Pisces Moon Compatibility

Pisces Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Pisces

Pisces Moon you are sensitive souls, in Moon sign astrology. You are probably the gentlest, most sensitive and spiritual ones. With great intuition, you can be in tune with emotions, yours or those around you. You are sensitive to your environment. Sometimes the boundaries between your emotions and the outside world is blurred. Hence you can be everyone’s best friend, yet you feel drained at the end with all the negativity that you have absorbed.

Moon in Pisces, you lack self-direction as you feel that it is futile work hard to have a goal in life. You prefer to daydream and engage in spiritual side of things. As you clearly cannot avoid reality, you can try to live in the physical world through spiritual practices such as art, cooking or meditation. Your are not an independent person, as your emotion disables you when you face trouble. You are empathetic to a fault, meaning you can be taken advantage easily.

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Romance wise, Pisces moon sign are full of dreams and unrealistic expectations. It is easy for you to fall in love, and you put your potential partner on a pedestal. When your partner lets you down, you cannot cope and will have a breakdown. Moon in Pisces are difficult to offend, because you have a removed point of view. Your kindness makes you a perfect prey for negative relationships. You are also target for negative vices such as drugs and alcohol due to your appetite to escape from reality. You have to strengthen your spiritual boundaries and be more self-reliant, and also to accept that people are not perfect.

Best traits: empathetic, kind and intuitive

Worst traits: dependent, unmotivated in life, reliant

Pisces Moon Sign Relationships

Pisces Moon & Aries Moon

Pisces Moon, you and Aries Moon may get along if one of you compromises regularly, it will most likely be you Pisces. Your passivity and gentleness is direct contrast to Moon Aries’ bossiness. You see the world differently, hence you both need to work on this partnership. In a work relationship, Aries can help Pisces tremendously by being the boss you need. As a friend, Aries will look after you well, romantically, it is a different story.

Pisces moon, you avoid conflict and can become emotionally distraught when confronted. Moon Aries thrives on confrontation, and is always ready to tackle new challenges. You are sensitive to emotions, and Aries tends to have a short fuse when it comes to crisis. They might forget about it later, but you will be left feeling disturbed after that. You inability to be self-reliant can make independent Aries feel stifled. You cannot get used to the Ram wanting personal freedom, which adds to the trouble.

If Pisces, you and Aries pull this moon sign compatibility off, you have to learn to have more self-direction, and assertiveness. Aries might have to learn temper control, and remember not to be bossy when it comes to decision making. Moon Aries will struggle to give up dominating you, and you will have to learn how to make decisions. This partnership is difficult romantically, as you are not very compatible.

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Pisces Moon & Taurus Moon

You, Moon Pisces can be happy with Moon Taurus. You can be loyal, true friends because of your traits. You are both loving and sympathetic, and share a love of the natural world and music. Together, you will create a harmonious and tranquil home.

But you are emotionally different. Pisces, you can be impractical and lack self-direction, in contrast, to Moon Taurus’ grounded and practical character. To create a stronger relationship, Moon Taurus has to look after the practical aspect of things, which may cause some friction long term. Pisces’ empathy can amplify Taurus’ nurturing side.

You are a compatible couple, as your differences can be done away with in this moon sign compatibility for marriage. Taurus can be your rock during troubling times. Your sensitivity harmonizes with Taurus’ emotionally reserved personality, while the bull loves to be appreciated, and you do that wonderfully.

Pisces Moon & Gemini Moon

Pisces, you and Gemini Moon have little in common, but many differences set you apart. Moon Gemini gives intellect and thoughts more weight than feelings, while you Pisces tend to put feelings first. Gemini is all about experience and loves stimulation, and you prefer to daydream the day away. Both of you have mood swings and you are both capricious.

Emotionally, Gemini treats them lightly while you feel them at a deeper level. You get offended when Gemini tries to make jokes. They find your mood swings a challenge. Although you may like the same things, you appreciate them differently. Pisces you value your intuition, and Moon Gemini prefers using intellect and logic to experience arts.

