Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Which Chinese animal sign were you born under? Is it rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog or the pig? All these animal signs indicate the best matches that could possibly suit you for a successful match. With the help of a Chinese zodiac compatibility test, it would be relatively easy for you to gauge the success rate of your love affair.

According to the Chinese astrology, individuals born four years apart are considered as compatible lovers. On the other hand, those born six years apart would have to struggle for their love affair to thrive. This might sound difficult for you to comprehend. It is for this reason that the love calculator can help you in understanding better the position that your relationship lies.

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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Love Calculator

Depending on the Chinese horoscope sign that you were born under, the information that you would be getting would vary. This means that, couples born under ox and tiger would be different from those born under the year of the horse and the sheep. This is an important aspect about Chinese zodiac compatibility that you ought to understand.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

The Chinese zodiac compatibility calculator will make the entire love matching process easy for you. It analyzes the success rate of your love affair in a matter of seconds. For this calculator to work, you need to input the right information about your lover. For example, his/her name and the date of birth. After this, you only need to tap on calculate and wait for your results. It is as simple as it sounds.

So, how do you know whether he/she is the right lover for you? Take a look at the chart below to find out whether you are compatible or not with your lover. Take note on the recommended Chinese animal signs that are ideal for you.

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Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Chart

From the above chart, the following analysis can be made regarding the best and the worst possible pairings.

Rat Compatibility

If you were born in the year of the rat, the best match for you would be with the ox, dragon or the monkey. Your worst matches would be with the rabbit horse, sheep or the rooster.

Ox Compatibility

The best match for those born under the year of the ox would be with the rat, snake, and the rooster. The pairings that would need a lot of work include the rabbit, dragon, rooster, sheep and the dog.

Tiger Compatibility

Relationships would work well with the tiger if at all they fall in love with either the rooster or the horse. Unfortunately, compromise would be required when they choose to settle down with either the monkey or the snake. These are their worst matches.

Rabbit Compatibility

The sheep, dog and the pig are the best matches for the rabbit animal sign. The worst pairings would be with rat, ox, horse, rabbit, and the rooster.

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Dragon Compatibility

The dragon partner would find true love in the rat, monkey or the rooster. However, relationships would need a lot of work when paired with either the ox, dragon, dog or the sheep.

Snake Compatibility

The best match for the snake lover would be with the rooster or the ox. The worst pairing would be with the tiger, pig or the monkey.

Horse Compatibility

The horse lover would consider the dog, sheep or the tiger as the best animal signs that they should fall in love with. On the other hand, things might not work well with horse, rabbit, ox and the rat.

Sheep Compatibility

The rabbit, pig and the horse would be the best fit for the sheep lover. The lovers that they should be careful with would be the dragon, ox and the rat.

Monkey Compatibility

The monkey would find true love in the dragon or the rat. Patience and understanding would however be demanded when they settle down with the snake or the tiger.

Rooster Compatibility

Rooster lover would consider the snake, dragon, and the ox as the best partners ever. On the contrary, the dog, rooster, rabbit and the rat would find it hard to make the relationship work with the rooster.

Dog Compatibility

The best matches for the dog lover would be the horse, rabbit and the tiger. The worst possible pairings would be with the rooster, sheep, dragon and the ox.

Pig Compatibility

The ideal matches for the pig animal sign would be the sheep, rabbit and the tiger. Love would require hard work when the pig is paired with another pig sign or the monkey and the snake.


From the above information, Chinese zodiac compatibility would indeed help you in finding the right partner that you should settle down with. However, it is important to understand that compromise and mutual understanding is important in any relationship.

As a result, if you are in a relationship with your best  zodiac match, this does not mean that you should ignore the notion of improving your love affair. On the contrary, couples should show full attention to their love affair as this is the best way of motivating each other.

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