Dating a Swimmer – 7 Things to Know

7 Reasons to Date a Swimmer

Dating a swimmer is not only fun but can be very adventurous. As a non-swimmer, I always get fascinated when I watch swimmers do the butter and the other techniques. I wish I were dating one but poor me; I am already engaged. But to you out there, if you share the same interests, here are reasons to consider dating a swimmer.

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1. Dating A Swimmer Means Cleanliness

Who enters the water and still comes out dirty? Swimmers are always clean due to the strong hygienic requirements of swimming. So, swimmer employs the best methods to keep the body clean for dirt and bacterial before jumping into the pool. Also, the swimming pools are normally heavily chlorinated to prevent bacteria from the pools.

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2. They Eat a Lot

They use a lot of energy when swimming, so they eat a lot as a source of their energy. So if you are a foodie, your great compatriot can be a swimmer. Since they love to eat, you wouldn’t feel shy eating a lot when around him/her. Thus dating a swimmer sounds like a great relief right?

3. They have a Fantastic Physique

One thing I love about swimmers is physical stature. So they are well built with muscles, broad shoulders and abs. Wait, forgot about the six-pack, which even makes them more attractive. Being with such a guy is a plus on its own.

4. That Spectacular Look when they’re out of the Water

When you usually see them in the water displaying their skills and swimming like fishes. But have you ever seen them in a suit before? But you will be amazed to see them looking all sexy outside the water. They will introduce you to it. I love this part most. Even though I don’t know how to swim now, I would love to take lessons one of these days. But if you are dating a swimmer, you will get all this training for free. He or she would introduce you to the sports and nature you to become a pro. Awwww, I wish I were in your shoes.

5. Dating a Swimmer Means Discipline

To become a successful swimmer, you need to be disciplined in all aspects of life and swimmers have that trait. But exercise a lot, which is a trait of any serious swimmer. They watch what they eat, even though they love food and some of them do not take alcohol. So do all this to be in good form.

Dating A Swimmer

6. Their Hairless Skin is Sexy

Swimmers love to shave their body during competitions. But the removal of the hair improves their aerodynamics in the water and act as a psychological booster. But on the flip side, they look sexy when they shave. Hairless body is a turn on for many women.

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7. Dating A Swimmer Means Dedication

So they are dedicated to what they do, and they do it perfectly. Their training schedules, things they have to avoid and the many sacrifices they make proves their dedication to what they do. So they can also show you the same dedication, once you become partners.

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