Dating a Prince: Don’t Let Him Prince Slip Through Your Fingers

Why Shouldn’t You Lose A Prince While Dating?

Dating a Prince is on the wish list of many women. It comes with prestige, honor, respect, and fame. Do you know why everyone is currently searching for who Meghan Markle is? It is because she is dating Prince Harry. Even though she was famous in her own right, it has increased astronomically. There are many other reasons to date a prince, and I will share a few with you here.

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1. The Prestige Comes With

Dating a prince comes with its prestige and honor. You will be respected everywhere you go and have access to things and places you wouldn’t have if not for dating a prince. Imagine having unlimited access to the Buckingham Palace.

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2. Your Offspring Will Forever Remain Royals

Also, if the relationship can end with marriage, then be rest assured that your children will be of royal blood. Do you know what this means? One day your child may ascend to the throne if applicable.

3. Dating a Prince: You, Will Be Called Princess

By courtesy, your name will become Princess ….., once you marry a prince. In case your husband becomes the King, you will be the Queen, according to the customs of the country.

4. Living in the Palace

But, have you ever imagined how living in a palace looks like? Dating a prince can offer you such an opportunity. Even though your prince husband has a private home, you may be required to live in the palace for some time and places you wouldn’t have. This is to ensure proper grooming so that you can live according to your new status. Your husband is a potential King. So per customs, you will undergo severe grooming in the palace.

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5. Living a Luxurious Life

Also, royalty comes with luxury. So as you date a Prince, you are going to enjoy a luxurious life you couldn’t afford some time back.

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