3 Ways To Impress Anyone

3 Ways To Impress Anyone

There are many reasons why you need to impress someone, from trying to land your dream job to scoring a date with your crush. It might be daunting to an average person to make a great impression on people, especially if you are a shy person. You think that it is hard to impress anyone, this might be a good start for you. Three ways to impress anyone is a good place to start, as you can then learn if each way is suitable for you.

Before you start, please remember that these are general rules, and research says that first impression sets the tone of your relationship. Hence, if you know that you need to impress someone in the first meeting, your best chance is the first impression. Unless you are lucky, most people tend to stick with their first impression of you. Therefore, it is important make a great first impression on the first meeting.

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1. Dress Appropriately

First impression counts, which is why the way you look counts very much in the art of impressing people. Even in Feng Shui, it is bad practice to wear those trendy slash jeans, or clothes with holes in them. The mantra: dress like a beggar, you will be a beggar. It is severely frowned upon by traditional Chinese elders if you turn up at looking like you cannot afford new clothes.

Apart from staying away with slashed and holed clothing, your overall look is important. For girls, not too heavy makeup that screams party or over the top. For guys, ditch that emo heavy eyeliner look. If you want to impress people at first sight, that sexy or goth look is not going to cut it, unless you are trying to wow someone within the theatre industry. Always pick proper shoes that go the look, do not assume that people will not look at your feet.

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Most importantly, do take a shower and air all the clothes before all important events. Nothing can be worse than body odor or smell of musty old clothes. Looking appropriate encompasses smelling appropriate as well. If you are aiming high, it will be worthwhile taking most of your piercings off. While most people are tolerant to the boring pair of earrings, more conservative people will balk at statement pieces.

No matter what occasion, dressing appropriately is one of the most important method to impress anyone. People judge books by the cover, it is part of human nature despite being told not to. Dressing appropriately allows you to resonate with the person whom you want to impress, it establishes rapport. Once you let the person think that you are on the same page with them, you have already won half the battle.

2. Positive Vibes

Before you say a word to anyone, there is something that you should do. Most successful people do that, and it is called visualization. People who psych themselves up are more likely to show a positive vibe, summoning the energy to attract people and call them to look at you subconsciously. You may practice smiling on a mirror at home, or learn a hundred different ways to say: good day. After your appearance has won you attention, now you have to work hard to keep it. If you want to keep on impressing people by talking or with your words, you have to have a positive vibe.

Those who exude positive vibes such as optimism, enthusiasm and calm are more likely impress. People are naturally attracted to leaders, and you want to have all the positive attitudes of a strong leader. If you have troubles visualizing yourself as one, take baby steps. Imagine that you are a kind, generous person who is willing to help those in need. Once you are comfortable with that image, you can then move forward by telling yourself who you want to be.

If you want to make a great impression on anyone, then you should aim high. People who can impress anyone are usually ones who inspires. The quiet, well mannered and helpful person who offers to listen, and gives sound advice. You might not be confident in your own abilities, but some skills and beliefs take practice and constant reinforcement. But once you have that positive vibe around you, you can easily charm and impress anyone with words.

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Interestingly, if you are trying to impress someone on chat without meeting face to face, it is possible to do so with a positive vibe. There are studies that show that people can ‘hear’ you smiling when you do it while talking on the phone. Other ways include choosing words that people associate good things with, and you will succeed in impressing people you love remotely.

However, being positive does not mean that you can be loud and boisterous, Often, people associate loud with lacking confidence and rude. Unless you are trying to impress a loud person, or a crowd, you might be better off extruding a quiet air of confidence. There are some occasions where being loud is accepted, but it is definitely a good idea not to be the first few people who participate, just in case it is a wrong idea.

3. Be Mindful

Being mindful of your situation and environment is helpful when you try to impress people you love. You have to be aware of your immediate surroundings, and you would want to erect certain boundaries when you interact with people. It is crucial that you avoid becoming spiritually and emotionally drained by a spiritual vampire. When you are careless, these vampires can derail your quest to impress people.

Aside from setting boundaries, you also have to be mindful of boundaries erected by others. Be respectful of the lines, and you will have no troubles. People will find that you are intrusive and will have a bad impression of you, if you do try to prod and pry. For the initial meeting, know where the lines are. After you have established good rapport, you may find that rules may change.

Other things to be mindful of include emotions, general mood of conversation and when to excuse yourself. These are subtle situations that can impress anyone, a good conversationalist knows how to heighten emotions, gauge the mood. Most importantly, knowing when to let others have a turn at being the spotlight shows good character. You can still see with your mind’s eye during a phone conversation how a person sounds and reacts to your words. Hence you also have to respect that boundary when you feel it. Which is why some interviews are conducted via phone calls, but never via text messages.

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If you want to give good impression, you would usually have one chance, be mindful of that single shot. Those who are aware of invisible boundaries and play nice with others, generally will leave a long lasting positive impression on others. This is also the most difficult trick to master, as it takes a lot of practice to be sensitive on subtle things.


Hopefully, these three ways can help you impress anyone, particularly ones that matter. Establishing good rapport is not difficult if you are sincere about leaving a positive impression. However, there are many ways to be memorable to people, but only a few that will be good memories. If you need to make a good and strong impression on people, try to treat people the way you want to be treated.