Dating Tips for Stutterers – Make It Your Strength

Dating Tips for Stutterers Made Easy

Stuttering has become a hindrance for many people preventing them from dating. Stutters mostly feel shy and lack the confidence to approach people they love. It is also sad to note that stutters are mostly stereotyped due to their conditions. But there is still hope for stutterers. There are methods they can employ to have a successful relationship. Here are some dating tips for stutterers who are seeking to start a relationship.

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1. Don’t Allow the Condition to Define Who You Are

Everybody has a form of disability, just that some people’s disability is obvious and easily noticed. So despite you being a stutterer, don’t allow it to define who you are. You have other credentials. So, why don’t you make them your strength instead of hiding because of your condition? Thus, your date may be attracted to your credential and overlook your condition.

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2. Don’t Accept it as a Flaw

Also, most stutterers consider their condition as a flaw. But, that prevents them from achieving what they intend to. Yes, you are a stutterer, so what? This doesn’t make you any less a human, therefore go for whatever you want. Go on and propose to the person you are interested in and you will be surprised that he/she has been admiring you from afar.

3. Disclose Your Condition In Case You are Blind Dating

With the availability of social media platforms and dating websites, blind dating has increased more than ever. So if you are to meet someone you are interested in online and eventually start a blind date, it is essential to disclose the condition to him or her. You don’t have to pull it as a surprise during your first date because it can create a feeling of deception. So, even before you arrange the first date, let the person be in the know, if he/she likes you, they will surely show up.

4. Choose a Better Way of Communication

Also, some people have an extreme type of stuttering, and verbal communication becomes very difficult. If you are such a type, find another way to communicate that makes you comfortable. So, instead of talking on the phone, you can choose to send messages. There are several apps, including Whatsapp, that you can rely on for constant communication.

5. Dating Tips for Stutterers: Be Confident

Stuttering can take away one’s self-confidence and make them timid or shy. But to overcome that stereotype, you need to be confident despite the condition. So, instead of hiding the condition, you can choose to even crack jokes around it. This will send a strong signal to others that you are not perturbed about the condition. Thus, your date will know that the stuttering doesn’t affect who you are.

6. Don’t Talk About the Condition Negatively

People judge you according to the way you see and judge yourself. If you make the condition an issue, people will also make an issue of out of it. So, don’t be negative about the condition and don’t feel pity for yourself. It is no fault of yours that you are a stutter. You were born with it or got it due to a medical condition.

dating tips for stutterers

So don’t be mean to yourself or act as if the condition has made you less human. If your date notices you don’t talk bad about it, they won’t make it a focal point.

7. Let Your Date Know You Are Not Bothered When They Talk About It

It is normal to sometimes feel a little jittery when people talk about the condition, especially if they are using it to demean you. Anything aside from that shouldn’t be a big deal. Let your partner feel free to talk about the condition, so far as they are not making fun of you. This will make him or her feel very comfortable when around you.

8. Dating a Fellow Stutterer

I didn’t want to say this, but it is also an option when looking for a partner as a stutter. To prevent any form of stereotype, you can choose to date another stutterer.

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As you both have the same condition; you wouldn’t have a challenge proposing. But in the medical and biological sense, this may not be advisable. But never Allow Your Disability to be An Inability.