10 Ways To Prevent An Affair

10 Ways To Prevent An Affair

When you commit to a romantic relationship, most people will expect fidelity. Because society expects it. Fidelity ensures that there will be little complications when it comes to division of assets. Plus people would want to know that the offspring they support are the ones they sired. There are many ways to ensure fidelity, here are ten ways that are quite effective in avoiding cheating in your relationships.

Nowadays, those who have an affair are not just the husbands. Due to the changes in society’s dynamic, it is not surprising that risk of either partners having an affair is equal. So these ten ways are more to strengthen a relationship, to promote the fact that you do not need an affair.

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1. The money incentive

The famous rumor about celebrity prenups, is that the cheater has to pay up big. Make sure that the financial disincentive is large enough to be a deterrent, and not big enough that the cheater will be unable to pay it. As money is one of the biggest reason men cheat, money attracts people and it will be no surprise if a rich woman will have an affair too.

Hence if your spouse is going to spend the money away, why not make it your own? Having a legal contract to protect you is good, as it sets a clear boundary about having affairs, infidelity and multiple partners.

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  1. Talk about it

Avoid the “you never told me!” excuse when your spouse has an affair, have a talk before committing. Studies show that those who cheat in relationships are more likely to repeat the offense. So you might want to tell your partner that you are not going to tolerate any affairs. In addition to that, talk to your spouses’ friends and family, if you do not believe things.

Ultimately, you have to know where you stand when you have the conversation with your spouse about why they keep cheating in relationships. Your partner needs to understand the consequences, and similarly your assurances that you will not be the cheater of the partnership.

  1. Up the romance

Once you are in a relationship for long enough, sometimes it feels like the romance is dead. It is not hard to up the romance card, as long as you are sincere, small gestures are sufficient to keep the romance alive. Being romantic does not have to mean spending money. Even a note to say “ I love you” to surprise your spouse is enough to make someone’s day.

On special occasions, up the romance by planning a surprise picnic, or do something that is thoughtful. Even the most realist spouse will not be able to resist being romanced. If you are not a romantic partner, then you might have to start looking for ideas.

  1. Appreciate your partner

Everyone wants to be appreciated for the effort that they put in, so start by saying please and thank you. It is not only manners, but it stops people assuming that it is their right to expect help. If you feel happy when your partner thanks you for a job well done, you should reciprocate the gesture. Appreciating your partner is important, especially when children tend to imitate the parents. Being appreciative is a good trait that will benefit everyone.

Having an affair sometimes may be due to feeling neglected and forgotten, so when you acknowledge any effort, it is to show that you care. In the end, it comes right down to knowing the hard work and loving it.

  1. Get physical

Another popular excuse for people having an affair is the lack of physical intimacy. Life gets in the way sometimes, and sex becomes forgotten. Worse, there is no more passion in love making. It might sound crude, but human beings are sexual creatures, and have basal instincts to spread their genes.

Schedule some physical time in, or sneak some time for a quickie. Whatever works, even if you have to book a babysitter to get intimate. If it has gotten boring in bed, spice it up with a new move or copy a position from the Karma Sutra. Alternatively, consider learning how to massage.

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  1. Emotional support

Another classic reason for people who have an affair is the lack of emotional support. Everyone in the family requires some form of emotional support, the pets included. Neglecting the emotional, mental and spiritual component of the relationship can result in a disaster. Most people would probably link it with the feeling of being alone.

Both partners need emotional support, asking each other how the day has been. Pay attention to verbal and nonverbal answers. Sometimes your partner does not need you to fix things, only to lend an ear and a hug.

  1. Show your value

If you want to prevent infidelity in your marriage then this is a good way to show those who do not appreciate you that you still have some value. Sometimes spouses need to be reminded that they had it great, and life will not be as great without you. Other methods is to continually learn new things to keep up with the times.

If you have been feeling underappreciated, probably take some time off. Spend a day rejuvenating yourself and doing things you love, it may be all that is needed to show your partner that you do contribute in the relationship as well.

  1. Being honest

Not the same as talk it out, being honest is important when you are in a long term relationship. You have to be honest to yourself before you can be honest to your partner. You do not like the new diet plan, or that new hairdo, it is important to be truthful as a spouse. Truth sometimes can hurt, but trust is hard to earn.

Lying can make your partner feel better sometimes, but the loss of trust can sometimes lead to affair. The basis of trust is honesty, and the feeling that your partner can believe in what you say or do.

  1. Grow together

Letting yourself go is the main reason partners seek greener pastures. Sometimes it is hard to feel in tune with each other if you are not growing up together. Being in a partnership means that you automatically gain someone to participate in new adventures, that is one way of growing up (or old) together.

Having someone who grow up with you will prevent an affair, if your spouse is spending all the free time with you, there will be no time to see someone else. The benefit is that you get to understand each other better, which makes it even harder for a third wheel to come into the picture.

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  1. Beware the Danger Zones

Despite being a supportive, kind and loving spouse, you do have to be aware of the danger zones. You need to know how to avoid affairs at work. New workplace or the Internet can be a good place to find a potential lover. While it is harder for you to check and prevent, danger zones are a constant threat to potential cheaters. However, it is difficult to control your spouse’s behavior outside of home.

You can make friends, befriend the new work mates; and follow your spouse in social medias. You might trust your partner’s capacity to be faithful, but you also need to be vigilant. Preventing an affair takes effort, so it is worth to be aware of any potential candidates for an affair.