Dragon Compatibility

Dragon Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

The Chinese Dragon Compatibility is different for the 12 animal signs. Read on to find out more.

Dragon Compatibility With Rat

The dragon and the rat in love would be happy with each other simply because they would find a way of respecting each other’s boundaries in this match. This means that the rat lover would keep their distance as they allow the dragon to enjoy the peace that they crave for.

Equally, the dragon lover would spend most of the time outside the house. This would give the rat the time that they need to recollect and plan for their future. Financially, the dragon lover would fall in love with the fact that the rat is good in making and saving money for the entire family.

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Things might not be on a good run when the dragon lover displays their flirtatious natures. This is what the rat hates most. The mere fact that they are dedicated to this dragon rat relationship implies that the rat would expect more from their lover.

It is quite sad that they would be disappointed since the dragon lover would concentrate on other things. They are not interested in putting their families first. This is also another thing that would discourage the rat from settling down with the dragon lover.

Dragon Compatibility With Ox

Sexually, the dragon and ox are an amazing couple. When they get intimate together, the dragon and ox in bed are mind blowing. They would bring out the best of both their worlds. The dragon would spice up their sex life by ensuring that the fire keeps burning. The ox man or woman would bring their stamina to the table. Therefore, sex would be on a high note for both of them.

The mere fact that they are powerful Chinese astrology signs implies that they would love and respect each other unconditionally. This is an aspect that they truly admire in each other. In addition to this, the dragon and ox soul mates have a strong conviction in the decisions that they choose to make. They believe that they are always right. This infers that they would be convinced that they would be making the right decisions by settling down with each other.

On the gloomy side, who would be taking the lead in this dragon compatibility with the ox? Both would fuss and fight each other over their domineering aspect. Moreover, issues would also arise as a result of their stubborn natures. This is a union that would never want to adjust to the better.

The ox lover would want to settle down with a partner capable of committing themselves to their love affair. Unfortunately, this does not fit the description of the dragon. As a matter of fact, they would conflict each other over the flirtatious nature of the dragon. This Chinese zodiac match would thrive on condition that these lovers understand each other with the help of compromise.

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Dragon Compatibility With Tiger

If there is one area that the dragon and tiger couple would agree, it would be their outgoing natures. These two lovers would spend time enjoying each other and this is a good thing for both of them. This is because it is through these exciting activities that they could end up creating a lasting bond.

In this dragon tiger marriage, both also understand each other when they engage with each other sexually. This paves way for a blissful relationship where the other lover fulfills the demands that the other has. Success would follow them in every direction that they take. This happens for the reasons that they are both ambitious individuals.

Both the dragon and the tiger are born leaders. This would bring in difficulties in their match as they would never seem to agree on who would take the lead. In addition to this, their expectations towards each other in this love compatibility would greatly differ.

The dragon expects the tiger to appreciate the fact that love is all about experiencing new things in life. On the other hand, the tiger is more focused on gaining an intellectual connection with the dragon lover. This dragon compatibility would blossom when these two understand each other well. Therefore, they should spend more time trying to get to know each other better.

Dragon Compatibility With Rabbit

If the dragon and the rabbit are truly in love with each other, then there is a possibility that they could make their love blossom. The one interesting thing about them is that they are both optimistic lovers. This means that nothing could convince them that the worst could happen to their relationship.

It is through this positivity that they would look at their love from a positive angle. As a result, it is quite likely that they would focus on the good things that they find in each other.

Their love would only be smooth at the surface. When they get to learn about each other extensively, the rabbit lover would loathe the impulsive dragon. The rabbit prefers to plan for every move. Therefore, the notion of jumping into decisions is something that they would not agree with. The ego of the dragon is also another attribute that they would have to stay away from if all they would be settling down with the rabbit.

The rabbit is an easy going partner. They expect the best from those that they choose as their ideal partners. Coming to terms with their personality differences is what these lovers would have to acknowledge for their relationship compatibility to prosper.

Dragon Compatibility With Dragon

You can expect two dragon lovers to understand each other completely. Without a shred of doubt, the understanding they have for each other would have a positive impact on this dragon dragon relationship. However, it is important to note that these lovers would run the risk of burning each other to death.

Considering the fact that they have many similarities, there is also the likelihood that they could bore each other in the long run. In a dragon dragon marriage would have to work on their egos for both of them to live under the same roof. Communication might be a hard task for both of them. This is because both lovers are quite stubborn and it could take a lot of time for both of them to heed into each other’s advice.

Away from the negative side, the mutual understanding that they share could pave way for an entertaining love affair. The dragon man and woman would know what to do to keep each other entertained. In addition to this, sex between dragons would be worth craving for in this relationship. The dragon is a fiery sign and they would do their best to please each other in bed. This relationship would have to focus on dealing with their minor issues for it to reach the end of the tunnel.

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Dragon Compatibility With Snake

The dragon compatibility with the snake is a union of two romantic individuals. This means that they would enjoy the intimate moments that they would have together. The best part is that both the snake and the dragon Chinese astrology signs are adventurous in nature. This infers that they would be ready to try out anything as long as it contributes positively to their relationship.

Dragon dating a snake would also take a lot of time before settling down with each other. This is a plus for both of them as they would be in no rush to settle down with people that they do not trust. Ultimately, when they decide to take their friendship to the next level, they would be doing this with a conviction that their love would blossom both in the short and in the long run.

On the dark side, the dragon lover would put their work duties ahead of their relationship. This means that the snake lover would never find time to learn more about the snake and connect with them. On the other hand, the snake lover prefers to keep their issues to themselves.

