Ox Dragon Compatibility

Ox Dragon Compatibility

Finding true love is a dream that every individual yearns for. The mere fact that we are born with emotions implies that everyone yearns to love and be loved. The only problem that makes things difficult when finding love is that people are born with varying innate natures. Therefore, for love to work, it is imperative that you settle down with an individual that you can accommodate and that they can also tolerate the weaknesses that you have. This is the recipe for a happy and a loving relationship. There are those love affairs that work like magic and at the same time, others need a lot of work to be done on them like in the Ox Dragon compatibility.

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In relation to Ox Dragon love compatibility, this is a match with good chances of succeeding. Ox dating Dragon see that the other is the partner they have been dreaming of all these years. This means that they would try their best to make the Ox Dragon relationship work. Ox Dragon soulmates share certain similarities and differences that bring balance into their relationship. Some of the pros and cons of this pairing are discussed below.

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Ox Dragon Compatibility: Positive Traits

The give and take aspect of Ox Dragon friendship is the main meeting point for both lovers. To both of them, they find it easy to accommodate each other in their love affair. The main reason for this is due to the mutual respect and understanding that Ox Dragon in love have for each other. Keeping in mind that both of them are strong Chinese zodiac signs, they do not want to cross each other’s boundaries. This creates a good environment for Ox Dragon compatibility to thrive. Try this friendship compatibility test.

One aspect that would make dragon fall for the ox lover is the mere fact that they are certain of the love that they offer. Other Chinese zodiac signs might perceive the ox lover as being cold. In real sense, this lover does not fall in love easily. They simply want to find out exactly where true love lies before carrying their hearts on their sleeves. Therefore, the dragon should expect no emotions from this lover. Ox Dragon love compatibility can be a great thing if at all they take this on a positive angle.

In addition to the above, the ox is an earthly Chinese zodiac sign. This means that the dragon would also benefit from the solidity that this lover would be bringing into the Ox Dragon sexuality. They yearn for a relationship where everyone knows their stand and responsibilities. With the ox lover, you can rest assured that they have a plan for everything. Living a secure and stable life will come out automatically in this lover. Hence, the dragon should be appreciative of this fact in Ox Dragon compatibility.

Passion is what Ox Dragon couple would be at its best. Ox Dragon in bed are good and they expect nothing less from each other. With such high expectations brought in the bedroom, none of the lovers would want to disappoint the other. this means that their love making would definitely be on a high note. With the strengths that both of you have, you should be careful not to wake up the neighbors when making love.

The other thing that makes Ox Dragon marriage quite admirable is their strong beliefs. Both lovers would stand up tall for something that they truly believe in. Thus, if they end up believing on the fact that their love is destined to last, rest assured that they would try their best to make things work. They would work tirelessly to bring stability and love in Ox Dragon compatibility. In the long run, they would sit down and appreciate the fruits of their labor.

The ambitious nature of both lovers will definitely have a lasting impact on this love affair. This couple will not rest until they live the comfortable life that they have been dreaming of. The best part for both of them is that they form a great team when working to meet their life’s goals. This means that they keep motivating each other that they can make it to the end. Without a shred of doubt, they give Ox Dragon compatibility a sign of success right from the beginning. When success is part of their lives, rest assured that they would see the best in each other.

Ox Dragon Compatibility

Ox Dragon Compatibility: Negative Traits

Just like any other love affair, Ox Dragon love compatibility is another naturally existing love match that would be faced with difficulties. First of all, their stubborn natures is an aspect that could crop in conflicts in this match. Both lovers are stubborn to the extent that they would not be willing to change from the mentalities that they have. When arguments arise, it can be somewhat for this couple to come to an agreement on the best move to take. Therefore, this is an area that they need to work on for the Ox Dragon sexuality to blossom.

Another spoiler for Ox Dragon compatibility would be the egos that boil in them. The ox and dragon are quite egocentric and this would be evident more so on the dragon lover. This partner will want to take charge of things even during the initial stages of their love affair. What would irritate the ox mostly would be the efforts of the dragon to conclude decisions for them. This is an aspect that the ox lover would certainly not tolerate in this pairing. Thus, expect them to think of an Ox Dragon break up over the need for freedom in this love life.

There is also a possibility that the ox will fight over the need for attention from the dragon lover. This partner always hungers for attention. When out in the public, they will seek for attention even from people that they do not know. Comparing this to the introvert nature of the ox, there is definitely a thick line to be drawn. The ox will get worked up over such issues in this Chinese astrology compatibility. On the other hand, the dragon might consider this as being overly analytic as they never give them time to enjoy themselves.

Compromise, tolerance, patience, trust, understanding and mutual respect are some of the qualities that are needed in Ox Dragon marriage compatibility. Things might occur as though they are difficult for both lovers but when they understand each other, there is a chance that they can make Ox Dragon love compatibility work. They ought to try their best to focus on their strengths and capitalize on them. For example, their mutual respect for each other should help them have a warm conversation that could possibly lead them to the bedroom.

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Ox Dragon Compatibility: Conclusion

Love is not in the air for the Ox Dragon couple. But this does not mean that they cannot make things work. As a matter of fact, both of them understand that love is something that you need to work for. This means that they would work to ensure that they find love in this relationship. The best part is that they have a strong belief for whatever they are feeling for each other. If this is a good feeling, rest guaranteed that Ox Dragon compatibility would stand the test of time. Considering the fact that their advantages outweigh the disadvantages, this match is fated to last.

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