Mayan Astrology Compatibility

Mayan Astrology Compatibility

In the same manner that you would combine two western astrology signs to gauge compatibility, the same case applies to Mayan astrology compatibility. The combination of two different zodiac signs would reveal whether the two Mayan signs are indeed fit to make their relationship last.

The Mayan astrology compatibility test depends on the Tzolkin calendar. This is the calendar of the Mayan astrology. By taking the Mayan Astrology compatibility test, your relationship would be judged according to the Mayan zodiac signs.

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Why is this important? By getting to know your Mayan day signs and how they interrelate to each other, you would be better placed to understand how love works for both of you. Ultimately, it would be somewhat easy for you to find love in each other.

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The Tzolkin calendar being used in Mayan astrology has got 20 day signs. These days are also called Mayan signs. In some cases, you might find other people using the term glyphs to refer to these signs. Mayan astrology is unique as compared to other horoscope predictions. The 20 glyphs are combined together with 13 galactic figures.

As a result of this, the number of zodiac compatibility signs increases to 260. Compare this to 12 zodiac signs of the western astrology, this is very unique, right? The good news is that with the help of the Mayan astrology compatibility calculator, getting a Mayan insight on your relationship is made easy.

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13 Galactic Numbers:

1. Magnetic

2. Lunar

3. Electric

4. Self-Existing

5. Overtone

6. Rhythmic

7. Resonant

8. Galactic

9. Solar

10. Planetary

11. Spectral

12. Crystal

13. Cosmic

Tzolkin – Mayan 20 Day Signs

1. White Wind

2. Blue Night

3. Red Dragon

4. Blue Hand

5. Yellow Seed

6. White Worldbridger

7. Yellow Star

8. Red Serpent

9. Red Moon

10. White Dog

11. Yellow Human

12. Red Skywalker

13. Blue Monkey

14. Yellow Sun

15. White Wizard

16. Yellow Warrior

17. Red Earth

18. Blue Eagle

19. Blue Storm

20. White Mirror


Predict your love today with the help of the unique Mayan astrology compatibility calculator. This guarantees you that you learn more about the position that your relationship is in and the chances of it succeeding over the long haul.

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