Dating a Cop: The Best and Worst!

What Is It Like Dating A Cop?

Are you considering dating a cop or has a cop asked you out? Here are the reasons to say yes to the proposal.

1. Black Uniform

As if it’s a charm or something, but many people find men in uniform very attractive and this also applies to cops. But, this is not surprising because the uniform usually comes with power, and women love men with power and respect. Dating a cop will raise your status, and you will gain respect.

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2. Protective

So, the primary job of cops is to serve and protect individuals in the communities they operate. But, they don’t mind sacrificing their lives to protect others. Dating a cop will, therefore, mean getting adequate security. Your partner will protect you from the bad nuts in the community.

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3. Profession is Respected

Their profession comes with prestige and honor. They are seen as heroes because of the services they render. So your date will make you proud, and you will be pampered. On the other side, your parents will welcome the idea of you dating a cop.

4. Deal with Emergencies

When they say freeze, you better do, there may be an emergency at hand. But, cops are very good at managing emergencies since they are trained to handle crowds, evacuations, and calm situations. You wouldn’t have to panic during an emergency.

5. Good Communicators

Cops are trained to be good communicators. But they know how to siphon information from criminals without breaking a sweat. Aside from that, they are good listeners. So, having a partner with good communication skills enhances the relationship.

6. Importance of a Good Relationship

But there is one thing about cops. They don’t joke with their relationship. Officers, most of the time, work with partners and are each other’s keepers. They know the importance of being loyal to their work partners. Thus, they can extend this trait into their relationship. When you are a loyal partner, they will also show loyalty.

dating a cop

7. Have Enough Time for Yourself

This goes to people who are independent-minded and requires space when dating. Cops have busy schedules, and the job is very demanding. If you are the independent type, you will enjoy dating a cop. You will have time for yourself to pursue your interests and spend time with family and friends. There are several other reasons to say yes to a cop. Follow your heart and have the best relationship experience.

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