How Online Infidelity Is Wrecking Relationships

Online Infidelity – Also Known As Internet Infidelity

Is online infidelity for real? You bet it is! What is cyber infidelity? With the emergence of social media and online dating sites, cheating over the internet is highly possible. People who have secret conversations late night are far more questionable than those who interact during the day. How common is online cheating? Relationship experts say internet infidelity is more common than we may think. Besides, once you exchange contact numbers or email addresses, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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Studies show women are more affected by this kind of unfaithful behavior (online affairs) than men. It seems as though women are more concerned with the intention than the actual behavior.

*Internet infidelity is more visible since you can do it while cooking or when entertaining your kids. The sad thing is instead of meeting each other needs; we are busy scrolling the news feeds.*

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Understanding Internet Infidelity

What is cyber cheating? Cybersex is no different from cheating in person, except it’s done online. It does, however, involve betraying one’s loyalty and trust. This deception can lead to extreme tension in relationships. Still, it could be a significant threat to couples and could lead to estrangement.

Cheating occurs in two ways – sexually and emotionally. Online infidelity involves having a romantic relationship with someone other than your partner. A 2007 study by Mileham reveals 83% of the participants rationalize sexting as harmless. They argue it’s not the same as physical contact in terms of cheating.

Nowadays, we have access to apps that hide messages and phone numbers. Because of this, men can chat with side chicks without their partner’s knowledge. Accessibility is one of the primary reasons internet cheating dominates cyberspace.

Although cheating begins with a friendly chat, it then progresses from exchanging numbers to maintaining regular online conversations. Flirting with another person other than your spouse is unacceptable.

Online Infidelity and Social Media

Oddly, we don’t talk anymore, we text. We rely on our wireless devices so much we lose our minds without them. They give us instant access to our friends as well as a means to meet new people.

Casual and open relationships are paving the way for people to engage in acts of infidelity. For this reason, many people blame social media for deteriorating marriages.

When the ‘Friendship Zone’ Crosses the Line

As soon as you say ‘Hello,’ you open the lines of communication. Although a simple greeting is not always an invitation to flirt, some people think so. They use this tiny gesture to start a conversation. However, no one in a serious relationship should have a hot and heavy discussion with anyone else.

There are temptations you need to avoid like the plague. To know whether you are cheating or just chatting, you can take an online infidelity test or consider the below points:

You Turn Into a Double-Dealer

What is marital infidelity? You could be guilty of marriage infidelity when:

  • You’re exchanging ways to contact each other
  • Chatting regularly
  • Sharing your deepest thoughts with the person, you met online
  • When you make excuses to contact your online friend
  • You are always happy to connect with your friend online

It becomes worse when you completely withdraw from your offline lover. That is to say; you would Skype with your online friend rather than talk to your spouse.

Wanting More Privacy than Usual

Since you’ve met this person, elusive activities pop up out of nowhere. You claim the person is your friend. Yet, you won’t introduce him/her to your significant other. On top of that, you are more protective of your electronic gadgets.

What else? You are changing passwords and patterns. Not to mention the hidden profiles and subscriptions to even more online dating sites.

Different from the truth, your online friend thinks you are single. Wouldn’t it be a surprise to find out you have a spouse? You tell lies, and more lies, but eventually, cheaters get caught. That’s how online dating wrecks relationships.

Online Infidelity Deters Your Sexuality from Your Spouse

Internet infidelity allows you to be someone else. Because of this, you can let loose the person hidden inside you.  You look forward to opening the flirtiest email, videos, and photos. Your only wish now is to be by his or her side.

You imagine having intimate moments with this person. My husband has an internet girlfriend, so I know how you feel. As a result, you feel nothing when your partner touches you. That is to say; you are more fascinated by watching paint dry.

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If you can say ‘My boyfriend is chatting in online chatrooms more often now,’ keep your eyes open. Communicate how you feel. Trust me; there’s a thin line between internet infidelity and physical or emotional cheating. If you care about your relationship, let go of the cyber relationship and call it quits. Don’t swipe away your happy home.

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In reality, when married individuals seek pleasure outside the home, they lack something in their lives. It’s difficult to say what happens if my husband commits adultery online or otherwise.  Together, we can find a solution, but cheating, including internet infidelity, is never the answer. It will not fix the problems at home, but only complicate matters.

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