Celtic Astrology Compatibility

Celtic Astrology Compatibility

Have you heard of astrology that uses trees to determine whether two people would work in a relationship or not? Yes, trees! They can also be used in finding out more about relationships involved between people from varying trees. This is also known as Celtic Astrology Compatibility.

Astrological studies have different ways of determining whether two people are compatible or not. There are those that employ the use of sun signs. Others rely on animal signs to determine their extent of compatibility with their lovebirds.

The one difference that is notable in the Celtic astrology compatibility is that it has 13 tree signs. This is different from the 12 zodiac animal and sun signs found in western astrology. Why is this the case?  There are 13 tree signs considering the fact that Celtic astrology is primarily based on the lunar calendar.

This implies that, the 13 signs signify the number of full moons that are seen annually. They are normally 13 in number. These tree signs include the Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow, Hawthorn, Oak, Holly, Hazel, Vine, Ivy, Reed and the Elder.

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Celtic Tree Compatibility

Just like other forms of western astrology, the tree sign that you are paired with will have an impact on the success of your relationship. Successful pairing of Celtic signs will mean that people of the same interests and goals are matched together.

Each Celtic tree sign would depict the strengths and weaknesses of a particular lover. Therefore, by understanding the tree sign that you were born under, it could help you in approaching relationships with more caution. Try the free Celtic astrology compatibility calculator right away!

celtic astrology compatibility

Celtic Birch Tree Compatibility

Match well with Vine, Willow and Ivy

People born under this Celtic birch sign are associated with high energy. They are considered to be highly motivated to the extent that they influence other people’s actions. But, people born under the Birch are normally admired for their passion. Hence, they would stop at nothing to make sure that their dreams come true.

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However, the best thing about these group of people is the fact that they are tolerant. This personality guarantees that they are easy going when matched with other lovers. The only thing that other lovers might be afraid of is their domineering nature. They love to be in control and this might ruin things for other tree signs. Other tree signs that share good Celtic astrology compatibility with the Birch include Reed and Ash.

Celtic Rowan Tree Compatibility

Match well with Hawthorn and Ivy

According to Celtic astrology compatibility, the Rowan are the brains of this zodiac. Their lives mostly revolve around their thoughts. This even influences the way in which they related to other people. Certainly, with their high intellectual expectations, they find it difficult to understand how other people think.

Settling down with lovers from this tree sign implies that this relationship would revolve around intellectual bonding rather than emotional. Compromise would be required for love to work with people born under the Elder.

Celtic Ash Tree Compatibility

Match well with Reed and Willow

The Ash Celtic astrological sign is regarded as the visionary of this zodiac. They are highly intuitive and this makes them ideal as long-term partners. On the dark side, they are full of emotions. This scares away other tree signs considering the fact that they get clingy.

Celtic Alder Tree Compatibility

Match well with Birch, Oak and Hawthorn

The Alder tree sign is portrayed as the perfectionist of the Celtic astrology. They try their best to ensure that everything goes according to plan. What they hate most is people wasting their time. Above this, they are highly gregarious and social beings. Hence, other tree signs would feel comfortable around people born under the tree sign Alder. But, the sheer fact that they are passionate signs implies that they could bring in recipe for a long-term love affair.

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Celtic Willow Tree Compatibility

Match well with Ivy and Birch

Individuals born under the Willow tree sign are normally admired for their patience and diligence. This is attributed to the high intuitive aspect that they boast of. With the help of this personality, they know when things are about to go wrong. This helps them avoid confrontations in relationships they are involved in.

But, the only problem that lovers see in this tree sign is the constant aloofness that they bring to relationships. This makes it difficult to understand what makes them happy.

Celtic Birch Tree Compatibility

Match well with Ash and Rowan

They are a true depiction of the phrase “not all that glitters is gold”. On the surface, they have a different personality to what they actually are. This is what makes Hawthorn different from other tree signs. They cannot be judged based on their immediate personalities. It would take time before getting to understand people born under this tree sign. However, they are the best people that provide a listening shoulder.

Celtic Oak Tree Compatibility

Match well with Reed, Ivy and Ash

The compassionate nature of the Oak is what makes them to stand out from other tree signs. They would fight for the rights of other people. This means that they put their priorities behind while putting the needs of others first. In fact, this is a personality that makes love work out for them. Hence, they are all about giving and less of taking.

Celtic Holly Tree Compatibility

Match well with Elder and Ash

In addition, to the wit and charm that would come from Holly tree sign, they are also admired for their confidence when approaching challenges in life. From this, Holly is the sign that would stand tall with you through thick and thin. They would want to take the lead in the relationship. Hence, the good news for this Celtic astrology compatibility is that they would be taking this love affair to the right direction.

Celtic Hazel Tree Compatibility

Match well with Rowan and Hawthorn

Lovers might get pissed with the fact that Hazel tree sign are the know it all type. However, this is an attribute that comes out naturally for them. Partly, it is attributed to their clever nature. They would be more focused on the nitty-gritty aspects of your love relationship. Hence, even small things can cause a huge argument in the love affair.

Celtic Vine Tree Compatibility

Match well with Hazel, Willow and Birch

Lovers born in the year of the Vine would enjoy the idea of wining and dining in the finest restaurant in town. Unfortunately, they always sit on the fence, not knowing which side to take. Hence, their indecisive nature is what discourages many from falling in love with them.

Celtic Ivy Tree Compatibility

Match well with Ash, Oak and Rowan

Just like the Oak tree sign, Ivy lovers are also characterized with being compassionate. They believe in the art of giving. Love is more about giving and less of taking according to those born under this tree sign. Moreover, they are highly spiritual and would thus spend most of their time focusing on their spiritual well-being.

Celtic Reed Tree Compatibility

Match well with Oak, Reed and Ash

Lovers born under this Reed sign are highly manipulative. This is because they have a good way around their words. You will probably find them at the heart of every gossip. But, their highly inquisitive nature astounds many. As a result, they are always full of questions and would therefore not let anything go without scrutiny.

Celtic Elder Tree Compatibility

Match well with Holly and Alder

Finally, sitting as the last tree sign in the Celtic astrology, the Elder tree sign is normally associated with freedom. Living a life without boundaries is what they hanker for. It is for this very reason that other tree signs might consider them as highly energetic. But, the best thing about these lovers is that they are always there to stretch out a helping hand. Loving them would demand that you understand why they tend to be brutally honest.


So, do you get what it means by Celtic astrology compatibility? Simply stated, this is the relationship compatibility that is based on varying tree signs. Hence, there are 13 zodiac signs here, something that is different from the western astrology.

And, depending on the tree sign that you were born under, there are varying matches that would work for you. This means that, by understanding your Celtic astrology sign, there is a good chance of settling for the right partner.

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