Certainly, this does not motivate the dragon lover to open up to them. For this relationship to succeed, these lovers would have to understand that love is a two-way traffic. It is all matter of give and take. The dragon and the snake ought to comprehend this for their relationship to boom.

Dragon Compatibility With Horse

The dragon and horse friendship would be a successful relationship since both lovers will find that they need each other in their love affair. This need is what would bring them close to each other. The good news is that they would find it worthwhile to stick together for a long time.

From the horse’s perspective, the dragon lover is the best partner that would keep them entertained in ways that they have never experienced before. This applies even to the sexual aspect of this relationship. Both lovers are good in bed. Bringing them together means that the dragon and horse sex would be explosive to their advantage.

However, the horse lover would have to be careful with their flirtatious nature. This is a behavior that the dragon would not take lightly. Things could get worse if the dragon is convinced that the horse is not a faithful lover. The dragon should not point fingers as they could also be tempted to flirt around. Both lovers would have to meet in the middle for their love to gain a stable ground and flourish in the long run.

Dragon Compatibility With Sheep

So, what would the sheep lover see in the dragon that would make them want to stay in this love affair? Well, the main point of interest from the sheep lover would be the fact that they find the dragon to be a fulfillment to the things that they are weak in.

For example, the dragon lover would shower this lover with maximum protection that they need for them to feel safe. This is what the sheep appreciates most. On the other hand, the goat would reciprocate by showing the dragon that they sincerely love them. The love and care that they would show the dragon would convince them that this is the partner to settle down with.

The major issue that this dragon compatibility with sheep would experience is that they operate on different wavelengths. The dragon lover would find the sheep lover as the most lazy individual that they have ever been with. They would hate the fact that the sheep never takes opportunities that are ahead of them.

Likewise, the sheep would hate the impulsive nature of the dragon. This lover should take time in pondering about important decisions before making any moves that would affect them negatively. These lovers would have to meet halfway for their love match to prosper. They first have to understand that their personalities might clash. Hence, by understanding each other, they would be better placed to accommodate each other in this relationship.

Dragon Compatibility With Monkey

This dragon relationship with the monkey would kick off on a positive note bearing in mind that both are outgoing individuals. This implies that they would do their best to keep their love electrifying. It is for this reason that the dragon monkey couple would fail to find a valid reason why they should take different paths. If they would be together even in their marriage life, expect these lovers to give the best form of entertainment to their children.

Socially, the dragon and monkey lovers would be on the same page. This means that both lovers would appreciate the circle of friends that would surround them. Another interesting aspect about dragon monkey marriage compatibility is the fact that this couple will always forgive each other for their wrong doings. They never hold on to grudges as they find it more appealing to forgive and forget.

The road could easily get bumpy for the dragon and monkey in love. These lovers would lack a strong bond that could keep them closer to each other for a long time. The dragon and monkey lovers are not emotional signs. This implies that they would find no value in being together.

Moreover, the short attention span of the monkey lover would have detrimental effects on this love match. Compromise and mutual understanding is required to guarantee that lovers accommodate each other in spite of the flaws existing in their personalities.

Dragon Compatibility

Dragon Compatibility With Rooster

Assuming that the dragon lover is welcoming enough, they would benefit from the perfectionist aspect of the rooster. The rooster would want everything to go as planned. When in a business relationship with the dragon, they would try their best to ensure that their business activities run successfully. This is what the dragon would benefit from the rooster.

Equally, the ambitious nature of the dragon is what the rooster admires. They would find this lover as handy more so since they would be handling other important sections of their relationship. If both of them learn the art of compromise, there is a possibility that they would form a great team together.

Nevertheless, the dragon lover is a very stubborn individual. They would not work well with the rooster as they would resist change. This would frustrate the rooster to the extent that they might give up on this relationship. What the rooster ought to understand is that love is blind. They should be ready to settle down with the dragon without finding the need to change them. Equally, the dragon lover should show effort by dedicating themselves to please the rooster.

Dragon Compatibility With Dog

The admiration that the dragon and dog soul mates have for each other would bring these lovebirds together. Both of them have certain values that they uphold in the environment that they live in. In this case, the dragon would not want to hurt the dog by being unjust to other people. The dog is one of the most loyal signs in the Chinese zodiac. This means that they would serve the dragon without feeling as though they are being pushed around. This loyalty invokes trust in this love affair.

On the dark side, the dragon dog love compatibility would suffer due to the mood swings that the dog would bring to this match. The dragon is not an emotional sign. They would not entertain the moody aspect of the dog. Hence, this is what the dog should keep in mind when relating to the dragon. This avoids confrontations from arising in this relationship. The dragon lover ought to learn to love and respect the dog. The notion of flirting around would only bring in more issues or ultimately lead to the break up of the dragon and dog zodiac match.

Dragon Compatibility With Pig

The main thing that would drive the dragon to the pig would be the beauty of the boar. Fortunately, there is more to expect from the humble and loving pig lover. This is what the dragon would fall in love with when paired with this partner. The pig lover would stop at nothing to show the dragon that they sincerely love them. If they find a little motivation from the dragon lover, there is a chance that these lovers would be blinded by their love for one another.

The meek pig would not fancy the rage that the dragon would bring to this zodiac love match. They prefer to live in a peaceful environment. The unemotional dragon would also be irritated with the pig as they tend to get clingy from time to time. Moreover, the pig is a lazy partner. They would clash as they seem to operate on varying wavelengths. Compromise and mutual understanding is required to pave way for a fruitful relationship between the dragon and the pig.

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