3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date a Digital Marketer

Why You Shouldn’t Date A Digital Marketer

Digital marketing has become the order of the day to reach out to more prospective clients. Most companies are investing in it because they see it as the future of vibrant marketing. With this, digital marketers are springing up now and then. Your tendency to meeting a digital marketer is now higher than ever. But, you need to take precaution in case you meet one because digital marketers can be a pain in the ass despite all their credentials. Let me take you to why you shouldn’t date a digital marketer.

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1. You Can’t Stop Them from Stalking You

Digital marketers use the internet and various social media platforms to reach their prospective clients. That means they can be there 24/7. Just as I mentioned that you could spy on your partner’s online activities, but they can also spy on you. You partner can stalk and trap you with your activities online. If you don’t want to be followed, don’t date a digital marketer.

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2. They Will Give More Attention to Clients Online than You

You will see your partner online, but they may never reply to your messages because they are probably busy with a prospective client. You send them a message, and it will take a long time for them to reply, for obvious reasons. This can be upsetting, but they are doing their job. If you can’t contain it, then don’t date a digital marketer.

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3. Don’t Think of Rejecting Their Friend’s Request

Once you choose to date a digital marketer, be ready to date them on social media too. Never think of rejecting their friends request because you are scared of being stalked. They will keep on sending such request since you are also a potential client. So, choose well and then decide if you should or shouldn’t date a digital marketer.