Tiger Compatibility

Tiger Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

Tiger lover sits as the third in Chinese astrology. There are those relationships that would work with the tiger whereas some would have to take some time for them to thrive. Below is a summary of how the tiger compatibility relates to other animals in the Chinese zodiac. From this information, it would be easy for you to understand what your relationship really needs for it to thrive.

Tiger Compatibility With Rat

The rat sits as the first lover in the Chinese zodiac cycle. This means that they are neighbors with the tiger lover. This has an influence on the love compatibility that the tiger and the rat would be sharing. Considering the fact that they are neighbors, they would also live peacefully in their relationship.

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One of the main interesting facts about tiger rat love compatibility is the fact that they would be in love with each other due to their intellectual connection. Both of them prefer a mental stimulation rather than an emotional one. They are also good with each other since they are both social animal signs. Thus, they would perform well when paired together.

On the worst side of this love affair, it might reach a point when the rat sees the tiger as quite distant. They are too busy dealing with their projects rather than working on their love affair. Stability issues would also bother this tiger compatibility with the rat.

The rat has higher expectations with how they ought to relate to each other. In this case, the rat lover yearns for a stable love affair. On the other hand, the tiger lover does not put focus to the relationship that they have. This behavior would be a turnoff to the rat lover.

Tiger Compatibility With Ox

The tiger and ox in love would have a great time together. One thing that you can be sure of is that they would respect each other in this relationship. This is because these lovers have got strong personalities. Equally, sex would be great for both of them. They would have something unique to bring to the table. The tiger lover would bring their ideas to the bedroom while the ox lover initiates a stamina that would ensure they have fun till the sun shines in bed.

Socially, they would be good together. The tiger lover would want to keep their private affairs private. On the other hand, the ox lover would want to have a small circle of friends. Hence, both of them would live their own private lives away from the prying eyes of the public.

The tiger rat relationship would not work well considering the fact that the rat would want a modern way of life. The tiger would opt for something else as they prefer a conventional lifestyle. Similarly, these lovers would disagree when commitment is questionable in their match.

The tiger lover would not want to rush things. This might come off in the wrong way in the eyes of the rat lover. Compromise is what this couple needs for their love to blossom in the end.

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Tiger Compatibility With Tiger

Emotionally, both tiger man and tiger woman would appreciate the fact that their relationship is not purely based on their emotions. These lovers would be glad that they find a better way of connecting intellectually with each other. Two tigers in love with each other could possibly indicate that their romantic aspect would also be amazing. The man and woman would never get tired of showing each other that they truly love one another.

Romantic gestures would be explicit in this Tiger compatibility and this is what binds them together for a long time. These lovers would spend most of their time away from home. Their highly gregarious natures would have a positive impact on their relationship as they get to spend more time together while having the time of their life.

Undeniably, life would not be smooth all through for the Tiger Tiger soul mates. When things are falling apart, these lovers would have to sit down and agree on who would be taking the lead in this match. In addition to this, both lovers would have to work on their bossy attitudes.

The domineering aspect of the tiger would clash with each other here. As a result, this love match would only work when compromise and understanding are some of the attributes that this tiger couple understands.

Tiger Compatibility

Tiger Compatibility With Rabbit

The tiger compatibility with the rabbit sounds like the hunter and the hunted being together in a love match. This means that this Chinese zodiac match would have to work hard just to ensure that they stay on track. However, there are still some few things here and there that brings these two together. For example, the tiger rabbit couple would appreciate the fact that none of them is emotionally clingy on the other.

Moreover, this match could also be complementary in the sense that the rabbit would benefit from the protective nature of the tiger. They would also be on the winning end since the tiger would take them to see the Seven Wonders of the World. The entertainment aspect of this relationship would be at its best.

Tiger rabbit in love would incur a lot of problems along the way. The main issue would be the intensity that the tiger would bring to this match. The rabbit lover is not as intense as the tiger. This infers that they might be scared that they would not fulfill the demands of the tiger lover.

The creativity aspect of the rabbit would not work well with the tiger. This is because they are very stubborn. They never want to listen to anything that they are told. The rabbit would detest this and they might opt for greener pastures out there.

Tiger Compatibility With Dragon

The tiger and dragon love compatibility would be on the winning end based on the fact that they are both strong personalities. The physical attraction that would be between these two lovers would be strong. Chemistry would therefore play its part in ensuring that they stick together long enough for their love to blossom.

Similarly, the tiger and the dragon signs are extroverts. This means that they would be happy with the outings they would be going together. They are on the same page here and they would rarely fight with each other over their socializing aspect.

Just like other normal relationships, in a tiger dragon marriage they would have to fight each other over who takes the lead in this match. Both of them have got domineering personalities in them. This means that they would have to contest with each other over who leads this relationship.

Sexually, tiger dragon couple might also be in big trouble. This happens because they would fail to understand each other’s demands in bed. This means that communication is required to make certain that this couple iron out their personal issues and find a way of living together harmoniously.

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Tiger Compatibility With Snake

To some extent, the tiger and snake soul mates would find love in each other. This is because both of them understand each other at great depths. For example, in relation to independence, both lovers comprehend why living an independent life is important. This infers that they would rarely argue over their independence issues.

Living a secret life is what this couple would be good at. This couple would not want other people to infringe in their personal lives. As a result, they would be glad that both of them have got similar goals in terms of living a private life.

