Dragon Rat Compatibility

Dragon Rat Compatibility

At the first glimpse of Dragon Rat relationship, one might end up concluding that this match would not work. Well, truly, just by the mere look of the sizes of the Chinese animal signs, one could conclude that these two are not compatible. In real sense, Dragon Rat in love are very compatible. As a matter of fact, they can be ranked among the best love affairs you can find in the Chinese zodiac compatibility. So, what makes this couple very interesting? This and many more would be closely looked at below. By the end of this critique, you ought to have made a decision as to whether you think Dragon Rat compatibility would stand the test of time.

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Dragon Rat Compatibility: Positive Traits

There are several convincing reasons as to why the rat would stay in Dragon Rat friendship for a long time. These reasons would also give the dragon the impression that they are in love with the right individuals. Dragon dating Rat would consider themselves as an ideal match simply because they can enter into a relationship and still maintain their personal boundaries in their personal lives. This is to mean that they would allow each other the freedom that they need. Hence Dragon Rat love compatibility is not a love affair where Dragon Rat soulmates would feel as though they are suffocating each other.

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The social nature of the rat is an attribute that would flow smoothly with the dragon lover. This partner will never consider this as a poor way of concentrating in Dragon Rat compatibility. In fact, the dragon lover is also good in socializing. Therefore, this is an area where they would find that their love affair is quite an excitement. These lovers will never get tired of having friends over. Their social natures is perhaps the main attribute that brought the dragon and the rat together. The rat is quite talkative and would say anything to please the dragon lover. The dragon also knows what to do best in order to reciprocate. Thus, communication would be great in this relationship.

In relation to the above, the aspect of communication would pave way for a harmonious Dragon Rat love compatibility. When both partners are not on good terms, they know that the best way to resolve their issues is through communication. This aspect gives them the confidence that they can achieve anything in Dragon Rat marriage as long as they sit down to talk about it.

The dragon and the rat are Chinese animal signs that normally love when all spotlight is focused on them. When hanging out with their friends, they would want everyone to focus on them. But what happens when they are together? There is a good chance that they would be focusing on each other. The rat understands that the dragon needs some attention. They will try their best to ensure that they are complemented each and every time. The dragon would also find a way to please the rat with gifts and other romantic gestures. It is through this form of appreciation that they make Dragon Rat compatibility thrive.

Sexually, Dragon and Rat compatibility would create a zing that both of them would live to appreciate. The dragon brings their fire into Dragon Rat sexuality. On the other hand, the rat’s creativity and charm would make sex appealing for Dragon Rat in bed. Therefore, these two will find it difficult to resist each other right from the beginning.

Dragon Rat Compatibility

With regards to the family life that Dragon and Rat couple would be having, it is quite predictable that they would have a comfortable life. The rat loves a relationship where lovers consider family as very important. This means that the rat lover would ensure that family comes first in any important decisions that they might make. The dragon lover is an ambitious partner and they would want to provide for the family they would be having with the rat. Thus, assuming that these two have got good incomes, it is quite likely that this family would be living a comfortable and a happy life. Truly, money is not the key to happiness but it can certainly bargain the happiness in this Dragon Rat love compatibility.

Dragon Rat Compatibility: Negative Traits

Dragon Rat compatibility would face conflicts due to the mere similarities that they share together. For example, both lovers want to be the center of attention. Before they can understand each other’s demands, there is a chance that they would be fighting to get to the spotlight. None of them would be willing to let go of this position. This implies that conflicts could arise over issues relating to getting noticed by either their close friends or the entire society. For this couple to get past this, they would have to compromise and understand each other’s individual demands. This would be helpful as they would find a way of sharing the fame from time to time.

Another potential source of conflict in Dragon Rat love compatibility would be money issues. The rat lover is an individual that would save for a rainy day. This means that they would keep hoarding money in this love affair waiting for the perfect day to go out and shop. This is an attribute that will irritate the dragon lover. At some point, they might even consider this as being materialistic and selfish at the same time. Test your marriage compatibility.

Lovers need to be understanding when it comes to money issues in their love affair. The dragon should understand why the rat always saves money for future purposes. This means that the rat should also communicate some of their plans to the dragon lover. It would ensure that they do not judge them as they might have good plans for their relationship.

The ambitious nature of the dragon lover could imply that the Dragon Rat compatibility might end up suffering from this partner’s workaholic nature. If the dragon works abroad, there is a possibility that this couple would only be seeing each other once or twice a year. Is this the best relationship that you can tolerate? Certainly not!

The best match would be to fall in love with a dragon that works near your place of residence. This would make certain that they get home to you after work. Your closeness to each other is very important in Dragon Rat sexuality. It would have an impact on whether you would find Dragon Rat love compatibility as an ideal match or not.

Dragon Rat Compatibility: Conclusion

When two people fall in love with each other, they normally focus on what makes them good together. In relation to the Dragon Rat marriage compatibility, these two individuals look like they are fated to be together. They understand each other in ways that other signs might not comprehend. They might appear as incompatible just by looking at their sizes, but what is important is what they have in their hearts. This is love!

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Dragon Rat compatibility makes up a great match that could last to the end. Compromise and mutual understanding are some of the qualities that would ensure that this marriage will not end up with a Dragon Rat break up. For instance, their desire to be on the spotlight can be solved if they talk about this. Above all, this match is worth admiring in the Chinese zodiac chart.

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