Dog Compatibility

Dog Compatibility With Other Zodiac Signs

What do you know about the dog compatibility with the others signs of the Chinese zodiac? Find out in this article.

Dog Compatibility With Rat

If the rat is the man in this love affair, they would dedicate their time and money in making sure that the dog woman is happy and comfortable. This relationship would easily thrive considering the fact that both lovers are inclined to protect those that they love.

This means that they would also be protecting the love that they have together. In terms of finances, the rat lover is good at saving for a rainy day. This implies that the dog should refrain from worrying that things might fall apart.

The main issue that the rat would hate would be the moody aspect of the dog. This lover is never contented with what they have. Their negative thoughts would also clash with the optimism that the rat would bring to this relationship. Compromise would be required to open eyes to both lovers that they can make things work in spite of the challenges that are persistent in this dog rat relationship.

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Dog Compatibility With Ox

The goals that the dog and ox in love have would drive them in the direction that they are heading to. Both of them have the same dreams that they need to achieve in their lives. Committing to each other would come out naturally for this couple.

This is because their future goals do not clash. The dog expects to fall in love with a faithful and a hardworking lover. This description fits what the ox would be providing. On the other hand, the ox lover yearns to be in a relationship with a lover that would love and respect them. The dog is a faithful lover. Hence, they would do more than what the ox expects from them.

dog compatibility

What the ox would want to change in the dog lover would be their worrying nature. The dog is a pessimistic lover. They would think that the worst might happen to the dog ox friendship. The ox lover prefers to be in love with an optimistic lover that would shower them with motivation that they could achieve the goals that are ahead of them.

Dog Compatibility With Tiger

The dog dating the tiger would immediately fall in love with each other due to the values that they uphold. The tiger lover is born a leader. They have a dire need to change the world around them. This implies that they are compassionate at heart and that they would try their best to portray this to their lovebirds. The dog sees this as unique and in line with the values that they also uphold.

Thus, falling in love with each other would be the best thing that ever happened to both of them. When the dog fully trusts the tiger, they would give them the freedom that they crave for. This makes the tiger interested in a love affair where they understand each other at great depths. This is a true recipe for a blissful love affair.

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Hurdles would be part of this dog tiger love compatibility. A major issue that they would have to deal with would be their stubborn natures. The tiger lover is an opinionated individual. They would resist change as they are a know it all type. The dog would hate this about them. The dog lover is also another individual that would tend to stick to the values that they uphold. This love affair would work when both the dog and the tiger learn the importance of compromise and mutual understanding in this Chinese zodiac match.

Dog Compatibility With Rabbit

Communication would be at par between the dog and rabbit soul mates. These lovers would garner the feeling as though they have been together for ages. They kick off their relationship on a positive note and this is what keeps them going. Opening up to each other is easy. This invites trust and mutual understanding in this relationship. This is a good thing for both of them as they would love to stay out of a conflicting love relationship.

Whenever the dog and the rabbit argue with each other, you can rest assured that they would reach to a concise resolution with ease. This is because they uphold peace in the dog rabbit marriage. They end up creating a warm environment where their love can grow into something worth depending on in future.

The dog is the lover that would bring instability to this relationship. They tend to get moody more so when things are going haywire. This is a weakness that the rabbit would not love to be associated with. The rabbit lover would prefer to hang out with their friends as the dog watches over their home. This would bring in more and more issues to their love affair. The best way of making their love thrive would be to meet in the middle or else one has to be prepared for the dog rabbit breakup.

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Dog Compatibility With Dragon

The personalities of the Chinese dog sign and the dragon sign greatly differ. It is for this reason that you would find most of your friends claiming that you should stick together as just friends. When both of you decide to take this love to the next level, you would be tired of constantly arguing with each other over the same issues. You move at different paces and that your social aspects also vary considerably. The dragon lover would see the dog as a clingy partner that has the qualities that they hate.

For example, the values of honesty and good deeds are things that the dragon might not live up to. They would stir up trouble just to ensure that they feel good. The dog lover hates the conflict that the dragon lives and thrives in. The only good thing that you see in each other is the protective natures that you boast of. But, what would you be protecting when you have nothing that brings the two of you together?

Dog Compatibility With Snake

The dog compatibility with the snake would  be balanced. The number of differences are equal with the similarities that they find in each other. This means that this love would take the direction that the dog and the snake wish to take. Consequently, if they are serious about making this love thrive, they ought to do their best. Focusing on the good side of their love would drive them to the success that they crave for.

From the dog’s perspective, the find the snake as a lover that would lead them through thick and thin in this Chinese zodiac compatibility. The snake lover is never scared when things seem to be falling apart. This is what the dog admires most. The snake would fill up for the worrying weakness that the dog has.

Comparing the dog’s high values that they uphold to what the snake does to achieve their goals, there is a thick line to be drawn here. If the snake is not careful with their manipulative way of doing things, the dog lover would opt for other lovers.

Dog Compatibility With Horse

Understanding would drive the dog and the horse soul mates to share a blissful relationship. It would guarantee that they are fully aware of the flaws that exist in each other’s personalities. This means that it is even easy to accommodate each other. Complementing each other would be the key to a fruitful love affair. The dog would be happy that they fell in love with an exciting partner.

