and air do not mix. The best they can do is for air to float on top of water due to its lightness. Truly, this is what would be happening with the Aquarius compatibility with Cancer.

The expectations that they have for each other could break them apart. Cancer being a water sign would expect for an emotional connection with Aquarius. Sadly, Aquarius opts for an intellectual connection. Meeting in the middle could therefore be a challenge for this couple.

The emotional aspect of their love affair will discourage Cancer from opening up to the Aquarius partner. This could bring in trust issues into the love affair. For this love affair to succeed, it is important for both lovers to compromise and understand that there are certain differences that stand between them. Moreover, they ought to come to the realization that nothing is perfect in the real world and that all relationships are faced with challenges. If they can’t face it then an Aquarius Cancer breakup is evident.

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Aquarius Leo Compatibility

These are two opposing signs and therefore, the physical attraction that both lovers would have for each other is very strong. Sex would be at its best with Aquarius and Leo in bed. This is attributed to the fiery nature that Leo would be igniting in this love match.

Equally, Aquarius would be creative enough to offer their ideas on how their sex could be improved. The unpredictable nature of Aquarius is what keeps Leo on toes. They would be amused with the way in which they can turn to be mysterious at times.

So, how would this Aquarius compatibility with Leo work? First, both lovers need to understand that they are fixed signs. This means that they would want to keep off from the notion of trying to change each other’s way of life. This will only raise more conflicts.

Aquarius also opts for a simple way of life. Therefore, Leo should come to terms with this and reduce the number of gifts that they shower them with. To top all this, the king should comprehend that Aquarius needs them above anything else. Therefore, more focus should be on making their love work, rather than conquering other kingdoms out there.

Aquarius Virgo Compatibility

The visionary of the zodiac falls in love with the healer. This sounds like something good could be expected from both partners here. On the good side, this Virgo and Aquarius friendship will have similar goals with regards to their perception on the world around them. Virgo is the healer and thus they would strive to heal people from the possible problems that face them.

On the other hand, the visionary will focus on protecting the environment with the hopes that the coming generation will make the best out of it. This love affair could also get complementary when Aquarius and Virgo are patient enough for their love to flourish.

In this case, Aquarius will help Virgo in seeing everything from the bigger picture aspect of it. Virgo being an earth sign will provide a solid ground for Aquarius to land on. Both lovers would also find it amusing that they are on the same page when commitment is questionable. Therefore, there are no pressures from either end.

Aquarius Libra Compatibility

Intellectually, in this Aquarius Libra love compatibility, both will find each other as exciting lovers to settle with. Both of them are air zodiac signs, hence, this could have an impact on how they relate to each other on a mental level. Libra and Aquarius are both creative, therefore, when one lover brings up a particular idea, the other would add on a better perspective to it. They simply complement each other in exceptional ways.

This is a good chance that both lovers would be contented with what each other provides to the table. The mutual understanding that they have paves way for mutual respect in both lovers. No one wants to disappoint the other, thus they try their best to be the best lovers their partners expect from them.

Who would be taking the lead in this love affair? No one! The Aquarius Libra marriage involves a union of two free-spirited individuals. Therefore, the possibility of fighting over who dominates is close to nil. The only issue that both of them would have to cope with is the rebellious nature of Aquarius partner. They are never ready to settle down whatsoever. As a result, it might take time before Aquarius and Libra tie the knot.

Aquarius Scorpio Compatibility

The worst could happen in this Aquarius compatibility with Scorpio bearing in mind that both are fixed signs. On the good side, Scorpio admires the intellect that Aquarius brings into this match. Sadly, this is where the mutual attraction for each other ends.

Getting intimate with each other will be part of the major challenge of this love affair. Aquarius looks forward to a mental stimulation whereas Scorpio expects this stimulation to be emotional. Thus, their relationship could be a war between what the mind wants and what the heart craves for.

The possessive nature of Scorpio is what Aquarius will constantly get irritated with. They are an air sign, therefore, being confined to one place is part of their dislikes. The aloof nature of Aquarius will make Scorpio go crazy and it could affect the way in which they relate to each other.