If you work together, there is much to learn from each other. Pisces you can pick up some objective views from Gemini, and Gemini can learn about using their imagination. More importantly, the Twins should take care not to make jokes about your deep emotions. Finding a middle ground will create a unique relationship that is strong enough, because you get along well at base level.

Pisces Moon & Cancer Moon

Moon sign astrology shows that Pisces Moon and Cancer Moon are very compatible. You have many similarities that allow you to have a strong relationship. You and Cancer Moon are receptive to moods, picking up each other’s emotions instinctively and address them. Together, you have a nurturing home.

Cancer Moon is quite maternal, hence Pisces you can have someone who fulfills your need to be looked after. Pisces need to be careful as Cancer Moon can feel neglected if they spend too much time looking after you. As your home is important to the both of you, you will create a harmonious setting to return to.

As you Pisces and Moon Cancer are highly receptive to other people’s moods, it can be hard to pinpoint who is feeling what. You both have each other to rely on, but this also means that you will find it hard to escape an emotional roller coaster. Importantly, Pisces you have to remember not to let Moon Cancer feel neglected, as you prefer to be looked after. Occasionally turning the tables will help strengthen this Pisces moon sign compatibility. You are both compatible Moon Signs.

Pisces Moon & Leo Moon

Pisces, you and Moon Leo feel that home and family are important, but that is the only similarity you both share. When you are with the Leo, Pisces you can feel that you are always compromising, creating an unbalanced partnership. This is because you tend to bend towards Leo’s domineering character, letting them run the show to keep peace.

Loud and boisterous, Leo Moon can disrupt the calmness that Pisces you value. They can be melodramatic, leaving you feeling victimized as you are naturally sympathetic. Moon Leo’s narcissism can make you feel neglected. Sometimes not feeling the balance makes you upset. As Pisces you soak up other’s moods, you may be able to pick up some of Leo’s confidence and self- direction. If you are able to have some direction, this Pisces moon relationship might improve.

Together, Pisces you can learn a lot from Leo, while the lion can learn how to be less loud and dramatic. Any misunderstandings should be cleared up quickly to avoid you swimming in negative emotion. For this partnership to work, both sides need to compromise to find a balance.

Pisces Moon & Virgo Moon

Pisces, you and Moon Virgo can have a strong working relationship but a potentially bad romance partnership. Moon Virgo is factual and organized, an efficient whiz in material affairs. Pisces, you are dreamy and disorganized when it comes to practical matters. So having a Moon Virgo as your manager will work wonders, if they can tolerate your daydreaming habits.

Moon Virgo can be a perfectionist and critical about everything. You are pacifist who will go along, but will feel hurt by criticism. Intellect rules Virgo Moon, while emotion rules your world. It may seem like Virgo has no care for your moods, but in reality you both will be moody and pessimistic. You need to work harder to feel positive when you are together.

For a romance partnership, you can share responsibilities, you can learn from Moon Virgo’s organizational skills, Virgo can learn how to accept things as they are from you. You and Moon Virgo have a lot of learn from each other, making this a potential moon sign compatible partnership. Once you find a balance, things can run smoothly, despite your massive differences.

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Pisces Moon & Libra Moon

Both Pisces, you and Moon Libra loves a harmonious and peaceful home atmosphere, you will avoid conflicts. You also love romance, your household will be either problematic or too sweet that neither of you can tolerate it.

Moon Libra loves everything in balance, as the Scale sign, they want equality in a relationship. While Pisces, you prefer a partner that is either give or take. You have a tendency to go into excess, as you lack self-limit. Moon Libra is less emotional, and more rational; while you thrive on emotional roller-coasters. You might drive Libra crazy with your emotional manipulation.

For a romantic Pisces moon compatibility to work, Moon Libra has to pay attention to things. While, you have to learn how to be more honest. Even if you both dislike conflict, there will bound to be some, as you are both different personalities. Pisces, you might have to learn how to give and take and have some boundaries, which are not bad traits to have.

Pisces Moon & Scorpio Moon

You both share excellent Pisces moon compatibility. You Pisces and Moon Scorpio are both very intuitive and can form deep psychic bond, you have a special rapport with one another. Your sensitive sides allow you to create a harmonious home. But there are some differences that may threaten peace.