The fun moments that they would have with the horse would be worth remembering. In addition to this, sex between the dog and the horse lover in bed could go to another level. They are good in romancing and that they would do their best to keep the dog wanting.

Dealing with the challenges that face them would be a major hurdle to this couple. The horse lover has a weakness of escaping from trouble. On the other hand, the dog is a worrier. They would not help in trying to solve the issues that face them.

Their emotional weaknesses would also bring in a lot of drama in this love affair. The dog lover easily gets angry when their feelings are hurt. Consequently, they would argue over the horse’s behavior of flirting around. They would have to meet halfway for this dog horse relationship to succeed.

Dog Compatibility With Sheep

The dog and sheep couple would find their love to be easy going. Both of them would not be demanding on the other partner. Hence, they would want their love to grow and thrive without having to fuss and fight. Their positivity would have an impact on ensuring that they do their best in this relationship. The good news for both of them is that they are willing to help each other out in times of need.

The sheep is one of the most caring partner in the Chinese horoscope signs. They would shower the dog with love and care that they crave for. From the dog’s perspective, the sincere love that they would get from the sheep would keep them fully focused on this love affair. The advantage of this is that they dog would refrain from worrying as love would be offered to them aplenty.

Emotionally, dog sheep love compatibility would be in trouble. This couple would have high expectations towards each other. Both of them expect to be pampered from time to time. They would feel insecure towards each other and this would have detrimental effects on their love affair.

The sheep lover is a lazy partner. This is what the dog would hate in this lover. To add on to the burden, they expect everything to be offered to them on a silver platter. If they would not be good in their finances, there is a good chance that they would breakup.

Dog Compatibility With Monkey

The dog dating the monkey would be glad that they met each other. Both of them are willing to engage in any activity as long as it brings excitement to their relationship. Equally, they would be tolerant towards each other’s flaws. This is one of the main reasons why the monkey would not let go of the dog lover easily. Love for them would take a while to grow. But once it buds, rest assured that they would stick together for a long time to come.

Changing for the better would be the motto of this Chinese love match. Lovers in this match would not want to irritate each other with their personal weaknesses. Hence, they would try to change hoping that their love would find a good environment to thrive in. The monkey’s charming nature would be handy in the bedroom as they would take things to a sexual level that the dog has never experienced before.

Issues will certainly arise when the monkey reveals their flirty nature. The dog lover would not tolerate this as they easily get angry when their feelings are played with. The monkey would also detest the moody swings that would be coming from the dog. They are not emotional in any way. As a result, they expect the dog to relate with them on a more intellectual level.

Dog Compatibility With Rooster

Right from the word go, the dog compatibility with the rooster would have mutual admiration for each other’s personalities. They would find each other as unique in their own way. For example, the rooster has never been in love with a dedicated partner like the dog. The dog lover offers their best in everything that they do. Equally, the dog lover sees the rooster as lover that puts their families first.

This makes the dog even want to settle down with the rooster as soon as possible. Both of these individuals have certain values that guide them in their relationship. These are the values of doing good to other people around them. Additionally, the dog rooster couple are patient lovers. They would wait for each other to be ready before taking their love affair to the next level. Through this patience, it would be easy for these individuals to compromise and accommodate each other.

The perfectionist rooster would threaten to ruin the natural flow of this love affair. This would happen because they would have high expectations from the dog. Therefore, chances are that the dog might not be able to fulfill these expectations. This leads to frustrations from both ends. The resultant effect is that lovers would think the worst about each other. These two ought to focus on the good things that they see in each other as this is the best way of keeping their love affair on a positive note.

Dog Compatibility With Dog

When two dog lovers are in a relationship, there is a good chance that this relationship would be based on trust. These lovers would always be faithful to each other. This is the main reason why they would never cheat behind each other’s backs. The other good thing about this dog compatibility is that they dedicate themselves fully to the relationship that they have.

In line with this, nothing could convince them that their love affair is tricky. You can expect that the dog man or woman would be there for the other partner in times of need. This is an ideal love affair with a high possibility of flourishing.

The worrying nature of the dog might hinder this dog relationship from succeeding. Therefore, this lover always thinks of the worst. This means that they might even think that their love affair would turn out to be a boring relationship.

Sex would be another source of contention in the dog love compatibility. These two lovers lack creativity that would keep their sexual affairs on a high note. Hence, the moment they get bored with each other, they might end up wishing that they were just friends.

Dog Compatibility With Pig

The dog and the pig lovers would have a blissful match together. This happens due to the fact that the pig lover is an easy going individual. It is easy to make friends with the pig. As a matter of fact, this lover normally tries their best to ensure that those around them are comfortable. In relation to this, the dog lover finds the pig as the best partner they have ever been with.

The emotional aspect of the dog and pig would favor this relationship. Both lovers would have a deeper understanding on why it is important to be faithful towards each other. When the dog needs some pampering, they can rest assured that the pig lovers would be there to offer a warm shoulder for them to lean on.

A major hindrance that would stand in the way of this love affair from succeeding is the fact that it is a boring love affair. Both lovers are not as energetic as compared to the dragon or the horse. Thus they could end up finding their love affair as a routine thing with nothing important to crave for.

This means that both of them should strive to find exciting activities that they can engage in together. This is a good way of making sure that the bad side of this dog pig relationship does not override the good side.

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