10 Communication Mistakes Every Couple Makes And How To Solve Them

10 Biggest Communication Mistakes Between Couples

There are times in every relationship when communication is everything. When arguing or making important decisions communication plays an important role. Sometimes couples make mistakes when talking to each other and it can cause a lot of issues in the relationships.

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Here are the most common communication mistakes that every couple makes from time to time. Read and see how to solve them.

10 Common Communication Mistakes

1. Talking Too Much

Although communication is essential in all relationships, saying too much can be a problem. Every person is different and perhaps like to process things differently. When you want to talk, your partner might want to just keep to themselves. It is healthier for a relationship to find different ways to connect and feel close to each other.

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2. Expect Your Partner To Read Your Mind

Unfortunately, humans are not capable of reading each other´s minds. In some cases, you might think that your partner will understand what you are thinking and feeling. But as you probably noticed, it is not always the case. In fact, sometimes you can even get upset because your partner didn’t perceive your mood correctly. This is often a cause for fights because most women expect their partners to know how they feel. The best way to solve this issue is to tell what you want and need simply.

3. Interrupting

When you and your partner are speaking, interrupting them constantly is never a good idea. When you are arguing, never try to interrupt your partner’s argument or shout louder. By interrupting you are sending a message to your partner that what you are saying is more important than what they have to say. Be patient and wait for your partner to finish their thought before talking.

4. Getting Carried Away With Emotions

If you feel angry and start a fight, it might not lead to a productive solution. Before starting an argument with your partner, think about what you want to gain from the conversation. If you feel angry, you are probably just looking for a way to feel better.

Shouting at your partner, being condescending, using sarcasm will only make your partner shut down emotionally. Try to calm down before you talk to your partner, that way you might come to a solution, not more problems.

5. Being Passive Aggressive

If you want to have a healthy and productive discussion, be honest. Telling directly what you think and want is the way to resolve issues. Being passively aggressive will only cause more issues between you two.

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6. Avoiding Conflict Situations

If something is bothering you in your relationship, don’t try to avoid it. Arguments are necessary for every relationship because the solutions to problems can be found. But, if you try to avoid talking about something uncomfortable, it will probably eat you up with time. If you can´t deal with difficult issues, you can also always ask for help from a professional.

7. Attacking Your Partners Character

Everyone makes mistakes. If your partner has done something wrong, it can be hurtful and annoying. Attacking a person´s character is not the way to express your frustration. Try avoiding phrases that make the other person feel inadequate, but explain why the situation has made you angry.

8. Bringing Up Past Arguments

You probably have fought before and seemingly worked out some issues. If you have told your partner that you forgave something, never bring it up again. Nagging them about past mistakes will only drive you further apart.

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9. Walk In Your Partners Shoes

From time to time you have to remember that relationship is between two people with different life experiences. You might think that you are always right, but try to listen to your partner´s opinion too. Don´t dismiss their ideas because of your beliefs. When making a decision, consider both views.

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10. Scheduling Issues

You might be a person that likes to stick to a plan, while your partner is entirely spontaneous. Issues with planning are often a cause for frustration and arguments in a relationship. You both need to find a compromise. Your partner will have to learn how to go with your plan from time to time. You, on the other hand, should let go of your need to control and just go with their ideas.

To sum it up, if you have experienced any of these communication mistakes, you will know how devastating they can turn out to be. If you haven’t experienced any of them yet, remember what you learned and avoid having any problems when communicating with your partner.

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