Dog Monkey Compatibility

Dog Monkey Compatibility

It would be quite difficult for the dog to resist the charms that would be coming from the monkey lover. If the monkey is the woman in this relationship, there is a high likelihood that they would manipulate the dog with their amazing looks. The monkey finds the dog as an easy going lover. This makes a good room for Dog Monkey in love to appreciate their efforts  in trying to make Dog Monkey compatibility work.

There are pros and cons to any Chinese zodiac compatible relationship that you might engage in. It is important to understand the type of relationship that you would be indulging yourself into. This would go a long way in ensuring that you settle down with the right partner that fits your ideal lover you always dream of. The good and the bad sides of the Dog Monkey love compatibility will give you some insight on whether this is an ideal path for you to take.

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Dog Monkey Compatibility: Positive Traits

Dog and Monkey compatibility would be an admirable in the couple based on the fact that they have a thing for similar activities. Dog dating Monkey would be happy that they can find time to enjoy themselves together. Unlike other couples that would fuss and fight over their gregarious natures, Dog Monkey relationship is on the same page here. This is a plus for both of them as it also ensures that they create a stronger bond together.

Dog Monkey in love would feel like they are a match since both of them would be tolerant to the other. The sheer fact that they can have fun together would influence the kind of tolerance that they would have for each other. From the dog’s perspective, they appreciate the sparkle that the monkey brings to their lives. Thus, they would accommodate the monkey in their lives by compromising on some of the flaws that they see in this lover. This is what the monkey would also feel that they are obliged to do as a sign of reciprocating to the dog lover.

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From an observer’s eye, the Dog Monkey friendship would stand out from the rest. This is because they share a relationship that is always on the move. None of the lovers would stagnate and resist change. When arguments arise in Dog Monkey love compatibility, rest assured that these lovers would forgive and forget. This is another advantage of their relationship. This couple would be glad that both of them do not hold on to grudges. This is a true recipe for a blissful Dog Monkey marriage that these two would have over the long haul.

Dog Monkey sexuality also makes up for an admirable relationship. There is something unique that Dog Monkey soulmates would bring to the table. The monkey for example, with their wit and charm, it is quite predictable that sex would begin with the way in which they communicate with the dog. They are also good in keeping their lovers entertained with Dog Monkey in bed. This infers that they would try their best to motivate the dog in trying out new and exciting sexual positions with them. The loyal attribute of the dog works perfectly with what the monkey would be demanding from them. Chances are that they might find this as sexy and intriguing at the same time.

The dog lover would complement the monkey in the sense that they would bring in the aspect of commitment into Dog Monkey compatibility. The monkey lover is never ready to commit themselves to anyone. They simply want to live a free life where they enjoy their freedom to the fullest. Their way of life can be compared to that of the horse. The C-word is a vocabulary that they do not understand.

Fortunately, the dog’s earthly nature might lure them into showing some commitment to this love match. If the monkey lover is serious in making things work in this love affair, they should commit themselves to an entertaining relationship with the dog. Perhaps they could consider this as a new experience in their lives that they have never attended to.

Dog Monkey Compatibility: Negative Traits

Just like any other love affair, the Dog Monkey love compatibility would be faced with hurdles occasionally. This is a feature of any relationship that comes out automatically. The challenges that this couple would face would be as a result of their varying personalities. The goals that they have in mind could end up conflicting with each other. The only remedy for this would be to argue it out.

dog monkey compatibility

A major stumbling block for the Dog Monkey compatibility would be the monkey’s flirtatious nature. This lover is never content with one partner. This happens because they have a short attention span. As a result, they might be with the dog this minute and the next minute they would be on the phone with the sheep or the pig. The idea of experimenting in life influences their unending desire to be loved by everyone around them. Without a shred of doubt, this would not work well with the dog. There are times when the dog growls out of anger and they could end up hurting the monkey lover’s sexuality. Test your sexual compatibility.

If Dog monkey love compatibility is meant to be harmonious, the monkey should take things seriously. The idea of playing around is not what the dog expects from a long term relationship. They have high expectations that the monkey would avoid being flirty and respect the love that they share. Well, this is one of the things that the dog would have to iron out with the monkey. These lovebirds should sit down and talk about what they really expect from each other in Dog Monkey marriage compatibility. Through this form of communication, they would be circumventing the need to fight over and over again.

Then again, the monkey lover might get tired with the moody nature of the dog. They would try their best in making sure that they both entertain themselves. In fact, they would offer the monkey a shoulder to lean on whenever they are feeling low. However, they might not be able to put up with this for a long time. The monkey lover would garner the feeling that the dog is pulling them behind as they try to explore exciting opportunities in their lives. Therefore, it would not be surprising to find a Dog Monkey break up in search of greener pastures.

Dog Monkey Compatibility: Conclusion

Other couples might struggle to make their love blossom in the end. However, for the Dog Monkey love compatibility, this couple would simply have to bend a little for their relationship to succeed. This is the advantage that they have over other relationships. This means that they should not take for granted the good times that they share together. The main thing that they should fight for in their love match, is for each lover to acknowledge the need for compromise.

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This is what is needed from both sides more so when things seem to be on the wrong end of the line. The couple in the Dog Monkey compatibility should always forgive each other with the main intention of maintaining harmony in their union. Love comes to those who look for it. Consequently, the Dog Monkey Chinese signs should try their best to find each other in this match.

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