Handwriting Analysis Compatibility

Handwriting Analysis Compatibility

Did you know that love compatibility can also be judged basing on just your handwriting? Yes! Your handwriting! This process is also called handwriting analysis compatibility or graphology.

Your personality can easily be determined by looking at your handwriting. This handwriting analysis love calculator will do the homework for you. Your names is what is required to get accurate results on what your handwriting says about your match.

Take A Zodiac Quiz

How do you gauge whether your partner is the right individual for you? Perhaps you have been focusing on the moon signs or sun signs that you were born under. Well, this is a good way of finding out whether you are in love with the right individual. But your handwriting too discloses more about your relationship than you were ever aware of.

handwriting analysis compatibility

Before taking the handwriting analysis love test, ensure that you have samples of your handwriting. To do this, have a pen and paper with you. Write down something, anything about your relationship. This is also what your partner should do. Once you have both your handwritings in place, compare.

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Check The Slant

The first thing that would strike you in your handwriting is the slant of your writing. Consider whether your partner’s handwriting slants to the right or left. If it is slanting to the right, this implies that your partner is a gregarious individual.

Slanting to the left indicates that your lover is the homely bird type. Understanding each other in such a relationship would warrant that love thrives. Your handwriting is just a way of having fun while trying to match your personalities.

How Do You Dot The “i”?

Confirm the manner in which your partner dots the “i” in his or her writing. This speaks volumes about temper and patience. Dots that are inclined to the right would imply that your partner is not a patient individual.

On the contrary, slanting to the left side could mean that your partner is moody. If there is a precise placement of the dot on the “i” then this defines your partner as a perfectionist.

Handwriting Analysis Compatibility Reading

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Watch Out For The Spaces

If your handwriting features tightly packed letters but the writing is still beautiful and readable, this means that you show unconditional love to others. What you need in a relationship is attention.

If the spaces are too small then it could imply that you are highly obsessive. Partners will fear being in a relationship with you simply because you do not understand the importance of offering each other breathing space.

Traits Of Dishonesty In Relationships

Well, it might be challenging to determine whether your lover is the dishonest type by just looking at their handwriting. However, there are signs that could possibly give you a hint on their personality. For example, oversized capital letters could portray dishonesty.

Traits Of Violence In Relationships

If your partner is the violent type, then it might be wise to be wary of how you relate to them. Check their handwriting for angular endings on their letters.

Also, if there are presence of overlapped letters then this could indicate that they might get violent in the relationship.


Take the handwriting analysis compatibility test to determine the type of personality that you would be dealing with when in a relationship together. Undeniably, from the above, there are chances that this would help you in approaching your relationship better.

Nonetheless, it is also imperative to understand that other aspects of relationships should be kept in mind for a fruitful and a lasting match.

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