Sexual Compatibility

Sexual Compatibility

Relationships normally thrive by the mere fact that lovers are compatible. The love compatibility would have to take different angles. For example, an important consideration that one should always keep in mind is the sexual compatibility that they have with their partners.

If lovers are sexually compatible with each other, there is a good chance that they would make their love blossom. Unfortunately, when both of you are not compatible with each other more so regarding your sexual affairs, rest assured that it would take a lot for love to succeed.

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Sexual Compatibility In Relationships

So, how do you determine whether you are sexually compatible with your lover? First, personality will matter a great deal. Maybe there are certain things that you might consider as too aggressive or too dirty to handle. Both you and your lover need to understand where you both stand in matters relating to sex.

This is an ideal way that would make sure you do not cross each other’s boundaries. Alternatively, this could be a great recipe to understanding what makes your love gain the zing you have been looking for.

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Depending on how you react or behave towards each other, there is a possibility of gauging your sexual compatibility towards each other based on your Eros sign.

sexual compatibility

One of the signs that would indicate you are compatible with your lover is when both of you understand that love needs work. This means that, both of you would have to meet in the middle for your relationship to boom. If both of you are standing on this viewpoint with regards to sex then you are compatible with each other.

In addition to the above, when you find yourself comfortable in the relationship then this means a lot with regards to sexual compatibility. It would imply that you are also comfortable around your lover. Sexual compatibility can therefore be gauged based on the peaceful environment that you find when you settle down with your one true love.

Are you ready to put up with the incompatibilities that you find in your lover? Without a shred of doubt, there are certain things that would not be perfect in your relationship.

For example, there is a possibility that your partner might find your body as somehow different from what they expect you to be in bed. They should be ready to tolerate this. If both of you understand that there are certain imperfections that you would be dealing with, then sexual compatibility in your relationship is at par.

Honesty is the only key to a successful and an open relationship. The love affair that you are involved in should be based on honesty. When both of you are honest towards each other, the environment that you create paves way for a warm sexual relationship.

This implies that you would be free to share with your lover on the things that you like and those that you hate. In terms of sex, this would benefit both of you as you would feel the need to show each other concessions.

Your sexual compatibility can also be judged from the way you communicate towards each other. In some cases, there are instances where you assume something with the notion that your partner already comprehends what you like and dislike.

This assumption will clearly indicate that you might be incompatible with each other. Sex would certainly be great between lovers who communicate more frequently with each other. In such a sexual relationship, lovers are not afraid to share and discuss about the things that they love or hate. Therefore, it is important to advocate for communication in your relationship.


The above are just but a few of some of the signs that you can read and tell a lot about your sexual compatibility. You can test you sexual compatibility by gauging your love affair based on the pointers mentioned above.

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