Aquarius Sagittarius Compatibility

This is a couple that could grow old together. They notice this right from the first date the Aquarius has with the Sagittarius. Aquarius Sagittarius zodiac match will appreciate the optimistic direction that their love would be taking. Both lovers anticipate for the best to happen in the relationship that they share.

This gives both of them a reason to settle down and watch everything fall in place. Fortunately for both of them, excitement is what each lover gets when they decide to settle down. This is good news for the Sagittarius compatibility with Aquarius.

The best part is that none of you would be denying each other the freedom that they seek for in any love affair. Aquarius will understand the need to tour the world from Sagittarius. On the other hand, Sagittarius will make Aquarius happy by inviting them to take a tour on the next trip they would take.

The curiosity that they have will help them to exploit the opportunities that this world has to offer. Boredom is one thing that this couple would not want to hear. It is simply a win win situation for both lovers. The only challenge that this love affair would face is keeping up with the pace that Sagittarius moves with. Aquarius could find it difficult to keep up both in the short and long run. Above this, this is a promising love affair.

Aquarius Capricorn Compatibility

One of the best aspects of Aquarius Capricorn friendship is the sheer fact that they find a good reason to trust each other. Capricorn always has a conviction that they should never go wrong in what they do. This implies that they would try best to trust their partners in as much as they also trust them. The intellectual levels of Aquarius and Capricorn soul mates are admirable.

The air sign would be proud of their witty natures and the creativity that they bring into this love affair. On the other hand, Capricorn is the wisest individual among other Sun signs. This implies that their union would be a meeting of the intellectuals.

The best part is also the fact that this couple will see the good intentions that both of them have. Aquarius has a plan to change the world and this impresses Capricorn. On the other hand, Aquarius finds Capricorn as the lover that would offer them the stability that they seek for in relationships. This is the complementary aspect of this love match that makes it commendable.

On a rough patch, sexually Aquarius compatibility with Capricorn might be challenged. It would be as though the physicality aspect of Capricorn tries to fight with the mental aspect that Aquarius brings. Both lovers will also have varying priorities in their schedules. Capricorn will have a busy work schedule whereas Aquarius will have a busy social calendar. Partners could therefore take different directions in this love affair.

Aquarius Aquarius Compatibility

Love is in the air for Aquarius man and woman. Lovers in this Aquarius Aquarius compatibility would engage together intellectually rather than emotionally. A union of the most intellectual minds will definitely mean that lovers will always find that their debates are more than interesting as time goes by.

This is a progressive match as both partners will look into the future together. What impresses the Aquarius man is the mere fact that the woman also moves at the same pace that they move in. As a result, there is a minimal chance that this couple would be irritating each other.

What would the Aquarius woman do when the man is out clubbing with friends? Well, certainly, the woman could end up hosting a girls night out party. They are both social creatures and therefore they could be surrounded by friends that add value into their lives.

Unfortunately, the intellectual connection that Aquarius man and woman have in this relationship compatibility, could end up ruining the love that they could possibly share. Chances are that lovers might end up getting stuck in the friends zone. They find each other as interesting even when they are friends. Therefore, this is a risk that could affect them.

Aquarius Pisces Compatibility

The one thing that Aquarius and Pisces in love could achieve in this world is their dream to make the world a better place. Their union would be a great team to admire when they get together in charity events. Truly, both lovers are compassionate and they have the same viewpoints concerning the lives of other people.

Their generosity simply makes them quite admirable as a couple. The intuitive nature of Pisces would be an aspect that could make them accommodate the wild Aquarius. With time, they would have understand what Aquarius loves and hates. Therefore, there is hope that Aquarius compatibility with Pisces could succeed.

When in bad terms, Aquarius will find it annoying that Pisces never opens eyes to people that simply take advantage of their generosity. In spite of this, their love affair is destined to flourish considering the mutual agreements that this couple finds about the different aspects of their life.

Knowing about the Aquarius compatibility with the 12 star signs can help you have that perfect relationship.

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