Lawmaker is Dating a Lobbyist – Rules to Follow

Rules To Follow Lawmaker to Date a Lobbyist

A relationship between a lawmaker and a lobbyist is mostly seen as inappropriate because it can result in a conflict of interest. But can this be prevented? The answer is no because love knows no profession. With this, some rules must be adhered to in case a lawmaker falls in love with a lobbyist. Here are few of such rules when a lawmaker is dating a lobbyist.

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1. Draw a Line Between Your Job and Relationship

Drawing a line between your job as a lawmaker and your partner’s job as a lobbyist and the relationship can be very difficult but possible to achieve. The best way to achieve this is not to discuss work-related issues while at home. Anything professional should remain in the workplace to prevent your partner from lobbying you to champion his or her agenda.

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2. You Must excuse Yourself from Committees Discussing Issues

To prevent any form of conflict of interest, you must excuse yourself from committees formed by the House to discuss issues your partner has an interest in. Your influence in the decision making can be critical and may compromise other members, especially if you are the head of such a committee.

Excusing yourself will save your image and prevent people from accusing you of conflict of interest in case the said agenda you partner is connected to get the approval of the House.

3. Be Transparent

One important rule when dating a lobbyist as a lawmaker is being transparent. You can make the relationship known to the house to avoid “surprises” when issues of your relationship start to crop up. You should also comply with all the laws that apply to such a relationship. This can help prevent any suspicions.

4. Keep it Professional

Keeping the relationship professional is a way to go when a lawmaker is dating a lobbyist. Be as professional as possible, and don’t mix business with pleasure. Your relationship with the lobbyist should not affect your sense of judgment.

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5. Be Vigilant

Your partner may have other friends who are also lobbyists and may want to use your partner as a bridge to reach you. Be very careful of such people and let your partner understand that such acts are prohibited.

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6. Don’t Allow Your Partner to Lobby You

Once you are a lawmaker, your partner may find it necessary to lobby you to get some things done. But you must try your possible best to avoid such occurrences. Your partner shouldn’t have an unfair advantage over other lobbyists just because she is dating you.