10 Bizarre New Ways To Meet Your Mate

10 Bizarre New Ways To Meet Your Mate

Are you still single, despite all your previous efforts? Finding the right person can be a challenge. If your social circles have nothing more to offer to you, start getting creative. These 10 bizarre ideas might help you to find your other half. Although bizarre, you never know how it is going to turn out.

#1. At a crime scene

Most likely your future date will not be someone who has broken into your house. Still, if you are keen on finding someone, take a look at the officers working on your case. Maybe someone will be the perfect fit for you.

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#2. On web pages

Although internet dating is not uncommon any more, you might find a connection with someone outside dating web pages. If you are an enthusiastic reader or comments writer, you might find someone that shares the same beliefs as you do.

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#3. Throw a singles party

Never be ashamed of being single, but embrace it. Throw a singles party and invite only your friends and acquaintances that don’t have a partner. Also, make them bring their single friends along. If you don’t find your special someone, maybe some of your friends will.

#4. As an accident

Crushing into someone just to get a date might be a bit too dangerous. But if you have had a road accident, it is worth really taking a look at the other person. Who knows, maybe life has crushed you into each other for a reason.

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#5. At a doctor’s office

While waiting for your doctor’s appointment, take a look who else is waiting in the line. You might succeed in finding someone special. Just make sure that they are not too sick to be able to even talk to you.

#6. On public transportation

Public transportation can be an excellent place to find someone. Try to go with the same transport at the same time, and you might notice someone to share your journey with.

#7. Run a marathon

Sports events are not only great way to spend you free time, but it can also be a perfect place to meet your next mate. Cheering each other up while you try to reach the finish line can be the perfect way to make a connection. And you already have something in common – love for running.

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#8. While shopping

Shopping malls are usually full of people. It is a great chance to spot someone you truly like. Compliment them on their choice of clothing, accessories or electronics, and you will have a chance to communicate. Try going to shops that attract a lot of opposite sex people. Or even try going to a sex shop – you never know who you are going to meet.

#9. At a funeral

It might seem a bit inappropriate, but if it happens – it happens. Funerals usually gather all kinds of people from someone’s life. Of course it is sad when a loved one has passed away, but you might find someone to share your grief with.

#10. Spend time alone

You are more likely to find someone if you spend more time alone. People are afraid to approach a crowd. Go for a walk in a park, do your laundry at a Laundromat or even go to a bar alone. Someone will probably try to keep you company.


It can be hard to find someone you can truly connect with. These dating tips can work as an inspiration for you to simply go out and try new things. Some of the mentioned places might seem very strange, but imagine what a story it will make later.