Spying on Your Wife? When Is It Okay?

Spying on your Wife – Should You?

Are you scared of losing contact or will you do anything to save the relationship? Reality is that there’s more to what meets the naked eye. Love isn’t secretive nor is it jealous. You’d rather be territorial with the aim of protecting what’s yours forever. But is it a good idea spying on your wife?

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Your beautiful wife would once come to experience second glances from afar. So, there’s no doubt that you will do anything to stand in the gap. Whether it’s spying or snooping, it isn’t the right path to claim your loyalty from your spouse. It is not healthy to act as an agent and a lover at the same time. But however, it’s tolerable to spy when you scroll further and find out when it’s okay.

*Suspicion chips in a relationship when both partners are in their comfort zones. But the urge of fancying and craving for each other was long gone.*

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Spying on your Wife – OK or not OK?

There will be always two sides to every story. If you have complete doubt, then you can hire a PI, use a GPS or snooping on your spouse’s devices. Here are the top reasons why you are forever in doubt:

1. Insecurity

As soon as you are not comfortable, you will be forced to spy on her. Insecurity crops up when you don’t give your relationship some space to breathe. All you do is to gaze at her phone and notifications. So your body reaction will change abruptly.

2. Jealousy

At times jealousy is healthy, but too much of it is extra poisonous. Getting to the extreme just because she has more male friends, won’t solve the issue. So women despise possessive men.

3. Second-Guessing

She might be as innocent as a lamb, but you just want to spy to find more about her. Being all over her social media accounts is your motive. It is only here where “Who’s that?” or “Why does he like your posts?” questions start to reprise. Your plan here is that she should always notify you when calling the opposite sex. Above all means, this isn’t justifiable. When she is not free to do what she pleases, grief will be the order of her day.

4. When It’s OK to Spy

At some point, spying is tolerable because it has been used by different partners. If it is only okay to spy on her if you want to rebuild trust all over again. But probably both of you cheated. The only way to bring back the bond is to share your social media passwords. That’s the ideal way to let go of the guilt. Doubts and blames will decrease when you are open to one another.

Consequences of Spying on your Wife

1. You violate Your Spouse’s Rights

Everybody has a right to privacy and legitimacy. When you snoop on her devices, it’s crystal clear that you are violating her rights. The relationship is bound to fall apart sooner or later. The moment you get caught, its either you lie or come out clean. To avoid all these, don’t spy on your partner.

2. Guilt

Thank the stars that you have now spied on your wife without her consent. Now, what next? What will you do if you found out she is cheating? What if she’s innocent? You’ve got yourself to blame. What you don’t know won’t hurt you, so they say. Sad to say, the damage is already done. If you don’t have a clue where to start, you have already betrayed your wife.

3. It’s Addictive

Spying causes a person to be certain of her partner’s acts. You don’t want to know if she’s clean “just because” you are certain she isn’t faithful. The process will continue and end up in divorce or squabbles. But it will consume your life like no one’s business. If you are ready for it, prepare to spend half of your time focusing on her activities. Little did you know that the energy that you have is meant to bring back the spark.

4. Anger and Losing Control

Trust me when I say that you will turn into a freaking being. You want to read daily notifications and calls. Then you will turn into a stranger without knowing at all. So daunting is that it will reach a point where making a scene won’t be a big deal.

Steps to Follow Instead of Spying on your Wife

1. Communication

Have a deep conversation and don’t follow where the wind directs you. Follow your heart and learn to trust your partner. Be true to yourself if you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Activate each other souls with positive vibes and not regrets. Focus on what works best for both of you and work on it excessively. If its communication, so is it.

2. Love Yourself

Try to be gentle with yourself and love YOU to the core. It is a process, but its destination is worth a try. It becomes a little bit easier when you have a conversation with your partner. For better, for worse, she’s still your best friend.

spying your wife

3. Forgive and Forget

For a successful marriage, prepare to forgive your spouse. Extend gratitude as a way of appreciation and love. In one way or the other, you’ll hurt each other. To be on the safe side, focus on what’s right and leave what’s not equitable. Be genuine to each other and reconcile as often as possible. That’s the only way to overcome doubts.

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Spying on your Wife: Conclusion

Spying on your wife isn’t helping your relationship. You believe in reassurance. Struggling with trust issues doesn’t mean that when you spy on her, you’ll be loyal. But don’t try to spy unless your spouse has permitted you to do. So know yourself first, and everything else will fall back into place.

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