Pisces, you are tolerant and tend to forgive misgivings once wrongs are righted. Moon Scorpio does not forgive easily, and they will plot for revenge. You avoid conflict like a plague, but Scorpio thrives on confrontation that spikes intense emotions. Scorpio might find your passiveness annoying while you can find them aggressive.

While emotional intimacy is the source of your moon compatibility, the way you handle emotions and hurt is different. Scorpio can harbor resentments and jealousies, and this may be downfall of a wonderful relationship. Pisces you have to be honest in your dealings, but once you cross that bridge, your relationship will be stronger.

Pisces Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Pisces, you and Moon Sagittarius have no boundaries in relationships, and you are generous to a fault. This can be problematic as you both like to make promises that you cannot keep, and you both are wonderful dreamers. As friends, this love compatibility is cool, but longer relationships face problems.

Moon Sagittarius loves a good adventure or a good party, but Moon Pisces avoid  it in favor of a good book at home. Sagittarius is also blunt and insensitive, often forgetting about your needs. You value harmony, and will swallow the hurt to avoid conflict. You take things personally, while your lover does not, and might not understand your feelings well.

Even though you are attracted to each other due to your similarities, the differences may lead to the downfall of a potentially long lasting moon sign love match. For the relationship to work, you both might have to return to reality. And Pisces, you will have to learn to voice out your problems or risk becoming the doormat, leaving you unfulfilled.

Pisces Moon & Capricorn Moon

Pisces, you and Moon Capricorn can be great friends or good working buddies, but in a romantic relationship things can get bumpy. Moon Capricorn is pragmatic while Pisces you feels emotion. Essentially, your temperaments and emotional responses are different enough to need compromises.

Moon Capricorn has a serious and responsible Earthy nature, while you Pisces is dreamy and disorganized. You want a ideal relationship, but Capricorn works towards a firm commitment, and finds clinginess annoying. They are emotionally distant, which you might be unable to cope as you thrive on emotions. Capricorn Moon is self-sufficient, while the Fish lack self-direction.

If you want this moon sign compatibility to last, Pisces you will have to learn to take some responsibility. Moon Capricorn can learn how to express their emotions, and also teach you how to make most of your creativity. This partnership can be beneficial for the both of you, but you will have to work hard to achieve it.

Pisces Moon & Aquarius Moon

Pisces, you and Moon Aquarius are not compatible to have a long lasting love relationship without hard work. You are different in personality and the way to do things. But working together, you form a formidable pair, which is beneficial at work or as friends. Romance wise, there is much to compromise.

Moon Aquarius is outgoing, and wants to change the world in one fell swoop. Pisces, you prefer solitude and changing the world one person at a time. Moon Aquarius do not understand your emotions, and think that you can be irrational. Pisces, you cannot get in touch with Moon Aquarius’ emotions as they prefer logic, you think they lack empathy. You have much to learn from each other.

For a successful romance relationship, Pisces you can teach Aquarius to trust instincts. Aquarius Moon sign can teach you how to look at things in a different angle. You might be different, but with work, you can be a well matched couple, even though you are not very compatible with each other.

Pisces Moon & Pisces Moon

Even though you are both Pisces, it does not make you compatible. Moon in Pisces couple are both dreamy so nothing can be done, and when you are emotionally down, your partner is affected. Neither of you will be able to move on from the spiral of sadness. Together, you either lose yourself in positive escapism like music and art, or negative methods like drugs.

Lacking self-direction and good boundaries, this Pisces moon sign compatibility is generous to a fault and will end up on the losing end. You both lack the discipline to get things done. And, you have no organization skills to run a smooth household. These will compound to your moodiness and nothing will be accomplished.

Although Pisces you have found someone who understands your feelings and needs, another Moon Pisces is not the answer to a fruitful zodiac compatibility. You need someone who can take charge, and neither of you are able to do so. In this case of Pisces moon compatibility, you are not compatible as a romantic couple, but you can be best friends forever.

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