Boss Hates You – True or False!

12 Signs Your Boss Doesn’t Like You

The last thing every worker wants is to be on the wrong side of his/her boss. It is every worker’s dream to build a harmonious relationship with co-workers and superiors. If your boss hates you, it makes you office life unbearable and very uncomfortable.

Working with a boss who hates you can makes your experience at the workplace and your entire career a living hell. This is because they are decisions makers to your promotion or demotion, pay rise or pay cut and performance review all lies in their bosom.

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Problem if Your Boss Hates You

So when fall on their bad side, you are really in a big problem. So how can you find out that your boss hates you? This is not easy as it may sound because some people are perfect in hiding their real feelings towards people. They can smile with you and stab you at the back.

So for professional conduct and ethics of his/her office, your boss may want to hide their real feelings towards you, so if they hate you, it becomes difficult to know. That said, some obvious signs and clues can help you determine whether your boss hates you. So, if your boss shows the below signs, then surely your boss hates you.

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1. If They Treat You Differently

You can know your boss has an ill feeling towards you when they treat others differently than you. They may try to be very free with your other colleagues and share witty jokes with them. But, when it comes to you, the mode always changes. If your boss shows such signs, then you may be on his hate list.

2. Not Involving You in Decision Making

Will you ever seek advice or the input of someone you hate? The answer is a big no! So if during decision making especially in your field of expertise and your boss refuses to seek your input, then the signs are clear. He doesn’t want you to feel important or valued in the office. So even if you have the best of ideas, you would have to keep it to yourself. Even if your input is taken, it may not be implemented at the final stage.

3. They Won’t Look at You in the Eye

One of the best forms of effective communication is having eye contact. But if your boss doesn’t like you, he wouldn’t even make an effort to have a close eye contact with you during a conversation. So he or she will look elsewhere or focus on a computer or book when talking to you.

When your boss does this all the time, then you are not one of his/her favorite. That said, some people are naturally shy and cannot make long eye contact. So, your boss may happen to be one.

4. They May Not Smile When You are Around

When your boss always has a straight face and wouldn’t dare to smile or laugh to something funny when you are around, then something is wrong somewhere. Yes, there are times he or she may not be in a good mood. But, if he always shows such an attitude when you are around, then he hates you.

5. They Try to Control You and No One Else

Also, if your boss starts to monitor you and interfere with your work, then it’s either he doesn’t trust you or suspects you. Micromanaging you all the time can make you feel intimidated and suffocated. Some may even go to the extent of being abusive or bullying.

6. They Try Always to Avoid You

Your boss may try to avoid you in various ways. They never want to meet you one on one, never want to have long eye contact with you. And, they may even use the stairs when they find you in the elevator. If your boss tries to avoid you anytime possible, then there is a problem.

7. They Don’t Acknowledge Your Presence

If your boss always decides to greet other workers but refuses to acknowledge your presence, you have to cause to worry about. This is one of the signs that your boss doesn’t like you.

8. They are Brief with You

Spending substantial time with you may be like spending time in the devil to your boss. They try as much as possible to be very brief with you.

So he/she will begin to give straight answers to your question and always go straight to the point. For example, when you ask, how are you? He/she may say “ok” without asking how you also are.

9. They Limit Inter-personal Communication

If your boss truly doesn’t like you, they may find other ways to communicate with you than having a one-on-one conversation.

They may resort to the use of emails for official communications than telling you in person. If your boss suddenly changes your mode of communicating, they begin to suspect something.

10. They May Not Invite You to Partake in Special Meetings

When your boss hates you, seeing you is like seeing the devil. And everyone wants to avoid being in contact with the devil. So to prevent this, your boss may not invite you to special meetings. He may also exclude you from a special project, which may come directly under his supervision.

boss hates you

11. You are Always in Disagreement

If your boss is in constant disagreement with your opinions, then, there is something fishy. If your boss hates you, they may try to shut down all your ideas and opinions even if it sounds logical. They don’t want to give you any credit, therefore, wouldn’t take your opinions.

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12. They Always Assign You Difficult or Menial Task

Your boss may want to see you fail to have a point as to whether to sack you or even cut your pay. With this, he/she may always assign you with difficult tasks, which are nearly impossible to achieve.

On the other hand, they may assign you with jobs no one wants to do. A project, which is way below your standard and competence. This may show that they don’t like you.

Boss Hates You: Conclusion

Thus, there are several other signs you can read to determine whether your boss hates you. After finding out the symptoms, try as much as possible to resolve issues with him/her. Otherwise, you may never be happy at work.

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