When things take a different turn in this match, this couple would face difficulties. First, the tiger lover would appear as aloof. This lover is normally too focused with their projects rather than mulling over what is important to both of them in their love affair.

The good thing about the tiger is that they are compassionate lovers. This means that they would find the snake as a selfish lover. This happens because they are normally interested with their personal affairs. For this tiger compatibility to succeed, compromise would be very important from both ends.

Tiger Compatibility With Horse

Tiger compatibility with horse definitely sounds like a good match. This is for the reason that this couple would spend more time enjoying each other rather than fussing and fighting. An interesting aspect of the horse lover is that they normally try their best to escape from trouble.

Hence, they would want to have nothing but fun with the tiger partner. In addition to this, both lovers are not fully ready to settle down. Thus, they would not argue over issues that relate to committing to this relationship. There is also a good chance that the tiger and the horse would live a stable life. This would have a positive impact on their love match over the long run.

When things take the wrong turn in the tiger horse friendship, there is a likelihood that they would spend more time arguing with each other. The main area of contention would be the bossy aspect of the tiger. This is a behavior that the horse might not condone.

They uphold an independent life and being pushed around would simply annoy them. The flirtatious nature of the horse lover is an attribute that would not work well with the tiger lover. Expect the tiger and horse to breakup if at all they would not compromise and learn to meet halfway.

Tiger Compatibility With Sheep

The tiger sheep relationship would work best considering the fact that the tiger lover would play the role of the man in this match. On the other hand, the sheep would gladly play the role of a woman. This is what keeps both lovers going. They are never at loggerheads with each other over who leads this match.

Moreover, the goat would be the happiest woman alive as they benefit from the protection that they would get from the tiger. The tiger would feel as though they have never been loved in the way the sheep shows them true love. They are the most caring Chinese animal sign. Hence, showing love to the tiger would come out naturally.

The gloomy side of this love affair is that the sheep risks the chance of being hurt by the tiger. This lover’s intensity cannot be matched with that of the sheep. As a result, there is a likelihood that the tiger and the sheep would disappoint each other from time to time.

The worst could happen as the sheep might end up finding the tiger as a distant lover. They are not emotional and this would affect their love affair in a negative manner. Equally, the tiger hates displaying their emotional selves. These two lovers would have to bend a little for the tiger sheep marriage compatibility to thrive in the long run.

Tiger Compatibility With Monkey

Right from the word go, the tiger dating a monkey find true love in each other. This does not happen because they relate to each other emotionally. On the contrary, they are basically happy that their intellectual stimulation is enough to keep their love burning. Their outgoing natures would also mean that these two would have a great time together.

Both the tiger and the monkey love to spend more time touring the world. Thus, they would be happy that they have moments worth treasuring when they are together. This is the positivity that would keep both of them strong even in the near future.

Sadly, the monkey has a short attention span. It might take them a short period of time before they shift their attention to something else. This is an aspect that would irritate the tiger lover. As a matter of fact, the flirtatious nature of the monkey would do more harm than good in this relationship. This love would thrive if lovers acknowledge that they need to bend a little for this match to succeed.

Tiger Compatibility With Rooster

The tiger compatibility with rooster basically sounds like a tricky match. This happens because this couple would have to work on their domineering personalities in this love affair. The tiger lover is born a leader. This means that they would fight to lead this relationship at all cost.

On the other hand, the rooster lover has a domineering personality that comes about as a result of their perfectionist nature. This love affair would only thrive when both lovers meet in the middle and share their responsibilities equally. The worst could also happen as both of them would never seem to find time to spend with each other. The rooster lover is a workaholic and the tiger would be busy dealing with their huge projects. The distance that is between these lovers is scary.

Assuming that the tiger rooster couple show each other concessions, there is a chance that love would grow between them. Their relationship could also turn to be complementary in nature. The rooster benefits from the protective tiger while the tiger enjoys the creative mind of the rooster. Both lovers have to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses for this relationship to flourish.

Tiger Compatibility With Dog

Finally, the tiger gets to fall in love with one of the most loyal signs in the Chinese astrology chart. This would have a positive impact on their love affair. The dog brings in as aspect of honesty to this love affair. This implies that the tiger would find no reason not to trust the dog lover. They are always faithful to the tiger and that they love and respect them unconditionally.

In addition to this, both lovers are quite protective in nature. This means that there is a huge possibility that they would protect their love from the public. Their future families would also be completely safe.

Unfortunately, the dog lover expects some form of pampering whenever they feel something is not right with their lives. This is not what the tiger would offer them. Consequently, they could end up getting angry and entering into a heated argument with the tiger lover. This is the side that the tiger lover would hate most from the dog. Love could thrive between these two Chinese lunar signs if they learn to appreciate the good side of their love match.

Tiger Compatibility With Pig

The pig lover is an easy going partner who is compatible with the tiger. This is one of the main reason why the tiger lover finds it easy to fall in love with them. An interesting aspect of the pig lover is that they normally offer their best when showing love to those that are dear to them.

Hence, they would not hesitate to remind the tiger that they truly love them. Both lovers are compassionate and this would be an attribute that brings them together with the hopes of making this world a better place to live in.

The tiger would have to bend a little and show the pig that they are interested in making their love thrive. This is what the pig lover expects from them.

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