Dragon Snake Compatibility

Dragon Snake Compatibility

Finding true love is something that does not come on a silver platter. There are several things that ought to be kept in consideration before claiming that you are in love with someone. People try their best to focus on their similarities when looking for partners that they can spend the rest of their lives with. Perhaps this is done after terrible love affairs with people that had different personalities from you. So, if opposites do not attract and people are like minded, we could find each other boring. What could be the secret to a happy relationship as in the case of Dragon Snake compatibility?

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The secret here is to stop looking for the ideal partner that you have created in your mind. This is something that Dragon Snake in love should have in mind. They should not try to make each other fit into the crazy ideal lover that they have been dreaming about. Both of you should simply stop and notice that there are certain factors that make your love work.

Taking this direction will give Dragon Snake relationship a positive and a more mature look. Dragon dating Snake will begin to see the importance of sticking together even when things are not flowing smoothly. Some of the pros and cons of Dragon Snake compatibility are discussed in detail below.

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Dragon Snake Compatibility: Positive Traits

The sexual bond in Dragon Snake love compatibility is one admirable aspect of this relationship. The dragon man and snake woman give their relationship a healthy sexual life. The dragon being the fire sign would bring in their passionate natures when Dragon Snake get together in bed. The mere fact that both of them are adventurous implies that they would take each other on a wild ride worth recalling.

Additionally, Dragon Snake sexually would be ready to experiment on anything as long as it contributes to a exciting way of enjoying each other’s company. The beauty of the snake woman is what would keep the dragon lover committed in a monogamous relationship for a short period of time.

Dragon Snake friendship would also take time before these partners commit themselves fully to making this Chinese compatibility work. From the dragon’s perspective, he would be careful not to fall in love with anyone. This is for the reasons that they are too concerned about their freedom. On the other hand, the snake would have a different reason for failing to fall in love quickly. She is a possessive lover and therefore, they would want to settle down with a lover they can trust.

This notion can give both partners the time they need to decide whether or not they are signing up for a contract that they can meet its terms and conditions. When they decide to settle down, they would surely be doing this after a careful thought. Chances are that they would be making the right move.

Dragon Snake couple in love would make up a great team due to the mutual admiration that these lovers have for each other. The snake woman will always admire their dragon men for the power in which they are associated with. To top this, they have a magical way in which they achieve their goals. They make it seem so easy and yet a lot work is involved in their missions.

The dragon man will fall for the charm and sexy nature of the snake. They are simply irresistible. The admiration that they have for each other is a plus for both of them. This is for the main reasons that they give each other the feeling that they are valuable in Dragon Snake marriage. Test your marriage compatibility.

Whether the snake and the dragon are in business together, they could make things flourish to their advantage. This is due to their complementary natures. The snake would be admired for their intuitive natures. They always know when trouble is ahead of them. Thus, they could protect the dragon lover from dangers that they are not aware of.

Equally, the dragon lover would be adored by the snake woman as a result of their enterprising ideas. They always have a plan of how they are going to get money. In line with this, there is a good chance that Dragon Snake compatibility would not suffer when their money issues are brought to the table.

Dragon Snake Compatibility

Dragon Snake Compatibility: Negative Traits

The surface of Dragon Snake sexuality would be great. Lovers would be enjoying the good side of their relationship before troubles begin to set in. The dragon will get irritated with the jealous nature of the snake. The snake would show this aspect when the dragon focuses more on entertaining themselves with their friends out there. The possessive snake lover would not feel good about this. This could pave way for infidelity issues in Dragon Snake compatibility.

Lovers ought to be advised that they should respect each other’s differences. This is the only way that the snake will take dragon’s social nature as something positive in Dragon Snake compatibility. It is through communication that the dragon should make the snake realize that they are not flirting around. Failure to communicate only worsens things as the snake woman would end up concluding things for themselves.

Another point of contention in Dragon Snake love compatibility is the workaholic nature of the dragon lover. They would put their work schedules above anything else. As a matter of fact, when they are too consumed with beating deadlines, chances are that they might have no time to connect with their families. The possessive snake could end up concluding that the dragon is emotionally distant and that they are never there when needed.

The self-centered natures of both could have a negative impact on Dragon and Snake compatibility. None of them wants to admit that they are wrong. Moreover, they are never ready to listen to each other. Both of them believe that they can never go wrong in the decisions that they decide to make. This pigheaded nature makes their love to run through problems over and over again. For example, when arguments arise, neither of them would be willing to let the other win. Thus, they might take on different paths when things get worse with a Dragon Snake break up.

There is also a secretive nature of the snake that would annoy the dragon. The snake will never open up to the dragon. They always have something to hide from this lover. This implies that they could end up fighting over trust issues in Dragon Snake compatibility.

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Dragon Snake Compatibility: Conclusion

From the look of things in the Dragon Snake love compatibility, this relationship can take either sides depending on the direction that lovers decide to take. On one end, Dragon Snake in a marriage could try their best to compromise and appreciate the good things that they find in each other.

On the other end, if lovers maintain their arrogant natures, they would live to conflict each other. This would only wear them out and sooner or later. They would decide that they are better off as business partners rather than lovers. Well, do not wait for this to happen. Communicate with your lover as often as possible. This creates the deep connection that would make Dragon Snake soulmates inseparable.

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