Dating a Dog Walker – 7 Reasons You Must!

Dating A Dog Walker – a Healthy Idea

Dog walkers are many a time seen as not having a decent job, which makes it somehow difficult for them to get a partner. Even though one’s profession and money are meant to be secondary matters when it comes to dating, it is tough to find love if you belong to some class of people or profession. Here are some reasons for dating a dog walker.

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Hence, many people see dog walkers as not earning enough to keep a relationship running smoothly. Because, this can be true in some ways, but when did money or one’s earning became the sole basis for dating? This does not affect men only, but also women. But being a dog walker comes with some qualities and experience, which can be brought to bear in a relationship.

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1. They are the Out-Going Type

You cannot be a dog walker and like staying indoors. Unlike vampires who appear only at night, a dog walker can be seen in the bright day with full of hopes and filled with a smile walking his dog. They are always in a good mood because of the impact of the sunlight. Remember that morning sunlight is a good source of vitamin D. It is what also keeps them smiling all the time and being nice to everyone.

2. Being Surrounded by a Dog

If you are a fan of pets, then going out with a dog walker can be a perfect choice. Dogs are cute, intelligent, and playful, and having them around you is very lovely. It is also worth to know that dogs are very loyal to their masters and can even die for them. So, if you have a dog walker as a partner, you will surely get to know the romantic side of dogs.

3. Always Available

Unless he takes different dogs from different owners to walk, a dog walker works for some few hours in a day. They normally do their daily routine walking in the morning so by mid-morning they are free. Therefore, they can be available from that time when you need them. They can pay you a surprise visit or take you on lunch dates at any point in time.

4. Dating a Dog Walker means Adaptability

So, dog walking is not just an easy job as it may look on the surface. But, walkers sometimes go through tough times, including bad weather. Imagine dog walking in the scorching sun or rainy condition. What if the dog gets aggressive in public? In all this, he can easily adapt and manage the situation. Being able to adapt to all conditions is one of the important qualities of dating and marriage. As life comes with its ups and downs, having such traits can be very helpful.

5. They are Caring

You can never be a successful dog walker if you are not caring enough. So, dog walkers are very caring and loving. If they can care for dogs, how much more humancan they be? But, they can translate these qualities into their dating life. A dog walker partner can show you all the love, care and make you feel like a queen.

6. They are Healthy

He may be dog walking, but at the same time burning some calories, which is just an advantage. But as already mentioned, dog walkers are not just a bunch of lazy dudes as their job is not that easy. Since the job is physically demanding, it needs a lot of energy. So, Isn’t it awesome to have a healthy partner?

7. They also have Dreams

We all dream of a better life and dog walkers are no exception. So, just as you have plans for a better future, dog walkers have the same. Just that the current situation may not be favorable.

dating a dog walker

So, many people are in that business to have money to seek themselves out in other fields, be it in education or starting a business. Because it may even be a way of gathering enough experience to start their dog walking business. But in each case, there is a dream, and they are just working to achieve it.

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Dating a Dog Walker: Conclusion

You may not regard what they do for a living; nonetheless, they are awesome people to be with. Don’t only pay attention to their job. Rather, look at their qualities and what they have to offer. If you have any dog walker knocking at the door if your heart, give him or her a chance and thank me later.