Clothes To Wear On A First Date

Clothes To Wear On A First Date

The first date is probably the most important meeting in your relationship. It can be a very stressful experience, but if done right, it can lead you to many more dates. One of the most important questions when going on the first date is “What to wear?” The first impression is critical. Accordingly, read further to find out what outfit better to choose.

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Find out where you are going

Before choosing your outfit to the first date, it is imperative to find out where you are going. You will probably not be comfortable wearing a dress to go bungee jumping, or jeans at a fancy restaurant. If your date wants to surprise you and doesn’t tell you the exact plan, simply ask how you should dress; casual or formal.

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Keep to your personal style

Although you might want to impress your date of how knowledgeable you are in the latest fashion, the first date is probably not the right time to do it. If it is normal for you to wear the latest fashion, they probably know that already and will not be surprised. But if you suddenly change your look dramatically, it might give the wrong impression. Also try not to make big changes just before the date, like dying your hair in a different color.

Comfort is the key

You know that your legs look gorgeous in those high heels, but you can barely walk in them. Or your suit makes your body look slim, but you it is a bit tight. When going on a first date, better choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in. You don’t know where the evening is going to take you.

If you constantly need to fix up your outfit, it will distract both you and your date. Plus avoid choosing clothing that might stain. If you are a nervous person, better don’t choose a white dress on which you could drop a piece of your food on.

Compliment your body

While you are still getting to know your partner, choose an outfit that compliments your body. Hide out the things you are not comfortable with. While you are getting to know each other, a big part of your attraction is your looks.

Consider the taste of your partner

Overly ambitious style choices might give the wrong impression to your date. The first date might not be the time to wear a shirt with a loud message on it. Or if your partner is shorter than you, wearing super high heels might make them feel bad (or not, but you will only find it out later, if you have the chance).

Maybe your date is very classy and doesn’t accept some of the newest fashion trends. The first date should be positively surprising and you should focus on your personalities, not your looks.

Before dressing up

You can wear the fanciest outfit there is, but it will not matter if you don’t take care of your hygiene. Make sure that you have taken proper care of your body. Also, go easy on the makeup. Most men will appreciate if you bring out your natural beauty. Accent your best features, but don’t consider your first date a chance to show off all your painting skills on your face.

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Another important factor is not to overdo with perfume. Scientists believe that we are attracted to each other by our natural smell. Wearing too much perfume is never a good idea. You never know, your date might be allergic to it, and it can completely ruin your night.

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