Dating a Salesperson – The Highs And Lows!

8 Things You Should Know Before Dating A Salesperson

Salespersons are good at identifying prospects and closing deals with just a snap of the finger. But they are smart, most of them are good looking and well skilled in what they do. Dating a salesperson can be fun! But do you know dating them is as great as they close deals? So, if you are in search of a partner, consider these points to date a salesperson.

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1. Great Listening Skills

They have ears for everything, so they set on the path to convincing new clients. If salespersons have great listening skills, they don’t interrupt anyhow.

So they wait for clients and potential clients to express their views and misgivings before they come in to clear things up to them what the two eyes and one mouth means, but listen more and speak less. Thus dating a salesperson who listens and talks less can be a great experience.

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2. Communication Skills

Convincing someone to sign up to package is never an easy task. But salespersons make it look easy due to their excellent communication skills. They are about to communicate and persuade all kinds of people, if illiterate or educated. So we all know the importance of communication in a relationship. So having a person with excellent communication skills would make problem-solving less stressful.

3. Job Security

With the challenging economic standards worldwide, no one wants to date an unemployed person or someone without job security. But you are good if you are dating a salesperson because they easily find a job as their profession is high in demand. Every company is putting up talented salespersons to sell out their products and services. So your partner may never be without a job only if they are hardworking.

4. They Have Thick Skin

So, salespersons face rejection from potential clients almost every day, and they have learned to live with it. But they are not easily affected by criticisms from clients, and they can receive it wholeheartedly. So your salesperson partner wouldn’t take offense when you offer constructive criticisms. When they are wrong, they will easily accept it without any contentions.

5. They Easily Compromise

They easily compromise on to meet the client’s needs and expectations. But there are many times they go through this to be able to close a deal. Compromising is one of the qualities of a successful relationship. Having a partner who easily compromises, means you can easily reach a consensus when making decisions.

6. The Earn Good Salaries

This point does not apply to all salespersons because it mostly depends on one’s output. But in percentage, many salespersons earn a good income.

Dating a Salesperson

But the secret about this profession is that you earn according to the number of deals you can close. So if your partner is hardworking, he/she can earn enough to contribute to the paying of bills.

7. They can be Committed

Just as they are committed to their job and always bent on catching that big fish of a client, they can be very committed when dating. They have no time for games, but they don’t expect games from potential clients. When you date such a person, rest assured of his/her commitment to you.

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8. They are Hot

Hence it seems to me that having good looks is one of the requirements for salespersons. Because every salesperson I have personally encountered is good looking with a pleasant personality. So if you want such qualities in a potential partner, a salesperson can be your best bet.

Dating A Salesperson: Conclusion

All the points have got you thinking and give a better idea about salespersons. So if you are currently considering a new relationship, try a salesperson.

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