Couple Sleeping Positions

Couple Sleeping Positions

Let’s be honest, relationships are always complicated. This is something that people might fail to agree but in real sense, they are fighting in the love affairs that they are involved in. Did you know that couple sleeping positions can tell a lot about your relationship?

Without a shred of doubt, the couple sleeping positions that you take with your lover while sleeping reveals numerous aspects about a relationship compatibility. For example, the immediate thing that one gets to learn about is their closeness to each other.

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Therefore, if you engage in a tug of war with your lover while in bed, it is time that you took a couple sleeping positions test. This test will reveal what it means by the sleeping positions that you have been adopting.

Some of the couple sleeping positions that you might have been adopting with your partner are discussed briefly below.

Couple Sleeping Positions Love Test

Spooning Position

If you are in the early stages of your love affair, then this is the likely sleeping position that you take while you are sleeping with your lover. In this case, it involves one partner cuddling from the back of the other lover. Normally, the man is at the back while the woman is in front of him.

couple sleeping positions

This position means that you and your lover trust each other. In addition to this, it signifies the aspect of security in your relationship. Therefore, if you are not taking this position in your love affair, there is a chance that you are taking others which are described below.

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Tangle Sleeping Position

Just as the name suggests, this type of sleeping position occurs where both lovers have got their legs intertwined with each other. The good thing about this couple sleeping position is that it indicates that you are both physically attracted to each other.

What Does A Couple Sleep Position Test Tell?


Threshold Sleeping Position

There is also that position whereby the lovers backs face each other. Moreover, they keep a safe distance from each other. This type of sleeping position indicates that there is an emotional separation going on in your love affair. If there is something that you need to do, it is better that you mull over doing it as soon as possible. This is the time that you need to save your love affair from lacking the zing that you initially had.

Loose Spoon Sleeping Position

This is just like the spooning sleeping position but lovers keep a slight distance from each other. This sleeping position is normally adopted by those lovers that initially fancied the spooning position. This sleeping position could indicate a sense of maturity that your love affair has adopted. By now you ought to have come to the realization that your lover is going nowhere.

Chasing Sleeping Position

Have you ever been in a scenario where your lover seems to be pushing you to the edge of the bed? In addition to this, they cling on you as though they do not want you to fall. This type of sleeping position is termed as the chase. It actually signifies that one lover is chasing the other. Alternatively, it could also portray that one of the lovers needs some alone time.

Lovers Hug Sleeping Position

Lovers in this position appear as though they are hugging each other. In most cases, one of the man’s hands would be wrapped around the neck of the woman. This sleeping position also indicates that partners have a deep trust for each other. Additionally, the man proves to be protective to their lovebirds.

Starfish Sleeping Position

This is the sleeping position where one of the lovers sleep in a manner that occupies a larger part of the bed. Normally, they would even push their counterparts to the extent that they might even topple over. Clearly, there is a sense of selfishness going on in this love affair.


From the above couple sleeping positions, it is evident that they determine the type of partner that you are linked with. If your partner is the selfish type, there is a high chance that they would be taking the starfish position.

On the other hand, if they are protective in the love affair, the lovers hug sleeping position is what they would depict in your relationship. Generally, you need to use this couple sleeping positions calculator in order to find out the direction that your relationship is taking.

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