Aquarius Libra Compatibility

Aquarius Libra Compatibility

This is the union of two air signs in this love affair. This is to mean that lovers would find a way of intellectually connecting together. This is one of the strengths that brings together partners in Aquarius Libra relationship. The witty aspect of Aquarius Libra compatibility gives it a sense of direction.

This is the main reason why Libra is at times considered as the best match for the Aquarius partner. The same case applies for the Aquarius lover. They would find Libra as the best partner that understands them throughout the entire zodiac circle.

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Aquarius Libra Compatibility: Positive Traits

The mere fact that Aquarius Libra in love are air signs implies that this would be a union of the most intelligent people in the zodiac circle. Mentally, there is nothing that could go wrong in Aquarius and Libra compatibility. With such a mentality that guides their relationship, there is a good chance that both lovers will find themselves as suited for each other.

Libra will consider Aquarius as the ideal partner to stick to in Aquarius Libra friendship. This is the only partner capable of understanding them in ways that no other partner could. Their intellectual connection is what contributes to this feeling from Libra’s point of view. This will have an impact on the communicative aspect of this love affair. Aquarius dating Libra will find it easy to connect considering the fact that they are both intellectuals here.

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There is also the likelihood that both lovers would be influencing each other in Aquarius Libra Love Compatibility. Libra is ruled over by the planet of love. This is Venus. The effect that they would have on this relationship is that they would want to lure Aquarius into feeling more emotional rather than concentrating on their visions. This lover will make Aquarius understand that there is more to love than just visualizing things. Find your Feng Shui compatibility.

The rebellious Aquarius lover will also have something to bring to the table. This lover will take Libra into the highest mountain and convince Libra to take the risk of engaging in bungee jumps. They would sway them into making impulsive decisions once in a while. Without doubt, life is a risk and taking risks could be the only way to get out of it smiling. This is one of the notions that Aquarius will have in mind.

Perhaps the union of two air signs could make you jump to the conclusion that this couple will struggle emotionally. Well, you are certainly wrong. Surprisingly, Aquarius Libra couple will find a way of meeting in the middle when it comes to the emotional aspect of this relationship. This is attributed to the ruling planets where both lovers are from. Libra is ruled over by the romantic planet Venus. It is worth pointing that this planet exalts Saturn which is the ruling planet for Aquarius lover. Therefore, the notion of feeling detached could partly help Aquarius Libra soulmates to make their bond grow stronger with time.

The one thing that Aquarius and Libra compatibility should fight for is to find harmony in their love affair. They have varying goals but they should strive to harmonize them with the mentality that it would be beneficial for both of them. This is one of the ways in which their emotional bond would grow stronger as times goes by.

Another important aspect of Aquarius Libra Love Compatibility is the mere fact that they have a similar outlook towards friendship. The initial stage of this partnership will demand that partners stay as friends first before taking things to another level. Indeed, this is a plus for this love affair. They would give each other time to adjust and find a sincere form of love to express to their counterparts. In the end, their love would have developed into Aquarius Libra marriage that is stable and worth depending on.

Aquarius Libra sexuality is quite interesting. This couple is full of chemistry right from their first meeting. The best part is that none of them feels that the other is needy when bedroom matters are at hand. Both of them opt for some light sex with Aquarius Libra in bed over having one that is overly emotional. This gives them a reason to connect at great wavelengths even when they are sexually stimulating each other. Try this couple sleeping love test.

On the bright side, there is an adventurous aspect of Aquarius that would make things more than interesting in the bedroom. The creativity that Libra would bring will even take things to levels that both of them never anticipated. Consequently, Aquarius Libra Compatibility is a match that would appreciate each other both physically and sexually.

Aquarius Libra Compatibility

Aquarius Libra Compatibility: Negative Traits

Aquarius Libra compatibility is a pair that is destined for the best. This implies that there are a few minor hiccups that would be facing this partnership. The only problem that would cause several progressive conflicts is their ignorance. Both lovers are airy in nature. This means that they would constantly be up in their heads without having to consider what is actually going on around them.

A major challenge that this couple will face is that of dealing with responsibilities. Both the Aquarius and Libra are focused with making the world better. This makes them to forget about the small issues that face their love affair. For instance, no one would remember to pay the house bills, go out for shopping, or prepare kids for school. This couple will overly underestimate these minor activities. Ultimately, there is a danger that their ignorance could cost Aquarius Libra compatibility. It might be too late to realize that they are way far apart from each other.

In relation to the above, Aquarius Libra in love should try their best to bring back their minds on a more realistic ground. It is from this viewpoint that they would see their love with practical eyes.

The adventurous nature of Aquarius could also tempt them to try out other zodiac signs. This could bring in infidelity issues in Aquarius Libra sexuality. Libra is from the planet of love. They would feel betrayed that their lovers were not honest enough with the satisfaction they gained in bed. Emotionally, Libra would feel broken and might opt for greener pastures if at all they are not the compromising type. This may lead to Aquarius Libra break up.

The way in which lovebirds avoid conflicts in Aquarius Libra compatibility is also threatening. Problems are meant to be faced head-on. This is something that Aquarius Libra match fails to understand. Their main aim is to circumvent these challenges completely.

Without doubt, this is not the best way of solving conflicts that face them. Aquarius Libra Love Compatibility should strive to stand tall together and face their challenges courageously. This will prevent any vicious circle from arising where challenges are there to be faced frequently. Test your I Ching compatibility.

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Aquarius Libra Compatibility: Conclusion

Whoever said life is a journey was absolutely right. This is a journey that only the courageous individuals can emerge victorious. In matters relating to love, Aquarius Libra marriage compatibility should hold each other’s hands to the end of the tunnel. The way in which they deal with their problems will have an impact on how smooth things will run in their relationship.

This is an aspect that ought to be clear in their minds. Strengthening your love bond will require that you find new ways of countering any problems that you normally incur. This will make a huge difference in the end in Aquarius Libra compatibility.

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