First Wedding Anniversary is Paper – Here is a Twist to it

The first wedding anniversary is a tale of triumph, a manifestation of the conquering power of true love. It is a time for spouses to show appreciation for each other and reaffirm their commitment to walking the long journey of life and marriage together.

The norm is for couples to gift each other a card or a special message on a note, as the first wedding anniversary gift idea is supposed to be “paper”. But what if there was a way to spice things up and make the first anniversary more memorable?

Bring My Song To Life makes this possible for couples celebrating their first wedding anniversary by allowing spouses to share their love in the form of a melody, a song that they can hold dear and share with friends and family when commemorating their union reaching one year. Afterall, music notes are written down on, you guessed it, paper.

Read on to find out how Bring My Song To Life helps soulmates observe their first year together in a special way.

How Does Bring My Song To Life Make First Wedding Anniversaries Momentous?  

20th Century American painter Jackson Pollock puts it right when he says, “Love is friendship set to music.” The people at Bring My Song To Life believe in love and its ability to bless each one with a friend for life. They are committed to helping married couples celebrate their love and marriage by helping them document their story in a customized song.

Bring My Song To Life is a team of songwriters and singers who write melodious songs on request to help spouses achieve the following:

  • Show Appreciation For Each Other

The first anniversary of any marriage is an unforgettable moment that must be cherished and turned into a legend. This service exists to help husbands and wives show appreciation to their spouses for walking the route of love with them for a year.

The focus is on making the first anniversary a beautiful and permanent memory with a song to help spouses remind each other of where they are coming from and where they are headed.  For couples looking forward to conquering more years together and celebrating more anniversaries, the custom songs that Bring My Song To Life writes for them will help to keep that moment precious.

  • Be An Inspiration To Other Couples 

With a song to commemorate their first anniversary, a couple inspires other married people with their love story. The exceptional songwriters at Bring My Song To Life put their best foot forward when composing requested songs so that soulmates can return to them whenever they need inspiration or want to encourage other lovers in their circle.

  • Create A Custom Album

The first year of any marriage is always a long memory-making journey as two people transform from just friends to lovers then to spouses, and eventually teammates for life. All these memories are worth treasuring in a unique way that two people can always look back to and see just how much they’ve grown together.

Bring My Song To Life allows couples to document all the special moments in a song or create an album with custom songs. This song or album is ideal for playing when lounging at home and having a special song to dance together to. Long drives together are more fun with songs documenting the journey that two souls have walked together.

How To Bring A Song To Life 

Bring My Song To Life has an easy-to-follow process for anyone looking to order a personalized song or album for their first anniversary. Couples can request a song and have it ready in a few days through the following steps (stages);

  • The Story 

Bring My Song To Life is a haven for beautiful stories. Any couple that would like their anniversary documented in a song is welcome to share their story with the team of writers, instrumentalists, and musicians.

They will listen to what makes a couple’s anniversary a special moment and ask what the partner wants their spouse to hear in the song they will write.

The more information one shares with Bring My Song To Life, the better. Each song is written with custom lyrics that ensure it is personalized to the maximum, and whoever it is requested for will know that is their tune.

The order form on Bring My Song To Life allows one to state the reaction they would love to elicit in their husband or wife when they listen to the song. This information helps to match the requirements to the best songwriter and determines the right choice of words to help bring the song to life.

  • The Making 

The writing process happens in stage two – The Making. Bring My Song To Life will match the shared story to a songwriter of equal expertise who can jot down lyrics that animate a client’s love story. The customer then receives the first draft via email once its ready.

The client’s task in this stage is to review the lyrics, suggest edits, and approve or disapprove certain parts. Bring My Song To Life guarantees the best quality songs customized to each couple’s story, so one never has to worry about a mismatch.

Should there be a request for any changes or additions, the songwriters will walk with the customer each step of the way to ensure maximum satisfaction with the lyrics before proceeding to the next stage. Bring My Song To Life ensures that each marriage’s love story is told correctly.

  • The Completion 

The third stage is where the recording takes place, and magic happens. Once the lyrics are approved and recommended edits made, the composition begins.

Bring My Song To Life lets customers pick any genre they like or one they know their husband or wife will love. Bring My Song To Life will recommend one that fits best if one is lost on the right genre to suit the lyrics written in step two above.

They have a team of musicians, producers, and vocalists experienced in multiple genres where they are distinguished, so if a customer or their spouse loves reggae, country, pop, rock, or any other type of music, they will deliver.

Once the recorded song is ready, it is sent to the client for a final stamp of approval, and only when satisfactory do they send the final file. One can then share with their spouse on their first wedding anniversary celebration.


Love is beautiful, and Bring My Song To Life celebrates its triumph every day by sharing their gift of music with spouses all over the world. This service is the ideal gift for people looking to surprise their partners on their first wedding anniversary with a custom-written, composed, and recorded song that covers their story in detail.

They’ve made the process simple. Someone only needs to fill out the order form and in it, narrate their love story, and the team of songwriters at Bring My Song To Life will word it out for them in beautiful lyrics.