Monkey Compatibility

Monkey Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

The Monkey compatibility in Chinese astrology is discussed in this article.

Monkey Compatibility With Rat

The monkey and rat in love would be in good terms in several areas in their relationship. They have a number of things that they could engage in together. For example, when it comes to sports and adventure, they would engage in these activities together.

Their love affair would be on a smooth run as long as they find new places to visit. Their adventurous natures will ensure that their love is kept entertaining for a long time. Concerning their emotions, both lovers prefer to engage with each other on an intellectual basis. This is an area that they would also seem to agree in this match.

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On the other side of the coin, the monkey lover is a ‘know it all’ type of a lover. This means that they would boast of the experience that they have over the rat lover. They would constantly argue as the rat lover has a huge ego in them. In relation to family way of life, these lovers would have varying goals.

The rat lover puts their families ahead and they would do anything to ensure that they are comfortable and safe. This would not be part of the monkey’s priorities. As such, there is a chance that they would conflict with each other over their priorities in this monkey rat relationship.

monkey compatibility

Monkey Compatibility With Ox

This monkey compatibility with ox would work well together based on the fact that ‘opposites attract’. Lovers would feel like they should settle down with each other simply because they would complement each other in this match. Well, this is true. The ox lover is not a highly gregarious individual.

This means that if they appreciate the monkey’s way of life, they would find life as exciting. As a way of reciprocating, the ox lover would coach the monkey on the benefits of being committed to one relationship. In the long run, both these Chinese lovers would find that they share something beautiful and worth treasuring in their lives.

Unfortunately, this love affair is only interesting on its surface. The ox lover would find the monkey as a joker. The mere fact that the monkey would not want to settle down implies that the ox would have to think twice about this lover. The ox expects to settle down with a serious individual. This is to mean that they might disregard the monkey as the best candidate in a loving and a long lasting relationship. And even if they settle down a monkey ox breakup will not surprise anyone.

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Monkey Compatibility With Tiger

The monkey tiger soul mates might decide to settle down together for the reasons that they have a plan to make a lot of money together. Undeniably, both of them have wild ideas that they would want to exploit. The good news is that the move at the same pace. This means that the monkey lover would find motivation from the tiger as they tend to exploit projects that are huge.

The efforts that these Chinese astrology signs bring to this love affair could come up with something new and exhilarating. The monkey lover would make the best out of their social natures. On the other hand, the tiger is an innovative lover. This means that they would depend on the monkey to ensure that their innovations are welcomed in the society that they operate in. Their hardworking natures would be felt with the comfortable life that these two lovers would live.

The major issue in this Monkey Tiger marriage would be the dire need for attention that both lovers crave for. This implies that they would have to fight for the spotlight in this match. Lovers ought to understand that there are more important things to focus on in their love affair rather than fussing and fighting.

Both lovers are not emotional signs. This could also pose a huge threat to the success of this match. This is because they would lack a strong bond that could bring them back together when they drift away from each other.

Monkey Compatibility With Rabbit

Communication would be at its best in the monkey rabbit love compatibility. As a matter of fact, this couple would be glad that their love affair is based on their intellectual connection rather than an emotional one. Socially, these two are an excellent match. They relate with their friends in an admirable manner and it is due to this reason that they pull a large circle of friends to their side.

Another interesting aspect of the monkey rabbit compatibility is the fact that the monkey does not play tricks on this lover. The rabbit has the capability of knowing when the monkey is lying to them. Therefore, with time, the monkey finds no reason to lie to this partner. In line with this, there is a possibility that they would trust each other with ease.

Challenges will be part of the monkey rabbit friendship. It is quite unfortunate that the rabbit lover might not be strong enough to stand by the monkey as these challenges crop up. For example, when the rabbit notices that the monkey might have lost interest in them, they would be the first to run away from this match. This is a weakness from the rabbit lover that the monkey would hate.

The monkey would have a lot of homework to do in this Chinese zodiac compatibility. For example, they would have to prove to the rabbit lover that they truly and honestly love them. Additionally, they would also have to deal with their impulsive natures as the rabbit lover detests this behavior.

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Monkey Compatibility With Dragon

The monkey dragon love compatibility would kick off on a positive note bearing in mind that these lovers would approach life from a positive angle. Both of them are optimistic that the best could happen to their relationship. This means that they would motivate each other even when running a successful business together. Socially, they would be happy around their friends.

In addition to this, they would find their love affair as an interesting relationship. This is because both of them love to tour and explore what the world has to offer. The sexual aspect of this monkey dragon relationship is another area where they would agree with each other. While the monkey brings in new ideas of keeping this love entertained, the dragon would bring their stamina to make sex explosive in bed.

In spite of the good things that these lovers find in each other, they would have to disagree on who takes the top spot amongst their friends. Both of them crave for attention. As a result, there is war that they would have to sort out for this match to flourish.

The sheer fact that both of them are impulsive means that they could easily run into trouble. Accommodating each other would give this relationship a chance of making things work regardless of the weaknesses that they find in each other.

Monkey Compatibility With Snake

The monkey dating a snake would fall in love with their intellectual abilities. This is the main thing that brings them together. These lovers would tend to think alike more so in their life’s goals. If they are in a business relationship together they would appreciate the individual efforts that they bring to this love affair.

The creativity that both of them have would indeed have a positive impact not only on their relationship but also on the projects that they would be running. When the monkey and the snake get intimate, they would find that they fulfill each other’s sexual desires.

