Dating A Philosopher: Pros And Cons

5 Reasons For Dating A Philosopher

After my piece on “why to date a philosopher,” I have received contrary views from some readers. They did not agree with some of the points I made, and at a point, I had to succumb. I believe in the saying “opinion are like noses. And, everyone has one.” That said nothing is 100%, not even a machine. So in this piece, I will be treating why you shouldn’t be dating a philosopher.

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Philosophers can be very difficult to deal with due to their way of thinking and beliefs. To some of them, their views are always right and anyone else is wrong. This is a selfish way of thinking. Below are some reasons why you shouldn’t date a philosopher.

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1. They think they are Always Right

Bring up an idea, and he or she would rubbish it as if you have no brains to think. Philosophers can be mean and selfish thinking, they are always right on issues. They will argue you until you give up and accept their views, even if they are wrong.

Also, he or she may not consider your thoughts when sharing ideas. Dating a philosopher is like being under the rule of a dictator. Save yourself before you end up miserable.

2. They are Difficult People

Philosophers are tough people. They don’t easily give up on things. Once they make a decision, they stick to it no matter what. Call it pride, but to them, it’s a way to defend their ideologies. You will always go through pain to convince him or her. Is it worth it?

3. They Sometimes Don’t Know What They Want

When it comes to academics, they know what they want. But, when it comes to love, it is a different ball game altogether. Today they want you. Tomorrow, they want to live a lonely life. Philosophers can be inconsistent. And, that be due to their perspective on the relationship.

Due to their commitment to their work, they sometimes want to be alone without any disturbances. Do you want to date someone who is on and off?

4. They can be Selfish

Philosophers can at times be very self-centered people. Once they get what they want, you can go to hell with all your feelings. So, when they want sex, they will have their way out even if you are not ready for it. Gaining their satisfaction can be to the detriment of others. Don’t allow any selfish dude into your life.

5. They May Question Their Love for You

Philosophers questions everything and they wouldn’t mind questioning their love for you. Thus, he or she will try to find out the basis of their love for you.

Dating a Philosopher


If you want to date a philosopher, you should expect the above points at any point in time. That is who they are and can hardly change.

Don’t just waste your time if you cannot deal with their egos or follow their rules. I always end my articles with “individual differences applied” to be on the safer side. So think twice before dating a philosopher.

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