Dating a Marketer : 9 Qualities to Look Out For!

Are You Dating A Marketer?

Many marketers are creative people who help companies to sell their products and services to a large number of people. But they employ several marketing strategies to put across messages that resonate with their target audience for them to take action by patronizing a company’s product or service. It seems I am going off track, so let me focus on the purpose of this piece. While talking about reasons for dating a marketer, do I even have to give reasons as you why you need to date a marketer? At least for the benefit of those who are new to the exploits of marketers and have never experienced how wonderful it is to date one. So, now I present to you with nine reasons to date a marketer.

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1. Addicted to Social Media if you are dating a marketer

Electronic media has become a vibrant tool for almost all marketers except for those who were “BBC” (born before computer). Talking about electronic media, marketers are currently exploiting the benefits of social media to reach thousands of people with just a click. With this, they are addicted to social media. Not for the negatives but the positive sides.

Ok wait, you are thinking about how that can improve a relationship right? Because no one wants to date someone who spends more time on social media than on them. However, dating someone with social media skills can also help you promote your work through that channel. You will learn how to create posts that can attract attention. This is a win-win right?

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2. Effective Analyzing

It is their job to do market research to find ways to reach people from different demographics. This is how they bring in their analytic qualities. They can bring these qualities to their daily lives and dating. But, your marketer partner can easily analyze your mood and know-how to approach you on issues. They have the skills to market a product or services to an angry or furious person, so your partner will know how to deal with you during such times.

3. Always Armed with Strategies

Marketers have learned to always prepare ahead. Yeah, they need to move beyond time to be able to remain relevant in the market. Bringing up new strategies to improve the mileage of a brand is a daily thing.

They can develop strategies to counter the campaigns of rival companies to be able to keep their products/services on top. As a key strategist, your partner can help in developing marketing strategies for you.

If he/she notices that you have a weak marketing plan, they can help you to develop a new one, which can attract your targets. So when you date a marketer, he/she can help you improve your business.

4. Help You To Avoid Impulse Buying

Their work is to attract people to buy the products of their company, but your partner can save you from impulse buying. We all do follow advertisements to make purchases sometimes. However, we later realize we didn’t need the product. Knowing the ins-and-outs of marketing, he/she can notice a ploy when they sense one.

They know promotions are meant to sell out products, which are near expiration, or the company wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. But your partners won’t let you fall for such ploys.

5. They are Great Researchers

They don’t only do research on how their target audience will accept a new product being introduced to the market, but also their competitors’ products. This makes them great researchers you can bet on. When your partner can help you with your research to improve your small business. They can also help you to find the best products on the market. This can save you time and money in your search for quality products.

6. Creativity at its Best

Can I say they are born creative? No, but I am free to say that they have learned how to be creative. Coming up with strategies now and then is not an easy thing. But the creativity of marketers makes it look as easy as eating cheese. When they can think out of the box to develop creative marketing campaigns and ideas that can make you buy what you don’t need. Their creativity is infectious, and dating a marketer can bring out the creative side of you. You can come up with ideas on your own and find ways to improve your business or profession.

7. Dating a Marketer means Something New

Call it curiosity, but to them, it is staying current. They want to know about new emerging products and how they’re doing on the market. All news that have a direct impact on their profession and even those, which are just for entertainment. They want to stay current, and that can also help them in their new marketing strategy. If your partners are current, you will also be current. They will tell you are the current stuff happening across the globe.

8. Good Communicators

Marketers communicate with their target audience through the ideas and campaign strategies they devise. They work hand in hand with other people in the organization, including advertisers to come up with their strategies. So communication is never a problem. You already know the importance of communication in a relationship.

dating a marketer

9. They are Friendly and Sociable

An anti-social can never be a good marketer because he/she would have problems reaching out to others. But, the primary job description of a marketer is to reach out to as many people as possible.

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Because of their friendly and social skills, they can reach out to people with ease. As I said, a marketer can sell you a product you don’t need. But how do they achieve this while approaching you in a friendly manner to introduce their products? You can also learn this skill to be friendly. Because, through that, you can build networks with people, you would need help from one day.