Dating a Soldier – 14 Reasons It is the Best Choice

14 Things To Know About Dating A Soldier

Dating a soldier is not something many women would want to consider. Soldiers put their lives on the line to save others, and no one wants to be a widow at an early age. But is that a justified reason? Everybody will die at a point in time. So, whether early or late it is still death.

Just joking though! But on a more serious note, soldiers are special people to date. They are lovely, protective and caring. What about the uniform factor? I normally get turned on by people in uniform.

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I have a thousand and reasons to why you should date a soldier, but let’s consider a few of them in this article.

1. The Uniform Factor

I can’t begin this article with any other point than this. Men in uniform are hot, and they accord a lot of respect in social settings. Seeing your soldier partner well dressed in the camouflage uniform will be a proud moment for you.

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2. They are Very Protective

If you are dating a soldier, he wouldn’t want to see even a scratch on the body of people they love. They are trained to protect people even at the expense of their own lives. Your partner will put in place mechanisms to ensure your safety. All you need is to allow them to do it.

3. They are Caring

Soldiers were very caring and wouldn’t want to see people they love go through pain. Through wars, they have seen many people suffer. They will not want to see you go through the same thing. As they know the importance of caring, you will have a bunch of it.

4. Your Best Friend

Aside from being your partner, you will also become his best friend. With their experience at the war front, they appreciate the importance of friendship, as they become each other’s keeper. There is no doubt that for a relationship to last longer, partners must also become best friends. As he knows the importance of friendship, you will surely become his friend and lover.

5. They are Brave

Who sees death and still goes near it? There is a saying that no one goes near fire expecting nothing hot. They see death but still go near it to protect their country. Soldiers are courageous and won’t be scared of that little mouse tormenting your life.

6. They Appreciate Life

Soldiers do appreciate and value life because they’ve witnessed many people die like flies. They know that life is like a passing wind; it goes and never returns. So they will value the time they spend with you and will always be grateful that you are around to make him feel special.

7. He Will Appreciate You

He wouldn’t only appreciate and value life, but also you. You came around when many people turned them down. You’ve been his friend, companion, inspirer, and motivator. Just as you make him feel special, he will surely return that gesture. Even when he is not around, you will receive his letters for you to know he appreciates you.

8. You, Will, Learn Many Things from Him

Soldiers know about different culture, lifestyle, and cuisines of many countries. They learn this when they go to wars or peacekeeping. You will get the chance to learn many things from other countries when he returns home. Don’t worry if they keep you in suspense.

9. Many Stories to Share

Just as you will get to learn many things from him, he will also have a lot of stories to share with you. He will share both good and horror stories.

How he was able to escape a new death situation, the heroic moment when he saved a child from a terrorist, he may even try to create a movie in your mind. Don’t worry; he is just trying to share. Sharing is caring; remember that when dating a soldier.

10. They can be Very Romantic

Soldiers live every moment as if it was their last. They believe that just like wind, they can die at any moment. So when they are doing anything, they put in all their best. We all see soldiers as very rigid and unromantic. But I tell you what; they are one of the romantic guys you can find around. You will live to appreciate the high romantic level he will take you.

11. They are Disciplined

If you know any group of disciplined people than soldiers, I am ready to be educated. Soldiers don’t joke with their time, exercising and orders.

If he says at 4 pm, it is 4 pm and not 4:1. You will pick up the traits of discipline as you live with him for a long time. This can have a positive impact on your life in the long round if you are dating a soldier.

12. The Thought of Having Time for Yourself

You can have time for yourself when you are dating a soldier. This is when duty calls on him to go an assignment. Even aside from that, they have busy daily schedules. So you can have time for yourself, friends and family. You can have time to chill with special people.

13. They are Strong

No guy can mess with you when you are dating a soldier — they physically strong own to the vigorous exercise they go through each day. So you mess with their partners, you have them to beat.

dating a soldier

I don’t need to tell you that they are also strong in bed. Also, you can count on him when it comes to helping you with some heavy lifting.

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14. Dating a Soldier can be Emotional

I always say they soldiers have the heart of kids. They may seem very though outside, but they can get emotional. Seeing people die each day gets them very emotional even though they are trained to be though. You should know that they have a heart and are not animals. Your soldier partner can, therefore, be very emotional with you.

Are you shocked by the reasons given? You should know that they are first a human being before becoming soldiers. They also have a heart and goes through what every normal human being goes through. You should, therefore, have no doubts when it comes to dating a soldier.

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