5 Reasons To Love Being Single

5 Reasons To Love Being Single

We are all conditioned to look for a partner once we reach a certain age, people start pressuring us to get married and have children. Society seems to think that people are not meant to be single, bachelorhood is often frowned upon. If you have been single and past thirty years old, chances are you will feel stressed, and will be start to feel desperate. You will look for a potential partner via technology and social media, while your family helps out by introducing random people to you.

Whether it is a genetic programming, or the result of seeing other people find love, we will search for love until we find it. Some people are luckier than others, but there are those who will look for love at all the wrong places. Not everyone prefers to be alone, hence the need to look for a companion in life. However, there are a lot of reasons to love being single, here are 5 really good ones that will make you appreciate it.

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1. Queen Elizabeth I was single

Queen Elizabeth I was the last Queen of the Tudor line, descendant of the famous King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was never married until her death in 1603, achieving much during her forty-four years of reign. Famously known as the Virgin Queen, she was famous of the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588. Her reign might be fraught of economic instability and threats of war. Queen Elizabeth I was a popular Queen, because she gave her people a sense of identity.

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You will be interested to note that she was the only monarch who did not marry, and yet could reign for a long time. She is proof that you do not need to be hitched to be successful, happy and powerful. In fact, I believe it is because she was single that she had achieved so much. The Queen obviously had time on her hands to plot and plan.

The rumor from historians is that she could manipulate men by playing favorites, constantly lamenting the fact that she was a ‘weak and feeble’ female. If she was married, her husband would have everything she owned, and she would be rendered powerless. Much like some society, where the girl would have to surrender all her assets to her husband when she marries. A little wonder why she refused to marry.

2. Better social life

When you have a partner, you have to do spend time together. Sometimes, you will skip some event or party because your companion does not like it. When you are single, it is easier to be spontaneous and carefree. Hooking up a random stranger for the night in your quest for a relationship, you end up finding a new friend.

In today’s world, networking is an important part of life. A better social life means a wider network, making it easier to find a job or get things done. If you need help with something, there is a friend for that, at least you hope that it is the case. For people who crave having a good social life, being single is the best way to go. While looking for your soulmate, you can gain more friends and have a good social circle to enjoy.

Once you find a romantic partner, chances are your friends will start to disappear. You do not mean to, but you have to spend more time with your partner. You might lose even more friends when your partner has jealous tendencies. If your job requires a good social circle and wide network, then you might be better off being single.

3. Single people have all the fun

Jetting off country to country on a moment’s notice, spending money on vacations, games and gadgets. You will probably agree that single people have all the fun, when you find a romantic partner. It is not that you do not do fun things together, you do have different ideas for fun after all. If you and your partner have trouble agree on what is fun, chances are you will have to compromise and do something lame you both enjoy.

Imagine getting to anywhere you want, without having to worry if your companion might not like it. This is one of the positives of being single. You can have new experiences or engage in risky adventures in the name of enjoying your life. Stay up late for games, or hold an impromptu party, you do not have to worry about angering your partner.


Despite having less sex than your partnered counterparts, single people have more fun enjoying different sexual partners. Sexual exploration is a perk of being single, where you can try out various experiences. Once you settle down, you might lucky enough to find an adventurous mate. Most of the time, that would be the end of your interesting experience.

4. Single people invest in themselves

With all the time in your hands, single people have the benefit of doing a lot of things. You would have time and energy to further your studies or gain a new skill. If you want to pick up painting as a hobby, that is your prerogative. Most single people have the money to enroll in classes, because they do not have to spend money pleasing their partners.

Also, investing in yourself means looking good. That generally means exercise, good diet and clothes that flatter. All of these are investments that make you more attractive, not only to a potential mate, but employers as well. So investing in yourself not only makes you a better companion candidate, it can increase chance of a promotion.

With all that studies and spending, investments of unattached people drive the economy in different ways. Single people spend a lot more money than married individuals without children in the United States. The recent numbers from National Association of Realtors show that single people are buying homes, no longer waiting to partner up to purchase a new home. Which means that, single people are good for the economy as well.

5. Single people can focus better

If you have a goal in mind, and it is not related to getting married and have children, then you can achieve it quicker when you are single. Being unattached takes your mind off a lot of things, such as pleasing your partner, or looking after the needs of your offspring. You can easily reach your life goal when you are single, as opposed when you have a companion. People often get sidetracked when they have a partner in their lives.

Granted, having someone to help support you while you work towards the goal is valuable. However, a partner means commitment, and that reduces your ability to focus on what is important to you. When you have children who rely on you for various things, the stress may make you lose sight of your target.

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Hence, if you are looking to bag that promotion, or aiming to become the greatest entrepreneur in your generation, you might be better off being single. While is more fun sharing your success with someone, chances are you still have to struggle alone. Being single can ensure that you can focus on achieving your goal, unless your life goal is getting married.