What If Your Girlfriend Is Your Mother’s Age?

Man Dating A Woman Of His Mother’s Age

It is mostly said that age is just a number, but I beg to differ on this. Age is not only a number because you can never cheat nature. People say that to achieve their local interest, especially in a relationship. Dating someone older than you comes with several complications. That notwithstanding it can be fun and adventurous.

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There are things you need to know to make such a relationship successful. So if you are currently considering to date an older woman, here are some things to know.

1. You are From Different Generations with Different Lifestyle

She may have been born in the 60s while you were born in the 80s. Each of these generations had its lifestyle and culture. This will come to play when you decide to date an older woman.

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Her ideologies may be defined by her times, and that can be different from yours, and that can be conflicting. Her sense of fashion, favorite dish and lifestyle may not meet your expectations. You will, therefore, have to compromise or meet her half-way to make everybody happy.

2. Different Approach Towards Life

At her age, she may be planning for her retirement or has already retired. What is left is for her to enjoy a better life and a piece of mind. As young as you are, you may be starting life, now started working, living with your parents now planning your life.

So while one is in retirement, the other is now starting a career. These are opposite and can be difficult to relate. So get to know what she expects from the relationship to prevent putting undue pressure on yourself.

3. She May behaving a Family

Older women are more likely to have their own family. She may be a widow, divorced or married by cheating on her husband. So what if she is the latter. Will you still enjoy such a relationship? This means commitment is out and their relationship is just for pleasure.

If she is a widow or divorced, it is likely she has her children. Are you ready to act as a stepfather to her father? Ok look at it this way, she already has children and may not want to give birth again, meaning she can’t bear your children.

As a young guy, you may want to have children and build a family. If this is your dream, then dating an older woman is a waste of time.

4. Sexual Satisfaction

An older woman cannot satisfy you as a woman of your age will. She may need terrific sex but how many times? Unlike dating a young woman who you can bonk almost every day, you won’t have same with the older woman.

She can’t give you all the crazy sex positions depending on her age. You may have to resort to the missionary style all the time.

5. They Know What They Want

Older women know exactly what she wants from a new relationship. It may be for sexual satisfaction, companionship or the fun aspect of it.

She will make her needs clear so it will be up to you to meet those needs. You should know that her needs and wants may be entirely different from yours and that can make you unhappy.

6. You Should Know about Her Health

Depending on the age group you are dating, your older partner may be having health issues. We get weak as we age and that comes with different health problems.

You should, therefore, know about her health status. You should also know that her health wouldn’t permit her to things you will on a regular occasion do with someone of your age. Also if you are looking for a long-term relationship, then really need to rethink.

Will you able to sustain the love and also take care of her as she gets older. Can you sacrifice all the happiness that comes with being young for the old woman? You need to critically consider all these.

7. She May not be Committed

As already noted. An older woman knows exactly what she wants in a relationship. This means she won’t be committed especially if she is married. All they want is for you to meet what they need and that is all.

dating middle aged woman

You can call it selfishness, but to her, it is setting her priorities right. Except you are also in for a particular reason, you may be the loser at the end.

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8. They Come With Experience

You should know that an older woman comes into a relationship with lots of experience. Experience from life and unsuccessful relationships. She may be using this as a guide as she starts a new relationship and that can be challenging for you.

She has seen it all, and you may be a beginner. Her life experience can be intimidating because she knows about the excuses men usually give, she knows it when you are cheating and the many other things that happen in a relationship.

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