Dating a Waitress – 6 Simple Rules

Dating a Waitress Can Be Fun

Dating a woman who serves food and drinks at the restaurant or bar can be interesting but comes with mixed feelings. For me, I like food, so, I would prefer dating a waitress, even though she is not the one who prepares the food. But, the fact that her job is related to food makes her a preferred dating choice. Would you also date a waitress if you had the chance? Here are some things to know before you date the waitress.

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1. Dating a Waitress Means a Busy Schedule

A waitress has a hectic schedule, especially if she serves in a big restaurant or bar. They go to work in the morning and return in the evening. Sometimes, she would have to do overtime. The only period they get to rest is during their off days, which may be just a day. But she will use that day to do her house chores and also rest for the next working day. With her busy schedules, she may not have enough time for you.

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2. She May be Asked to Return to Work at Anytime

So the working field is full of emergencies, and there are times a worker who is off can be called to report at work. A waitress faces the same challenge in her field of work. She may be called to report to work when the restaurant or bar receives more visitors than expected. So, she may even have to leave you in the middle of a date to report to work. Forgive her if that happens.

3. She May Smuggle Food for You

Your partner may never allow you to go hungry. Smuggling of food from the restaurant is something every waitress has done before. Just tell her you are hungry and she will get you served with smuggled food. But pray that she doesn’t get caught.

4. Dating a Waitress means other Lovers

To some waitress, the client that tips much is the cute one. She may have numerous hit on when at work, and most clients may love her company. Sorry, this hurts, but it’s the truth.

5. Going on a Date at Her Restaurant is a No

You can take her on a date at wherever you wish but not where she works. To her, a date at where she works is like reporting to work on an off day. Secondly, she has tasted the food at her restaurant on several occasions, so take her elsewhere to have a new taste. She may also not feel comfortable with the atmosphere and the fact that her colleague workers may be serving her.

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6. She will meet Your Needs

What she does every day is to meet the needs and expectations of clients at the restaurant. But she cares for everyone who visits the restaurant by meeting their exact needs. She can extend this to her dating life by caring for you. Whenever you have a bad day, you can rely on her to sort you out.

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