Egyptian Astrology Compatibility

Egyptian Astrology Compatibility

Egyptian astrology compatibility determines the love match by comparing the personalities of different people that were born under different god signs.

Back in time, Egyptians had a strong belief for the Gods and Goddesses that they believed in. According to the Egyptians, these gods had a major impact on one’s personal life. As a matter of fact, the god that an individual was born under determined the character that they would portray in real life. This is referred to as Egyptian astrology.

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Taking an Egyptian astrology compatibility test is an essential part of ensuring that you understand the type of relationship that you exist in. From the results obtained, it would be somewhat easy for you to unveil the important aspects of your love affair. For example, you would better understand whether your love would stand a chance of succeeding or not.

In Egyptian astrology, there were 12 different gods that the people believed in. These gods make up the signs of the Egyptian zodiac. A brief description of the 12 gods and their meaning in relationships is briefly discussed below.

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Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Compatibility

Amon-Ra – Match well with Horus and Nile

Individuals born under the year of the Amon-Ra are depicted as good leaders in the society. The ambition that they have is another quality that drives them to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. The good thing about them is that they always try to motivate those around them.

Equally, they are good in their finances. One of the weaknesses of people born under this zodiac sign is that they are quick to temper. Therefore, this is an attribute that you would have to be careful about when relating to them.

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Anubis – Match well with Isis and Bastet

If you were born under the Anubis sign, then there is a likelihood that you are compassionate at heart. This is what most people love you for. They find your company to be interesting and welcoming at the same time. Unfortunately, there are those that would want to take advantage of your warm heartedness. Some of the qualities that make people under this horoscope sign admirable is that they are honest, protective and witty.

Bastet – Match well with Horus and Sekhmet

Individuals that associate themselves with the Bastet god sign are known for their peace and welcoming nature. Similarly, they are fighters of people’s rights more so women. What they hate most is engaging in confrontation with other people. This happens because they are normally in search of their inner selves. They are also known for their intuitive capabilities as they easily know when something bad is about to happen.

Geb – Match well with Set and Horus

Geb people are individuals that love to be around their families and friends. They are extra sensitive to what is going on around them. The best thing about Geb people is that they are easy to get along with. This means that you can be friends with them even after meeting for the first time. Other lovers perceive them as introverts and this is one of the negative attributes about them.

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Horus – Match well with Geb and Baset

According to the Egyptian astrology compatibility, Horus is believed to be the Sun god. This means that individuals born under this god sign are known for their courageousness. They are never afraid of chasing their dreams in life. Their social nature earns them a large circle of friends that they can trust in times of need. The only negative aspect about them is that they tend to be hardheaded.

Isis – Match well with Osiris and Thoth

Isis are loving individuals. They give it their best when they are in any relationships. In addition to this, they are known for their bluntness. Some perceive this as a negative attribute whereas others consider this as an act of honesty. Thus, one of the major weakness that they suffer from is that they tend to get clingy.

Mut – Match well with Thoth and Amon-Ra

Those born under the Mut god sign are ideal parents in the society. It is for this reason that they would be patient enough to nurture any relationships that they enter into. They are witty in nature and that they are great visionaries.

The Nile – Match well with Seth and Amon-Ra

People born under the Nile god sign are normally focused on achieving their goals. This is what matters to them most. They also tend to avoid confrontations at all cost. According to Egyptian astrology, they represent a new beginning. As a result, the Nile people normally seek for new lives that they can be proud of. Hence, you should not be surprised if these people are full of resolutions.

Osiris – Match well with Thoth and Isis

One thing about the Osiris people that makes them to stand out from the rest of the other god signs is that they are two sided. Judging from their actions, you might think that they are falling for you but in real sense they want something else. This aspect makes them totally unpredictable. The good thing about them is that they are entrepreneurial in nature. You will also fall in love with their gregarious natures.

Sekhmet – Match well with Geb and Bastet

You know what to expect from the god of war. Sekhmet people are normally easily aggravated and that they are considered to be impatient people. The best part about settling down with them is that they are dedicated to relationships that they enter into. Thus, you can rest assured of their 100% presence in the relationship you share with them.


Set people fancy the idea of being in the limelight. In addition to this, they are considered as the perfectionists of the Egyptian astrology. In most cases, they try their best to bring changes in the environment around them. Communication is also what they do best. Thus, they would try their best to iron out issues affecting your relationship through effective communication.


There is no problem that would go unsolved with the Thoth people. This is attributed to their wise nature. Truly, the mere fact that they are always ready to learn implies that they can be excellent partners in a relationship. But, the only irritating aspect about them is that at times they tend to be impulsive.


Egyptian astrology compatibility calculator gives you a deeper insight into the relationship that you are associated with. From the look of things, depending on the Egyptian god sign that you were born under, there is perfect match for you. Well, this does not mean that other signs would not work.

On the contrary, you simply need to show concessions to each other when things seem to be on an uphill. Taking an Egyptian astrology compatibility test reveals the compatibility aspects of the relationships that you are in. Thus, it also gives you a little information about the best love matches that would work considering the god sign that you were born under.

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