The flirtatious nature of the monkey is what would invite trouble in this monkey compatibility. The snake lover would not entertain this nonsense from the monkey. As a result, if they are to live in harmony together, the monkey lover should compromise and understand where the snake’s anger comes from.

In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that the snake is an intuitive lover. Thus, it would be easy for them to gauge when the monkey is lying to them. In order to accommodate each other in this relationship compatibility, the monkey and the snake would have to meet in the middle.

Monkey Compatibility With Horse

The highly gregarious natures of the monkey and the horse  Chinese zodiac signs would earn them an exciting relationship. This is what keeps them going as both appreciate the good things that they bring to the table. From the horse’s perspective, they would want to take the monkey on the horizon and watch the sun set down together. This is truly romantic.

The monkey would also try their best to take the horse to the most exotic places that they have never been to. The mere fact that they are on the same wavelength implies that none of them would be irritating the other. It is for this reason that the monkey horse couple would find that their love is worth fighting for.

The egos that they have would prevent them from agreeing with each other. The worst part is that they would not work as a team when important projects need to be attended to. The horse lover would also feel offended that the monkey might play tricks on them when they want to achieve their personal goals.

These lovers crave for attention from their friends. This means that they would fight for the spotlight. Conflicting with each other on a regular basis would wear each lover out. Thus, it is best that they learn to accommodate each other peacefully in this love match.

Monkey Compatibility With Sheep

This monkey love compatibility would only work on paper. These lovebirds are quite different from each other and thus a lot would have to be done to ensure that this relationship thrives. In the event that this relationship blossoms, lovers would feel attracted to each other simply because of their varying personalities.

In this case, both lovers would be hoping that they might learn something new from each other. The sheep could learn that people could entertain themselves away from the house. Equally, the monkey could learn the importance of showing commitment to the relationships that they are engaged in. Yes, it might be difficult for this couple to meet in the middle, but when they do so, this love would be unbreakable.

The monkey lover would not tolerate the mood swings that would be coming from the goat lover. The last thing that they need in this love affair is an individual that is clingy.

The sheep lover would also be demoralized by the emotional absence of the monkey lover. What they want in a relationship is a partner that would take care of them both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, this is something that would take a lot of compromise for the monkey to offer.

Monkey Compatibility With Monkey

Two monkeys in love with each other stand an excellent chance of succeeding. This happens because these lovers understand each other at great depths. The monkey man and woman would know exactly what keeps them entertained and what annoys them in this relationship. This infers that they would be in a position to avoid things that would likely annoy them. This brings up a stable environment where their love affair could easily thrive.

The issue with this monkey monkey relationship would be the idea of keeping each other entertained over the long run. Without a shred of doubt, people get tired. This means that there is a possibility that one of them could get tired of the cat and mouse chase.

When this happens, the monkeys in love might be tempted to seek for greener pastures elsewhere. This would invite problems for this couple. Additionally, both lovers lack practicality in their relationship. None of them would want to come up with the idea of settling down. This means that they would lack a sense of direction in their love affair.

Monkey Compatibility With Rooster

The sense of admiration that the monkey would have on the rooster would be based on the fact that there are lot of differences that they see in each other. This means that the monkey might consider this love compatibility as an experience worth going through.

The good news is that if both of them concentrate on the good side of their love affair, there is a good chance that this match would flourish. In this case, the monkey lover would have to see past the perfectionist way of doing things from the rooster. Similarly, the rooster lover would have to love the monkey unconditionally without needing to change anything in them.

Achieving the above might be nothing but a cumbersome task. The monkey lover has a short attention span. This means that the rooster would worsen things by trying to change the monkey lover into the partner that they desire.

On the other hand, the rooster does not fancy the impulsive way of doing things from the Chinese monkey sign. This would only land them in trouble. Monkey rooster love compatibility might sound like a tricky match. Nonetheless, if compromise is what they can adopt in their love affair, then there is future that they can share together.

Monkey Compatibility With Dog

Bearing in mind that the dog is a loyal partner, they would prove to the monkey that they are worth loving. This is what the monkey would appreciate from the dog. Building trust in this relationship would be easy more so for the monkey.

The dog would have to bend a little and learn more about enjoying their lives. The monkey lover would not hesitate from teaching them a thing or two about living life to the fullest. The dog would complement this relationship by providing the monkey with the protection that they seek for in relationships.

In the monkey and dog marriage, both would fight each other over their varying emotional natures. The dog is a moody lover and this is an aspect that the monkey would not like in this match. The dog lover would also find the monkey as a distant lover since they are never interested in opening up to the dog.

This love match would therefore take ages before skipping the friends zone. Mutual understanding is required to ensure that these two lovers learn to tolerate each other regardless of their flaws.

Monkey Compatibility With Pig

The pig lover would find it difficult to resist the charms of the monkey. This lover has a unique way of using their words to win people’s hearts. The pig lover would fall in love easily with the monkey. This is due to the charming nature of the monkey.

These two lovers also have got different personalities. This would have an impact on this love affair getting complementary in nature. The monkey lover would want to keep this relationship entertaining. The pig on the other hand would bring in their emotional aspect to this match. This is the bond that would hold them together for a long time.

In order for this Chinese love match to stand the test of time, the monkey would have to compromise and show commitment to the pig lover. This is the best way that they would motivate the pig to keep loving them without stopping.

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