Office Romance – Reasons To Avoid

How To Handle an Office Romance

The idea of dating might not be convenient for those that are usually held up with their busy working schedules. The fact of the matter here is that individuals might be too busy to find time to mingle with each other. The day to day interactions that they engage in is what keeps them closer to their coworkers. Well, this is where things get a little bit tricky. Some find themselves falling in love with their workmates. In as much as this might sound to be a good thing, some risks tag along with an office romance.

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Assuming that you have fallen for one of your workmates. Does this imply that you would be running around the corridors trying to hide from them if things do not work? Will you be afraid of meeting with your ex now that they are working with you in the same office? These are the aftermath questions that ought to be ringing in your mind

They could help you in deciding whether office romance is good for you or not. Some of the dangers of office romance are briefly outlined below.

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1. Distraction from work

One of the main reasons as to why numerous people would be against office love is because of the distraction that it brings. We all know that love has got a way of taking people’s minds to a fantasy world.

This means that you might spend the entire day fantasizing about your partner. The worst case is that it might be even challenging to see them throughout the day. Ideally, there is no doubt that your work performance would go down. Expect your boss to notice that you are distracted. This, therefore, might have detrimental effects on your work.

2. Workplace drama

The last thing that you might be evading is engaging in workplace drama. The love of your life might get too social with other workmates within the same building. Truly, this is one thing that you might not want. As a result, there is a probability that you might engage in workplace drama.

Fighting and making threats could be your only way of ensuring that your lover is not bothered by those working around them. Indeed, this is not such an excellent picture from a professional. Consequently, it makes sense if you took some time off to think about falling in love with your coworker.

3.  Gossip

The bitter truth about office romance is that the gossip of your love normally spreads like wildfire. The moment you fall in love with your partner, this would invite gossips all around you. Other workers would always be watching your movements knowing very well that you are a couple.

Certainly, this does not pave the way for a blissful kind of love. Perhaps it is one of the main reasons why office romance does not last for long. To evade this kind of gossip from following you at work, it is best that you reconsider dating one of your workmates.

4. You might not know your partner

The mere fact that you work with your partner does not necessarily imply that you know them very well. This is a misconception that, in most cases could lead to disastrous consequences. Finding out more about the person you thought you could fall in love with could ultimately ruin the love that you had for them.

In most cases, it could turn the love into hate. Workplace violence could, therefore, be the consequence of this. Accordingly, before thinking that you are deeply in love with your working mate, the chances are that you might not know them.

5. Double trouble

There are possibilities that you might be dating someone that is either your supervisor or junior staff. Well, the tricky part here is that your working relationship might be compromised.

The individual you are dating could end up thinking that they do not need to do their job seriously as they initially did. This happens due to favoritism which creeps into couples dating each other at work.

office romance

When it comes to light that work has been compromised due to your relationship, expect to be laid off from your working duties. Undeniably, this is something you might want to avoid by not falling in love with those working around you.

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5. Conclusion

So, do you still think that office romance could work? Without a doubt, there are fifty-fifty chances here. Nevertheless, it is still important to take some time and mull over the dangers of office romance

Remember, there is a likelihood that you might lose your job in the process. Alternatively, the chances are that you might end up ruining the good working relationship with your friends in the name of love. Thus, think twice before falling in love at work.