Dating a Psychologist – What is it Like?

11 Surprising Reasons for Dating a Psychologist

The idea of dating a psychologist may be received with mixed feelings for several reasons. Will he/she analyze my mental health secretly or be suspicious of my mental health? These were some of the concerns people raised when asked if they would ever date a psychologist. But, there are special reasons to date a therapist. It is time you said yes to that psychologist who has been proposing for some time now. Here are some reasons for dating a psychologist.

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1. They are Great Listeners

A psychologist is a great listener and has time for his or her clients. They are trained to do so to prescribe an effective solution. It is good to know that they are not judgemental and listen to clients with a clear mind. Dating such a person means, you have an ear who would listen to you whenever you have a problem.

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2. They can Keep Secrets

A psychologist will never disclose a client’s information to a third party, except by court order. Their patients entrust them with their secrets, and they make sure to keep it as such. So you can trust him/her with all your secrets, and no one would get to know.

3. They are Great Counsellors

Whatever your problem is, he/she can find you useful advice. This is what they do for a living, and they are great in it. They can help you in making wise decisions, and you would thank them later. Whenever you need advice, you can rely on him/her for an effective one.

4. They are Compassionate

A psychologist always tries to empathize with their clients as much as possible to offer good advice. They can take your problem as theirs and offer advice as they would have offered themselves if in such a situation. Having such a compassionate partner is sexy, isn’t it?

5. They Have a Secured Job

You wouldn’t have to worry about him/her becoming jobless one day. As the stress and complications of the world keep increasing, a psychologist has a secured job. The demand for psychologists is very high in many countries. Who doesn’t want a partner with a secured job?

6. They Understand Your Emotional Needs

He/she is aware of all your emotional needs and can meet those needs whenever possible. Don’t worry about feeling weak when around him/her. When they notice that, your wellbeing would be their priority.

7. Dating a Psychologist means Optimism

Psychologists have positive instincts. They are always optimistic about finding a lasting solution to the problems of their clients. If one method doesn’t work, a different one would surely do. Unless a client gives up, he/she wouldn’t. If you were to date such a person, he/she wouldn’t easily give up on the relationship.

8. Good Communicators

Aside from being great listeners, psychologists have impeccable communication skills. They can retrieve information using diverse skills. Some of their clients normally try to hide some information about their conditions. But, trust the psychologist of getting that information to be able to give workable solutions. They talk out their clients to accept their weaknesses to be able to make informed decisions.

9. Nothing Surprises Them

In their line of work, they hear different stories of addictions, personal traumas, and harming secrets, among others. So your story is nothing new to them. They may have heard similar ones dozens of times. They have also witnessed crazy stuff, so are not worried when they encounter any. Yes, they know about human behaviors, and that keeps them going.

Dating a psychologist

10. They are Aware of Their Weaknesses

Psychologists also have their fears and weaknesses, just like every human being. They make mistakes, becomes emotional and even aggressive sometimes. So, they don’t pretend to be perfect and admit that they are sometimes wrong. Don’t be surprised when your partner expresses views and sentiments just as you do. They are not superhumans.

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11. Home is Home when dating a Psychologist

Home is never an extension of their office. Being a psychologist out there doesn’t mean he/she would be a psychologist home. They know how to draw the line and wouldn’t try analyzing each of your behaviors when home.

Dating a Psychologist: Summary

I don’t mean to suggest that psychologists are angels. No, far from that! They are like any other human being but with a distinctive trait. Before you fall for him/her, you should also analyze their personality. Good luck!

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